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NestEgg: The Helpdesk for Busy Rental Property Owners

Are you worried about balancing your rental properties with your day job? Introducing NestEgg, the helpdesk for busy rental owners that uses smart technology to fix maintenance problems, provide on-demand expert advice, and deposit rent payments in your bank account on the 1st. Get started for free with a simple one-time setup. Then our 24/7 helpdesk notifies you when there’s a problem. With one click, we’ll fix the problem fast
at a discounted rate. Whether it’s a one-time repair you need, or regular property upkeep. We’ll handle all of the time consuming details and every job comes with a 14 day Happiness Guarantee. Anytime you need professional advice about your rentals, you can chat directly with our team of real local experts. Make waiting for rent a thing of the past. We’ll deposit rent in your bank account
on the 1st, guaranteed. NestEgg — the smart way to manage your rental properties. Sign up and get started today.

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