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NEVER TOO SMALL ep.22 45sqm Tiny Apartment – Torquay Compartment Apartment

hi I’m Jane Graham from Winter
Architecture and this is my client Nick Russell this apartment is located above a shop
right in the heart of Torquay it’s a sort of a cream brick 1960 era block
with the shops underneath and two holiday apartments on top we lived in this apartment as a family
myself my wife Michelle and our two kids six-year-old Lucy and four-year-old
Edward when we first approached the space we looked at how we can get it to
work better and one of the ways of doing that was just changing some of the
doorway entrances it was more of an evolution process where we were all
engaged with the design to get it to a certain level and Kevin a carpenter
then applied another layer of detail to those and obviously the tight budget
meant we were looking at things like IKEA and then substituting them with
more local materials just trying to have that tweak that fine balance the idea of
the entrance is it’s quiet it’s cool it’s just a large opening space and
celebrate the existing entrance door with the readed glass and keep that
light that’s in that area coming through to the space so there’s a sense of
beyond I quite like those low-level
Scandinavian style unit with IKEA carcasses and cupboards but wrapped in
this really good quality birch ply a fairly low budget and also custom-built
five minutes long I was most impressed by the design changes in the kids room
Nick and Michelle would like to live here for a little bit of time so I was
thinking about how each child could have their own space by creating separate
levels to play with hierarchy within the room so that they could both see out the
window to the water there’s small curtains around each bed to create
privacy and they can choose to open and close with their own little bed lights
so underneath adds fed which is lower and can house longer-term storage and
then below in the taller bunk that is a hanging rail with for clothing and
wrapping the walls is a felt pin board that kids can pin their own art and
create their own individuality within the space and also the pin one is a
little bit acoustic so that they can scream a little bit and it sort of gets
absorbed and it’s it feels nice it’s cozier for them they really love it
Master bed was already in the living space as kids were in the smaller room
before we just had a normal bed frame sitting on the floor with things pushed
underneath and now we’ve got kind of like a platform or kind of bedroom so it
can transform from the bedroom to a daybed so we raised the platform have
storage underneath for things like your Mason guitar and then created a bed head
around the kitchen which means you can tuck the bedroom pillows away behind the
bed head in the day and then set it up as a daybed so so far the platform also
creates a beautiful line between what is public and what is private we’re going
for a sort of off-white tone fabric allows light to transmit through the
space so even though the curtain might be shut people in the dining area still
have secondary light coming through we put the main storage in between the
living zone and the children face and that creates a threshold between the two
the wardrobes are right here except we also have an additional little joinery
item a carpenter cave built kind of attachments to it and which kind of make
it all tie together most of the original features are maintained same thing with the old kitchen it’s a 2 by 4 kitchen we’ve lovingly restored it
so that it’s maintained part of that coastal holiday retreat we’re the original door to the bathroom
was we actually created a really large pantry for the kitchen between the
kitchen and the master bedroom space there’s a falldown table that comes from
a central pillar we’ve got that the yachting toggles and the piano
hinges and we use it all the time also the kids use it for crafts and play and
get involved in food prep the bathroom is the original bathroom but we’ve
retiled it and kept the original bath in the same location and we just put a new
vanity cabinet in and some kept it really simple the overall project value
was eighteen thousand dollars six thousand of that was materials as a team
I think we’ve done really well with a small budget in a short amount of time
whilst you’re all still living here right while we’re still living

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