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NYC Comic Book Shop Inspires New Artists & Fans | Good Start | NowThis

on this week’s Good Start. Hey guys and welcome to Good Start. I’m Sally Turner. We all know police officers primary duties are to protect and serve their communities. But one officer in Tennessee is adding cheering to his resume. Alright, I’m gonna watch you. young cheerleaders. Wildcats. To the Wildcat cheer squad took time to At first he struggled, but Officer Neff eventually And while he Officer Neff telling us Well I think it’s safe to say that Officer Neff should stick with his day job, but hats off to you, sir, for trying something new. And for our next story, one pre-school and kindergarten teacher in California created special dolls to surprise her students in the sweetest way. While shopping for baby dolls to add to her classroom, she realized there with hearing devices. So with some glittery puffy paint and imagination, she and they were a hit with her students, who were ecstatic to see Genesis says, Genesis is currently making more dolls to give to mothers of deaf children and other teachers for their classrooms to raise awareness. For our main story this week, it’s New York Comic Con and for thousands of people it’s the perfect time to celebrate some of their favorite comic book series and characters. Also here in New York City is a new comic book shop that aims to teach the next generation of fans how to write and create their own action packed stories. carries thousands of from publishers like Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. For Loot’s owner, Joseph Einhorn, the shop is a product of a It’s kind of like a dream my whole life to have a place like this. But Loot it offers them the chance to We provide materials. You know, paper, markers, pens, as well as other creative materials so that they can use their imaginations and build stuff and make stuff while they’re here. What do you do when you get to come here? Well I, like, make forts and I, I just, like, make my own comics, really, when I come over here. We made our costumes from, um, scratch. Just like, cardboard,
bottles, metal plates, duct tape. Markers and all that stuff. Uh-oh. That’s so terrifying. Um, we use, like, some rope and then, like, cut them into, like, little strings. I’ve been calling it that WeWork for Kids, because they come in here and they act like this is their space. We’re a safe space for kids, so no adult is let in without a kid and you have to make an appointment. So if a mom wants to go get her nails done, the kids come here and they leave with something that they really treasure. Loot has partnered with Marisol’s art program WonderKid, to in WonderKid, we make all of our art projects out of recycled materials. And we have the kids dictate what they want to do. So if one kid has an interest in a character he’s developed, we try to incorporate that from 2D to 3D. We’ve done puppet shows, plays. Today we did improv. And we’re always adding to our repertoire. It’s something that comes very natural to kids. I think we just have to provide opportunities for them to give it a try. Kids get to at the store too, or Loot. When you sell one of your own comics, we pay you in loot, which is a currency that we accept here. The pizza shop downstairs accepts that currency, as well. And we’re hoping that more and more partners will start to accept that currency. For the kids, the opportunity to write, draw, and bring their own comic book creations to life is a And it’s not just the kids who love Loot. Their parents have seen the as well. It’s comfy. It’s inviting. It’s a wonderful space for our children to interact with other kids from other areas. Not only is he not in social media, he’s able to read something that he’s interested in doing, and he’s also holding on a book instead of a phone. So this is actually a wonderful, wonderful thing that’s been created. I love it. So what would you say to someone like me? I’ve never read a comic. What would you say to me to convince me to read all these comics in here. That’s a lot of comics. But I will say for you, there’s always a comic for like,
entertainment. And there’s, like, there’s nothing wrong with a girl reading a comic. I love that. Girl power! You like that! Joe and Marisol want to keep expanding Loot and WonderKids events and activities throughout the city in the months ahead. If you want to schedule an appointment at Loot, we’ll be leaving a link to their social media in the comments below. And if you’re in New York City area this weekend and ready to get in the mix for Halloween, our friends at the Dodo are throwing their Best Dog Day Ever Bash. There will be hundreds of pups in costumes, dog and human approved libations, over the top Halloween Parade, and way more interactive experiences for the whole fam. Get your tickets now in the link below. So that is it for this week’s show. Be sure to like our page and follow us for more positive stories to make your day. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll be back here next week for another Good Start.


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