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New Residence Hall Tour

Hello! Welcome to the new residence hall. I’m Chuck Mann, vice president for finance. Nice to meet you. I’m Simon Williams, chair of the Residential Advisory Committee. Glad to have you here. I’m happy to show you around the new building. All right, thanks. On this side here will be two elevators
that will service the building, and here will be the main stairwell or staircase that will be used for the whole building as well. On the right over here… You’ve now entered into the Honor’s Suite. The Honor’s Suite will be divided into three sections. Over here will be the offices for the Honor’s Suite,
on the other side of that wall. The area that we’re standing in right now will be the lounge space for the Honors. And then there’ll be an area over
here that’s more of a classroom, a multipurpose room, for the Honor’s Program. They also will have their own entrance from here, from the outside into the building as well an entrance here, from inside the building. On the left here is the main lounge for the building. There’ll be lots of soft seating, couches, chairs, tables. They will open up into a covered patio that will be facing toward Memorial Hall and a new quad that we are building out on that side. At this area here is the kitchen. This will be a showcase kitchen with a bar across here that students can use to prepare food and still come mingle with their friends. What other types of rooms are on the first floor? Okay well over here on your left is the laundry room that will service the building. And then down here is another multi-purpose room that will be used for everything from lectures, classroom, yoga, whatever the students want to use it for. It will be here for that purpose. Is this an Honor’s-only multi-purpose room? No, this here is for the all the students and for the entire institution. And again, this room will also open out to the covered patio. Okay, we are entering from where the elevators and the main stairs are into the second floor. Across here is a glass wall that will look into a lounge. The lounge will have some type of gaming equipment, a pool table, ping-pong table,
game table, TV, lots of lounge furniture and then views out to the quad and to the campus. Okay. Is this the only lounge in the building
or does every floor have some? Every floor from two through five is laid out exactly the same, so every floor from two through five has a lounge, has a study room and has the two study nooks at the end of each hallway. We’re now entering into a suite. The suite has a living room space. There’ll be room for a couch, TV,
a couple of chairs in this area. There’s a small breakfast bar that will come across here for a microwave and refrigerator. Behind here is the restroom. There’s two components to it. There’s two sinks that go in here. The shower will be here and the toilet on the other side. Inside the room, there are two bedrooms, one on this side with two beds and one on this side with two beds. So what’s the layout of one of these
bedrooms in a suite? The suite bedrooms will allow for two beds, two desks, two desk chairs, two dressers, and then on each end here are the closets. And it will be the same furniture
as in current dorms or new furniture? New furniture, all new furniture. So we’re entering a semi-suite. The semi-sweet has two bedrooms. On the left over here is part of the bathroom. This would be the shower area. We have two sinks right here, and then the toilet on that side. So how does a semi-suite differ from a normal suite? The difference between a semi-suite and a suite is that the semi-sweet does not have that lounge
space or living room space in between. Okay. But both still have access to
bathrooms inside the room? Yes, every space in this building has where the students will share,
within a suite or a semi-suite, will share their own bathroom. So there is never a situation where you would have more than four people sharing one bathroom. And the bathrooms are set up so that there are four different fixtures at any time. So again you’ve got the toilet, you have two sinks, and a shower, thereby the students can share, and no one student is taking all of the bathroom facility at one time. There is a study lounge. There’s a study lounge on every floor. You come into the study lounge, on your left over here will be an area for printers. There’ll be a glass wall across here, and then in here will be tables and chairs, a whiteboard, and then all the connections for A/V for a student to study with. At the end of each hallway is a study nook, a little bump out area where students will be able to sit in a window and read or study in those areas as well. This is the view from the quad side of the second floor of the building from one of the suites that we toured. This is the view from the fifth floor study room where you can see the miniature quad for the building as well as the the rest of the grass amphitheater and the athletic field. This is a view from the fifth floor suite that’s closest to the chapel, and it gives you a view of the chapel and of the quad. This is the view from a fifth floor suite facing away from the quad, but it gives you a view of the mountains on both the left and right and you can see downtown Frederick, the clustered spires coming up over the hospital.

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