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NEW FLAT! Empty London Apartment / Flat Tour | That London Life

First time entering the new place [Door slams] Well done We’ve moved house! Kind of, sort of.
This is day one of moving house As I’ve explained in another video we
had problems with our previous place and we’ve had to move but we found this
really nice other apartment that is in the same town
I’m very echoey because there’s literally nothing here it’s an
unfurnished apartment which I have never had before in my life so we
basically have to buy everything There must be a less echo-y part of the house.
Let’s try the bathroom, there’s stuff in here. Yeah? No [laughs]. We spent this morning- what did we do this morning? We went and signed our contracts this morning so we officially are
renting this place. We also then went to Homebase and got some paint because
the rooms and the walls and stuff have white paint but not our bedrooms
Aaron: Yeah they’re Magnolia They’re a beautiful Magnolia Aaron: Which is very common in old English houses
Yeah so we’re going to paint those white as well, and then we also went to IKEA so that I could start picking up some furniture because I only have, like,
a very small British car and it wasn’t gonna fit all our stuff so I’ve started. Lamps That’s all I’m gonna say Vindkare you’re coming home with me Getting my first piece of furniture which is the
Kallax white drawers Aaron: Shelves
Location 20
Aaron: Shelves Shelves, whatever It’s there
Aaron: We didn’t grab a trolley Oh bugger Aaron: Eleana, what are you doing exactly? Well, it was over here so I’m just going to see if it fits It’s not gonna fit Just push I’m coming round the other way Aaron: I think we’re gonna get kicked out, oh god I suspect this will only just fit [Laughing] Aaron: Shut up Nicely done mate Aaron: Hey at least it’s in Oh Okay, we think we have a system, maybe Aaron: What?
I knew you’d pull a face coming out Aaron: House tour
House tour, so we’re gonna do an empty house vlog Then we’re going to do the moving of everything in,
unpacking, making furniture, making the place look nice, and then a final video
which will be the finished product which I imagine will take a while because
we’ve got to slowly accumulate a few things, but yeah let’s get this started with
the empty. Entry phone so that we can let visitors in Aaron: Yes, then we have the kitchen
newly refurbished Aaron: And then we have this nice stove,
everything’s brand new Electric hob, electric oven Very exciting One thing is we don’t have a freezer Oh yeah, so it was supposed to have this, like fridge-freezer and it’s just a fridge.
Really nice, look at this I love the grey Aaron: And the walls are white here so hopefully
they’ll be fine with us painting We haven’t got official approval yet but we figure
we can always paint it back. We’ve got a cupboard, storage, which we don’t have in
our current place. There’s, like, no storage Aaron: There is nothing Aaron: This is the living room but it will be
my bedroom This is a two-bedroom apartment and this is supposed to be the living room but the second bedroom is tiny [A: It’s very small] so what
we’ve done is we’ve said that Aaron can have the biggest room which is the living
room as his bedroom and again we split it up in the same
way as we did before because we’re in the same town as we were before so he
has the longer commute still so we still find this the fairest way of splitting up who has the bigger bedroom, so he gets the living room as his room and it’s got a little Juliette a balcony there Lets go round
Aaron: Right, so you go through here, obviously hallway Aaron: Bathroom is this way, you’ve kind of already seen it but here’s a nicer look Not as nice as the one we currently have but it’ll be nice, I mean it’s not like we spend much time in there Aaron: That’s Eleana’s room, or going to be
once it’s done Aaron: It’ very echo-y right now So echo-y Aaron: Relatively similar in size, slightly less wide Aaron: But she gets to have this massive wardrobe I get an in-built wardrobe so it’s the one piece of furniture I don’t have to buy Aaron: And then this is supposedly the second bedroom Aaron: But we’re turning this into a lounging area where we can do YouTube-y stuff Aaron: Sit and chill and have dinner and stuff Yeah, so this as you can see is much smaller.
Run from one side to the other So yeah it’s really teeny-tiny and so
because we have a separate kitchen, so a lot of these places kinda like our place now has
a kitchen that’s attached to the living room therefore you can’t really split it
up, but because the kitchen is so separate and there’s a door to the
living room we can use this as just a little studio and you can use the
living room, so we think it’s a brilliant solution so we can have nice big spaces Aaron: And I get the massive room!

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