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Welcome to 682 Broadway on floor number
three located in the heart of NoHo in a historic loft building built in 1903. My
name is Erik Conover and I’m going to take you on a tour of this one-of-a-kind
luxury apartment in New York City. the apartment it’s 3,000 square feet it has
four bedrooms three bathrooms a private use elevator a delicious open gourmet
kitchen oversized living and dining room a master bedroom complete with an
enormous spa-like ensuite bath I mean this is true New York City loft living
it’s a closed four blocks from Washington Square Park and is listed
exclusively by core real estate asking six point two five million dollars when
you purchase this unit the whole third floor is your apartment so we’re in the
apartment right now just walking off the elevator you have a Braille cell evader
and I think that this is truly the quintessence of luxury living in New
York City to have your own private elevator that leads into your apartment
the entrance flows into the heart of this loft and here you can actually get
a true sense of the size of this space with this open living and dining room Oh
out of all the apartments that we’ve seen on this channel this is the one
that we were talking about this before we filmed this is the one apartment that
we were both like we could live here it doesn’t feel as intimidating as some
of the other places that we’ve seen this feels like a place where I could take
off my jacket and put it on the couch and there feels like a home not as much
like one of these super super crazy ones that almost feels like a museum I feel
like this is a place where you can say yeah I live here this apartment and body
is the history of downtown New York with these soaring barrel vaulted ceilings
throughout the whole space you have this classic New York City exposed brick and
these huge windows throughout the apartment on three exposures now Mike
the first thing that might catch your eye in this open space is this recessed
wall here which can serve as the dining room the library or even a boardroom you
have the refurbished mid-century lighting above this custom table that
seats 12 then along this back wall here this is all one-of-a-kind custom
shelving you’ll see as we continue out through this apart
and everything that you see in here all the furniture is custom and it was
designed by matt baer of Berkeley’s Union studio the whole space has had
nearly 1 million dollars spent on renovations when you have a space this
big you have to almost delegate different areas for certain activities
so this is the sitting living it before you go any further do you feel this
carbon ratio the balance this it’s almost like it’s like a trampoline it’s
so soft you’re saying how comfy this couch is yes this is a lean row set
couch and it cost $15,000 $15,000 then from the cozy living room corner we have
a little auxiliary workstation here this is a custom-built
desk just for this space specifically exactly so you can’t go to Ikea and pick
this guy up this is the only one that exists in the whole world I’m gonna
answer a couple emails why don’t you go continue the rest of the tour from the
mini office we make our way to the kitchen and the kitchen is dominated by
this island which runs the full length of the kitchen the super long table for
the kitchen makes everything feel bigger than life this place everything feels
massive but still cozy it’s also a great use of space if you look down here you
have all your plates all your dishes right below you have the six burner
stovetop everything’s open accessible you can
move around very easily in this kitchen cook right here I mean this kitchen is
pretty ideal it seems like the most functional and easily accessible kitchen
that we’ve seen to everything is just a hand grab away from the sub-zero fridge
you have the pantry with this library sliding ladder to access the cabinets up
top nobody had you know who has this is an
apartment that has this but the fact that it’s here it doesn’t feel like your
grandma’s apartment even though you might think that’s where you’d find it
this feels like it’s something you would have in a 20-19 apartment bathroom
number one here the guest bathroom because this place is so big you could
throw an event here this is the bathroom that’s in the kitchen so your guests
don’t feel like they’re walking back into your actual apartment into your
private space so from the kitchen we go to the bedroom wing of this apartment on
the left here is bedroom number one which has been custom ly converted into
a law how cool that is ever seen I like how it was designed high enough where
you’re not having to duck your head to walk in here right under the loft you
have the closet space very smart very smart very space
efficient alright on to the next bedroom bedroom number two here on the left this
is more or less the guest bedroom again everything is custom you have this cast
iron bed frame here you have the shelves built into the wall here just a very
clean authentic kind of old-school New York vibe throughout the whole apartment
leaving the guest room we go to bedroom number three which the current owner has
as his master office space right off the bat you walk into this room and it feels
very executive you have the original woodwork from the 1970s which the owner
painted over in this matte black which gives it almost a chic vibe like I’m
very just powerful I come here to have meetings and close million-dollar
contracts in here like this is a lot of people work their whole I have to get
that job where they can get the corner office with the views when you buy this
apartment it comes with the corner office great sized elevator shaft all
mine this is how you know that it is a true loft building where you have the
freight elevator in it to bring up the actual heavy duty supplies here we have
storage utilized by the current owner you have your big board meeting you want
a little bit of privacy for that deal you got the chicken wiring with the
tinted glass a private office let’s keep going to the other wing of the house
behind the private frosted glass is your master suite
the whole side wing of the apartment is the master suite this is like another
apartment dude this is huge so check it out first things first you have the
ensuite office this is the second office in this apartment the current owner
likes to work a lot this was actually taken from an old library this is the
organizational hub of the office here you have travel bags wipe and clear
glasses everything is labeled it doesn’t feel like dated or old it just feels
historic but present and modern which is super super interesting I’ve never been
in a place like this before ready just listen that is crazy
these are city quiet windows they’re designed to block out all the noise from
the outside all the buses all the cars all the horns all the screaming
everything that is New York stays out there
we think that is yours everything that’s comfortable in your sanctuary are you
ready to see the most unique thing about this apartment I don’t think so but show
me anyway let’s walk through these glass doors right here welcome to your ensuite
spa Wow and master closet you’ve got the wooden shelves here all the clothing
laid out again across more shelving then you had this tile mosaic here on your
closet Wow look how cool this is I mean just the craftsmanship that has gone
into this whole apartment this is the backup this is a one-of-a-kind a teak
soaking tub so this is a this is a bath tub it’s a very fancy bathtub
then over this way this is a shower built for how many think we have in here
and 15 everything kind of lives and works in this one open space and we’ve
never seen that in a master bath in any apartment that I’ve shown on my channel
so comment down below more apartment tours if you’re loving
this series and make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for more luxury
apartment tours if you’re interested in buying this apartment a huge shout out
to cool real estate for letting us tour this one-of-a-kind apartment check out
the link in the description along with their Instagram and with that I will see
you in the next video you


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May 5, 2019, 3:30 pm Reply

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May 5, 2019, 2:08 pm Reply

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Richie Skrewed

May 5, 2019, 2:51 pm Reply

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May 5, 2019, 6:23 am Reply

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May 5, 2019, 1:04 am Reply

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There is a drawer in the master suite office labelled "Mice".
LOL Even the rodents are organized!

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