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New York City – Video tour of a furnished apartment on West 137th Street (Harlem – Uptown Manhattan)

New York Habitat Video Visit furnished apartment West 137th Street and 7th Avenue Harlem – Manhattan, New York Hello and welcome to another New York Habitat furnished apartment video tour. Today we will be taking you to a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment located at West 137th St and 7th Avenue in West Harlem, a great neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. West Harlem is rich in parks and historic sites so let’s go and check out the apartment. The apartment is located on the fourth floor of a walk-up townhouse. When you enter apartment you will find the first bedroom. The bedroom has a full sized bed, a dresser, a lamp, a window and plenty of closet space. To the right of the bedroom you will find the living room. It’s equipped with a decorative fireplace, a coffee table, a large window, a flat screen TV with cable, 2 chairs and a sofa. Wifi internet is also available throughout the apartment. Next you will find the kitchen. The kitchen comes fully equipped with a stove, an oven, a microwave, 2 chairs, a sink and a dishwasher. After the kitchen, you will find the first bathroom. The bathroom is fully equipped with a sink, a mirror, a towel rack and a shower. Next to the bathroom you will find the master bedroom. The master bedroom comes with a full sized bed, a chair, a dresser, a lamp, a decorative fireplace and its own personal bathroom. The master bedroom also has access to the balcony. The master bathroom has tiled floors and is fully equipped with a bathtub and shower, a sink, a mirror, a towel rack and even a washer and a dryer. Now that we’ve seen the apartment let’s check out the neighborhood. Just a few blocks away from the apartment you will find Saint Nicolas Park. It’s a great park with a ton of activities. There are playgrounds for kids, basketball courts and even a dog run. Also in Harlem you’ll find the world famous Apollo Theater. Founded in 1914, the Apollo Theater has helped launch the careers of music icons such as Little Richard, James Brown and Michael Jackson. One of the great things about West Harlem is the quick and easy access to public transportation taking you to downtown Manhattan. Be sure and check out our website at nyhabitat.com. You will find more great furnished apartments, not only in the Harlem area but all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Why not book a furnished apartment from New York Habitat for your next trip to New York. Well that’s a wrap of our video tour of this 2 bedroom furnished apartment in West Harlem. We thank you for joining us and we hope to see you soon in the Big Apple.

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