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Never Before Seen Tour Inside of The Notebook House | Allie’s Dream Home from Noah | Come On In

It’s real, it really exists. (upbeat music) So we’re here on Wadmalaw Island, right outside Charleston, South Carolina, at the site of one of my favorite movies. This private residence was used as the house in “The Notebook” that Noah gives to Allie. Today, we’re getting an exclusive tour, and I am so excited to see it. Come on with me, let’s go look. It’s real, it really exists. (knocking on door) (door opening) Hi, come on in. Thanks so much for having us here. Oh, we’re so glad to have you on such a beautiful day. I know, perfect weather out on Wadmalaw. I know. (upbeat music) Okay, so, obviously, people recognize the front of the house from “The Notebook”. It’s the house that Noah gives
Yep. to Allie and it’s iconic. But real people live here. Exactly, this is a family home. It’s a family home, which I love. So yeah, can you tell me a little bit about that? They didn’t shoot any of the movie inside. Yeah, there was nothing shot inside the house, it was just outside stuff. But y’all still got the boot while they were filming. Exactly, exactly. So we had to leave for a little bit just because there was a lot of craziness. So the house still is very recognizable from the front but there were some things that they changed for the filming of the movie. What were some of those? Well, initially they tacked up old boards, and made the house look like it was falling down. In the yard, they brought in all this debris and sticks, and then when he fixed it up, they put on the blue shutters, added a side porch. What was it like to see all of that unfolding at your family’s home? It was bizarre, and a little surreal. It was amazing to kind of see the amount of effort, and people that are needed to make a movie. A big old production.
I had no idea, I know. And Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were just, like, wandering around your front yard. I know, it was pretty amazing. Did you get to meet them? I did not. My dad did.
That seems unfair. My dad did, so that’s good, but I did not meet them.
Somebody got to say hello. Yes, exactly. (upbeat music) So, this house was built around the 1850s. It had a lot of Victorian, you know, architecture and porches and those burnt down. You can see, in this photo, how the house looked originally.
So cool! After the porches burnt, the columns were added to make it look more stately because this was mainly just a farming, working plantation. So, we saw these super cool photos of the house. What are those little coins? So these were coins that were paid to the sharecroppers that were out here. And it says Martin’s Point, good for five, or good for ten. So, anyway, they worked out here. It was their own currency. It was their own currency. Which you’ll find all kinds of cool stuff out here. We do. The marsh was actually their trash bin, so we find all sorts of wonderful bottles and dolls, and marbles and dice, and it’s nice to find these little artifacts and you get a little bit of an insight into the life of the people here. (upbeat music) So this is our dining room. This is mainly like Christmas dinners and nothing’s too fancy. I feel like everything fancy in this house is a little bit broken, but I think it makes it feel really good. ‘Cause y’all have a pretty big family. We do, and it’s gotten bigger since we all got married and now there’s little ones in the family. It’s really fun. Have them around.
Exactly. I better summertime’s really fun. Summertime is wonderful, yeah, my nieces come and swim off the dock, and shrimp which is really fun. (upbeat music) And you were saying that this is the only part of the house that you all have renovated. Exactly, yes, so this is the only part of the house that we have changed a lot. The wall, the back of the house used to be right here, and so we expanded the kitchen a little bit. These are the only new floors. Which don’t look so new anymore, but it’s nice just because we get so much more light in the kitchen. It’s, you know, the heart of the house. ‘Cause I feel like everyone always, no matter where you try to throw a party, everyone ends up in the kitchen anyway. I mean I love this little sitting nook. I know. It’s just cozy. I know, it’s very cozy, it’s a lot of fun. And I’m beating a dead horse here, but I just can’t get over the views from every single room. I know, and that’s what’s so wonderful is because we’re on a point of land, you just get this beautiful view on every side, which is amazing. (upbeat music) So this is one of the bedrooms. Something that’s neat about this room is that in this window pane one of the women that lived here, Edna Tolles, etched her name in the glass. Oh, wow. Which is really cool. Did you ever try the same thing as a child? I actually did, it didn’t work. But this room always scared me because of that. It seems cooler now that you’re not the one sleeping in here.
Exactly. With Edna’s presence. Exactly. (soft music) Oh my gosh, this is the spot. Isn’t it wonderful up here. I mean, I see why he spent so much time on the roof if this is what he was looking at. Can y’all toss me a hammer. (laughing) Yeah, this is really lovely out here. We’ve got such a great view. The old post office used to be in the front yard right next to that magnolia tree. And then the ferry that took produce and people from Wadmalaw to Charleston left right over there. Oh wow. It’s pretty cool. I kind of wish we still did transportation that way. I’m tired of being in a car. I actually love ferries, they’re about my pace. (laughing) (soothing music) So this is the famous porch that Allie requested. It is, yep. She wanted a porch, she wanted blue shutters, which they added for the movie, and then she wanted a room with a view to paint from. And I think after seeing the inside, I can vouch for any of those rooms being perfect painting room. Well thank you so much for having us, Maggie. Thank you.
This has been so fun, and I look forward to coming back, but “Southern Living” readers, again, reminder, private residence, please keep your distance. But thanks again for having us. Thank you. Thanks for watching. Click here to subscribe. And if there’s a Southern home that you think we should tour, let us know. You think we should tour, let us know in the comments. Thanks so much, bye. I just left a voicemail. (laughing)



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How about the Jefferson Manson at Jefferson Island, Louisiana. Jefferson was an actor from New York who came down to South Louisiana to get away. In the 1950s it was still pretty much the same as when it was built. Jefferson Island is a salt dome not an island.

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