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NYC Apartment Tour : Chinatown One Bed for $4500!

Hi, I’m Morgan Evans today We’re down in the Chinatown neighborhood here in New York City and we’re gonna go take a look at one of our listings right behind Me at one two three Baxter Street. It’s one of the biggest nicest 1-bedroom Doorman condos down in the Chinatown neighborhood. Let’s go take a look Here we are in the kitchen, which is definitely my favorite part this entire apartment You know when you look at just don’t realize how big this one really is Not only the big it has a great layout this huge countertop and Pretty much in great condition. Let’s take a look at some of the appliances which I thought were really cool This kitchen is an appliance lover’s dream. Let’s see why Well first I always like to take a look at this refrigerator So this build it was built in 2005 and in 2005 They found this LG fridge that has this kind of like built-in TV screen, you know So this TV screen has a lot of different features This was almost kind of like the Amazon Alexa of its day now Maybe not so much but you got to do what you got to do now You also have Miele appliances, right? So you have the meal a stove which obviously is really high-end Nice you have this kind of really fun microwaves not only into the microwave, but also is a toaster at the same time I didn’t know that a toaster and microwave could be like a dual unit. But but here we are Now here is a couple really fun really cool Appliances that I like a lot here. You have a meal a steam oven now steam oven I don’t know how the steam up the steep oven would actually work But if I lived here, I’d definitely find a reason to use it Right here. Probably my favorite I would be using this every day You have a new meal a cappuccino espresso maker? I can totally see somebody using this and really enjoying it while they live here then as we circle around just your your kind of your standard dishwasher nice countertop here with the sink and then This huge countertop we’re talking about Here so you can So the kitchen opens up directly into the living room so it has that open layout that I think everybody wants nowadays. You can see that the living room is gonna be facing south so you’re gonna really get nice light pretty much all day long and You’re gonna see the balcony which kind of wraps around the entire length of the apartment and we’re definitely gonna get check that one out So what one of the things I like about this living room is you can definitely see it’s spacious You know, it’s gonna be real easy to layout, you know, you can definitely see that You know TV couch on opposite walls and definitely room for a dining table if you need one so you’re going to see the master bedroom what I Like about it a lot of the times you hear the master bedrooms are fit for a king sized bed. And this is Definitely that I mean king-size bed gonna easily fit in here The bedroom opens up onto the balcony which we talked about before it has great closet space Let’s go take a look at the master bathroom Okay. So here we go. So you got a floor-to-ceiling tile? You got the big soaking tub. And this has a real fun feature. There’s a jacuzzi tub option. You can see the lights You can kind of see the jet nozzles down there. So you never know I mean New York City’s a tough place to live you need. Sometimes you need other Jacuzzi to take the edge off of things All right. I am gonna show you something that this is very unique to this apartment I have never seen this before in my 10 years of selling real estate in New York City In front of the apartment built in vacuum a hundred percent one of the rarest things I’ve ever seen the apartment Let’s see how this thing works All right, so you can see the the top here and then you push this little button and the hose is gonna start coming out now Look at this thing go it is just you just keeps going When is it going to end a little unsettling? Look at this thing? Go I really do think. This is a Pretty useful thing right? I mean if I lived in this apart I’m definitely using the vacuum cleaner when people come over. I’m definitely going to show them. I just think this is One of the things that sets this apartment apart. Is this Melton vacuum cleaner? Okay, we just saw that vacuum cleaner, which is awesome Let’s take a look at a couple more things in this apartment that are really nice So it has its own washer dryer. That is a unicorn feature here in the city That’s a dual unit. So it’s the washer and the dryer So really nice to have in the apartment and then as we circle back around the entry of the apartment It has its own home office. So this home office has some definitely some nice proportions. It’s about 10 feet wide 10 feet long so definitely enough space To you know, put a bed and you have your own powder room I mean the half bath in New York City for like a one-bedroom apartment having one and a half bathrooms I mean that’s like a life saver feature Not only is it going to make things easier, but it’s great with Gus That was 1 2 3 Baxter Street a massive 1-bedroom apartment down in Chinatown Let us know what you liked about the apartment in the comments below

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