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Naropa’s Snow Lion Apartments

Hi, I’m Justin Phillips. This is my first semester at Naropa. I’m studying Music and I’m studying Theatre here with a Religious Studies minor. My name’s Sky and I am studying Psychology, but I’m also here for like more of a spiritual and contemplative aspect – so meditation, Buddhism and all sorts of other religions, as well as just kinda like contemplative writing I would say. I’m from Ojai, California and so really coming here it was like it’s surprising me like how deep the education is, how deep the connections are with your professor, with your peers. We have 3 people total living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 baths, a full-fledged kitchen and a dishwasher. I mean as you can kind of see like we’re kinda living in an apartment. It really is like living in a home again. Because of that there’s like this really mature and sensitive environment. It really seems like a place you get away. It’s like everything’s available and it’s a pretty groovy setup. The courtyard too is a great place to socialize and study with others. Like we have a few quiet study areas. It’s very nice. …but they also have a great community room and they have awesome events. There’s a meditation hall that’s open all hours of the night. Naropa gives you like a student bus pass and the bus is like really seamless and easy. It like comes every seven minutes or something like that. I forgot my homework and it was 4 minutes before class started. All the way from campus, out the classroom, made it all the way back here, got my books from the cabinet and homework and stuff and biked all the way back in less than four minutes. Everybody’s set up here. There’s nothing that’s really missing at all either in like the community or like with the personal needs. You’re so close with everybody that you’re kinda like if you haven’t seen them already you know their name and you know a bit about them so when they show up you’re kinda like, “Oh yeah, like you live here too.” It’s not like exclusive. If you see like a group massing go join the group and they’ll be like alright we’re gonna go on a hike or something and you’re welcome to join that.

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Acton Treadway

May 5, 2018, 6:33 am Reply

ahhhh… I remember when there was a pool in that courtyard.

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