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New Empty House Tour!

(upbeat music ) – Good morning passengers we
are having issues this morning. What are you guys all
doing here on the floor? They’re all trying to get into dad’s room, but dad’s exercising in his underwear. And he’s got the door
locked because we have– – [Chad] Lots of clothes
at the other house. – Why would you do that?
– We asked you not to do that. – We live here and then you
take the clothes over there and you wash them. (Children mumbles) – Are you wearing my best sports shoes ? – I’m having laundry issues,
and I went to the gym this morning looking
all gangster, I’m like, I’m wearing Julie’s big
old basketball shoes . My intention is to make
pancakes this morning. It is our last day that I can
make breakfast in this house, from now on,
– Buy brand new shoes. – I’ll be making breakfast
in the new house. (sighs) This is sad you guys take a look. – This is the last week in our house. – Do you guys want a
tour in our new house? – Oh yeah I wanna give them the tour. – So I am going to get breakfast ready. I’m gonna get ready and
then I will meet you at the new house and give you a tour. (upbeat music) Dwight, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, No don’t chew on mommy’s shoes. Alright, we’re here. (opening door) I have been so excited to
show you guys our new home. This has been the place
that we had been planning on for years. This is
where we are going to be This is where our grandkids
are going to come visit grandma and where Kevin’s going to be a grandpa like this is our grandma home. You ready? All right, So you come in and the
first thing you see is all of the wood floors
and it’s big and open, which is why I just
love it. So on the left is our music room, so we’ll
still have a music room and the piano, the harp,
what’s going in here. We’ve already started
moving some of our stuff in and then to the right is
like a library or an office. The former people who lived
here use this as an office. It’s a little small for my
needs and so I will show you where we’re going to be
studying and doing our homework and office work, that’s upstairs. After you walk past the entrance, you come into this
really, really tall room that’s a family room right
here and into the kitchen. For it having as many bedrooms as it has, this house was intended
to house a lot of people, considering that fact, they put in a teeny tiny
family room right here. It is not big enough to
host all eight of us, I mean you could, it’s just
not the largest gathering spot. This room is the same
dimension and size as our library and it gets really stuffy. So we have plans to make this bigger. Let me show you what
we’re gonna do eventually. Eventually, maybe in a year, maybe two, depending on how long it
takes us to save up for it. This wall right here, we gonna tear out. We gonna remove it completely
and we gonna to put a new wall back there at the end of this
patio that’s 22 feet out. So all of this patio space
that you see is going to be part of this big room right
here and the ceilings will be a little taller than
what they are right now. It’ll be a pitched roof back there. So it’s going to feel massive because of the height of the ceilings but you can fit one couch right
here in one couch right here and then maybe a couple
of chairs back there. I want to fit a lot of couches
because I want every child, every child’s spouse, all the grandkids to have a place where they
can come to grandma’s house and have a place to sit. But the kitchen is nice
and bright and then the dining room will be right here. It’s about the same size as
the dining room that we left, so it’ll be big enough to hold our table. Oh, Oh and look at this,
okay, so two ovens and (in dramatic voice) a pantry. You guys walk in pantry, I’ve
always wanted one of these and it’s not like huge and big like the ones you see on
Instagram but I don’t care. It is a pantry bigger than
the one I’ve got and I I’m loving it. I can’t
wait to put food on it. This is where all of the
magic is gonna happen with everything that has to
do with computer, internet, study, homework and office work for me. We gonna have someone come in
and set us up on the internet and we’re going to have the
kid’s homework spot right here. Ruby-do stuff set up here. And we’ll have all of the clothing racks and everything set up up here. We have a closet in here
and this is going to hold all of the accessories and
things for photo shoots. I keep an ironing board,
things to keep clothes steamed. All of the Ruby-do clothes are in boxes and so I will steam those
and get those up on racks. I’m going to use these cute
little cubbies for the shoes. I think that would be so cute. This is going to be my new favorite room. Oh, I missed the best part. Okay, I’m gonna sit in my desk right here and look at the view as I write. Yes, I’m still writing
my book, is still going, but look at this view,
isn’t that beautiful? So you’ve got the river right there and eventually our yard will be beautiful. I think it’s beautiful now
and then it’s a horse pasture, so the horses that run back
and forth, it’s so amazing. This is so cool, I just love this room. I just love this room, so
glad I get to show you. So here is our master bedroom. I love that it has a
window seat right here. We’ll put the bed right
there with some side tables on each side and here
is the master bathroom. This room though is going
to be especially redone. We are going to be getting
it, so the showers coming out, I mean I don’t know how you take a shower without getting water everywhere
with that big of a gap. The toilet is behind that
wall, behind that door and we will be putting a
freestanding tub right here and we’re going to be redoing
the cabinet and the drawers. Whatever flooring we
choose for the bathroom, we’re going to extend into the closet along with heated flooring underneath. I am so excited because I am a freak. I sleep cold, I wake up
cold, I am always cold. So heated flooring is gonna be awesome. (in a loud voice) Hello. Hello? Hello? Hello? – This is my room, I
don’t know how big it is compared to the other
one but I really like it. It’s got lights around the
room and I got the best view in the house was a little
bathroom to go with it. – [Mom] Yes, you have the
biggest view of the mountains. – I got my very own dandy
connected to a bathroom. – [Mom] And then you’re gonna
share a bathroom with Julie. Isn’t that cool, so look,
Julie’s bedroom connects. – And then this is my closet. I’ve got my clothes and shoes shelf. I’ve got my books on the floor, but mom wants me to
keep them on the shelf. So I’ll put them on the shelf soon. I’ve got my dresses and I’ve got my stuff and I’ve got stuff in my window seal too. – [Mom] Look at the view
out her closet window, isn’t that pretty? Those mountains right there? – This my room, and Sandy’s birdcage, a lot bigger than the
one I have right now, It’s not quite finished, I’m
still working on the roof. I’ve been using the
wrong screws apparently. So I’m just going to take
out the ones that I need and replace them with
the ones that are right. And then this one goes inside here. I don’t know how I’m gonna put
that in but I will find out. – Julie, you’ve been working really hard to make a nice, comfortable
place for your birds. I think they’re going to love it in here. I actually really like building things. (knocks door) – Whose room is this? – This is my room. – Does he keep eating your toys? – Yes – Dwight.
– No. – And this is Eve’s closet, she has … – [Eve] That’s my favorite. – Are these all dirty
that you’ve put in here? – [Eve] Oh no. – The kids have been in
charge of moving their baskets and I’m just finding loads
of clothes everywhere and I don’t know if
they’re clean or dirty, but this is Eve’s room. – One of my favorite part is
this beautiful bed that Chad which used to be his bed. – [Mom] And he gave you his bed. – Mm-hmm.
– That was sure nice of him. And you have enough room
in your room to have toys. You weren’t able to have
toys in your last room so you can put your
clothes away then right? – Yeah. So many. – Eve, you have all of your
closet organized so great. Did you organize this by yourself? You did it? It looks so good. You just need to hang up your clothes now and now that I know you
can reach and do it, I expect you to keep your room clean. – Keep my room clean all the time. – And here is Sherry’s bedroom. She has a closet now she can
hang all of her stuff in. Looks like she’s already
putting stuff away and getting settled in. – So this is the front room
and behind this kitchen door, We should get this door removed
so its just a straight way. Okay, then we get down here,
and then we come down here and this is my room. Yeah this is my room and my
closet, a very big closet. – [Mom] Tell me what you
liked about your closet Chad. – I like how I don’t really
have to fold any of my clothes. I can just all put like on hangers. – [Mom] That’s nice, you never
been able to do that before. That’s awesome, nice big closet, awesome. – Yup. – [Mom] Thanks for
showing us your bedrooms. Russell, come show us your bedroom. Okay, pay close attention to
how different the lighting’s gonna look when Russell goes into his. ‘Cause Russell’s room
we started on already. – Turn the light on.
– Turn the light on and show us how different it is. Yeah. See how nice and
bright and blue that is. Russell, tell me what you
like about your bedroom. – So I like the floor board
thing and where we stack it and – Shiplap.
– Shiplap yeah. And I don’t really like
how they covered my closet. (giggles) – They covered your closet
’cause they’re painting. Russell’s room is the first
room that we are renovating and it’s in renovation mode right now. But his bathroom is back here. And then Sherry has a bathroom upstairs and Chad has a bathroom down
here and now the family room. Okay, so now we’re in
the family room area. There’s a kitchen here which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense so there’s a little bit
of space right here. And then a little family
room space right here. So when we renovate upstairs
and we push the family room back out 22 feet, this
is directly beneath it. This wall will also be removed,
the kitchen will be removed, it will not be replaced, I refuse to have a kitchen in my basement. My kids are not welcome
to come live with me after they’re 18, I am very
straightforward about that. But this will be removed and it will be pushed back
22 feet out into the yard. So this will end up being a
much bigger one family room. So instead of this wall being right here, this’ll all be open, one huge open room, and it will go back this way, 22 feet. Instead of having two teeny
tiny little family room nooks, you’re gonna have one giant, enormous family gathering space we could have dance parties down here. – And so this is my mattress
and I wanna show you something that I’ve been doing over it. (upbeat music) (dog barking) – You guys are so cute, oh good Russell, oh good Rusty, yes, yes good Rusty. Oh good Dwight. Oh look this cute little doggy (mumbles) good little doggy, you
guys just stay in there. (laughs) – Russell, puppy can’t hold puppy. I love our new house. (car screeching) (car engine roaring)

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