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New Apartment Milk boiling & Quick House Tour || சிங்கப்பூரில் வாடகைக்கு வீடு எப்படி தேடுவது?

Greetings to everyone. Today in this video we’re going to see Boiling milk in our new home (Indian ritual) and a quick home tour. A subscriber named Revathi Madhan She’s going to relocate to Singapore itseems so she asked about finding house and its cost. This small clipping is for her. There are two types of house in Singapore. One is HDB and the other is Condo. First is HDB which means housing and development board This is a public housing built by government So the cost will be low here You could’ve known if you have seen my last house tour video That was a HDB and mostly it’ll be like that. If its an old house the cost will be low For example, the rent starts from 1300SGD A single bedroom house can be found for 1300SGD If its for double bedroom then the cost might increase If its a new house, then the cost will be more. The second type of house is Condominium This is a private housing This is like a gated community in India Apartments with securities and all Its that type of a gated community. Inside it all the amenities will be available like swimming pool, gym, club houses etc., This is quite expensive. For example, if you’re taking a double room in HDB for about 1600SGD Then here in condominium it starts from 1500SGD For starting prices only one bedroom houses will be available here. Almost you’ve to pay 2000SGD to get a double bedroom house. You can choose upto your preferences I have put the search links in the description box below. Do check it in the description box. Lets see the milk boiling Today is 11th september I have taken this a few days ago since I had shifting work and also I was not well because of shifting So that am putting videos late. For milk boiling we have to buy new utensils So we bought this from IKEA Even in IKEA in India all these will available. This is a product named annons there are three items in a set One is smaller which can be used to boil milk and the other two are bigger in sizes. I bought all these three for about 17SGD in Singapore. Its around 750-800Rs. in Indian currency Since its been so many days I started using it. This so good to use If you have small space then you can keep like this This will be better It’ll be like this and we have to asemble it. I have asked for my husband’s help and assembling it. Today is 12th september Am going to boil milk today morning Its boiling now. I forgot to buy sweets so am preparing it instantly Am doing kesari. I dont have sugar We’re not using sugar nowadays I used jaggery (karupatti) instead, so that the color is dark. Whenever you’re going to a new home like this Sugar, Rice, Dal, Tamarind, Salt these 5 items must be taken. So I have kept those 5 items. Praying and breakfast is over. We have packed our things and moved it here Now we’re unpacking it all Now I’ll show a quick tour This is the kitchen cabinet After that is the living room We have taken second type Condominium so kitchen and living room will all be in the same line. This is our balcony. This is the only furniture we have now We’ve bought this from IKEA to keep God’s pictures. This is bedroom. This is quite dirty I’ll show you another video clearing all this and neatly arranged. This space will be enough to put a queen size bed though it seems to be small. This is the wardrobe Comparing to our old house this is a very small one We’ve to adjust and keep. Only my husband’s stuffs are kept Yet I haven’t kept mine. There’s an attached toilet and bath nearby Hope you all enjoyed this video. Greetings untill we meet in the next video.


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Meena Annam

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மிகவும் பயனுள்ள தகவல் சிஸ்டர்! உங்களுக்கு என்னுடைய வாழ்த்துக்கள்! ?


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Aarthi Sai

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Dhamayanthi,Super house and super info. What is the rent of your old(HDB)house?எனக்கு ஞாபகம் tamenes.
What is the rent of your new(Condo)house?which area in Singapore?


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I am visiting first time to Singapore. I want best budget hotel. We are 8 people . our budget is all inclusive of 60000/- stay . can you help and guide us. We are looking in little India.


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Nice home simple and elegant. Are you using electric burner. Is this comfortable for cooking? Where are you staying in Singapore. I am also living in Singapore.


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