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Nanomaterials and Properties of Nanomaterials – Surface Chemistry – Chemistry Class 11

click the bell icon to get latest videos from Ekeeda Hello friends now we need to talk about if you topic that is nanomaterials and we got it that we are going to talk about these properties so this letter by D is basically a product of the technology that we are going to talking about you know day to day life also and that is what it plays a very important role because nowadays every technology is bit replaced by the nanotechnology at the has a different kind of property because of which it has very benefits also so what are the nanometer is and what are the different types of the nanometer let us talk about that with the properties of the element so now let us understand what does they do binary means you so talking about nano material that is the materials of at least one dimension and that is also between the range of that is one nanometer to ten in suit or we could say 100 meter 200 nanometers are known as they’re nobodies and this negative is arm is basically marries my new particles or these are the very my good materials which has a nature that is from whatever bitter to have a derivative because of which only we could say then there will be different property compared to that of the metal which are going to present in the work so we are going to talk about that also but the fourth example let us understand that what are the different kinds of material that we am going to discuss about in this lecture so talking about the first one that is generally so what is that area let us understand the definition of it also so talking about the elderly that is the element of one dimension between s 1 nanometer to 10 to this to 200 nanometer is ruinous in an earlier and talking about this was because as we have got to know about the individuals there but one which or they are the benefits that have at least one dimension so talking about specifically about one dimension so therefore there is if we see one direction that is even is really every could see that they also have a range of that is from 1 diameter to whatever used to do nanometer and that’s the reason that this all has natural layers and now let us talk about the another one that is you that is the nanomaterial of two dimension between one dynamometer to tell this to two diameter is known as negative or there no wife talking about the next one that is nanoparticles what are their localization there is an inside that also you so the new particles are the nanomaterials which are of the three dimension while talking about in the pre-assessment we have to know about the nano layer as LSD nanotubes and this is about the Nano material so they were according to the one dimension to dimension and three directions respectively so therefore this is a three dimension nano material which having a range of between that is from Nintendo to delimiter and that is luminous in every particle so now let us move on with the next one that is Quadra drops so what are products let us talk about that also that is the semi container never buy daily between that is the range from that is one enemy turtle and in every winter in its diameter is known as equal Tonto so this quarter dot is basically acting like a semiconductor and this is also a part of the beam a little bit early so this all all what we have got to know about the nanomaterials and the types of and now let us move on to the properties of the aluminum so talking about the first property of Italy let me talk about this thing that is little particles on the board or the new materials other one which has a range of then it’s from what I limited to take this to to never win then and when it comes to an air whenever we consider the denominator to be there is fear but suppose the derivatives they have a particular age of that is as we know that it’s from nanometer to ten days to do nanometer but this small particles have the tendency to ace with different color modules so how let me talk about this one you so talking about the first one that is the nobody likes a bit different color depending upon their sides yes for example if you know about the that is nano pedigree for example if you understand that is the Barrow material that is sauce for wood and a bowl of food that is what we do so we have understood clearly that the one gold is yellow dagur but talking about the nanoparticle of the gold so the nobody you love gold are basically really yes so this is the science because of the size the color also cheese and that is all depended on the size and this is all what we are going to talk about in the next part also because there are various there are materials that are of different ages had that different range of the that is size of the nano material they can give different colors so talking about the next one that is I could to talk about that is you that is then immediately been irritated with UV light of them Center it right my everything they give visible light yes this depends on the size also for and someone if a particular narrow material types of a different age and miss suppose if we I’m here to give it if the UV light so the more the size of the nanoparticle the poor will be its thinnest availeth for example if I’m hitting a particular random ideally with a UV light so if the size of that is bold then the first thing that we could get is we could get a higher given and that is for example if your rocket motor and so we’ve got that you do so that case we see the render one red is the permissions higher Krypton or which has natural beauty and that is what the larger particle very type will emit the highwayman and that is the red wave and we are talking about the smaller that is puddle that we have it that is boiling living or the color picture having wavelength which is related to the monitor so that is what the second point I was talking about and now let us point that is and the third point is that is the melting part of the enemy daily is lower than that also the mental part of the month for example if you understand that there’s a particle which is B in a month then it will serve divided equally it is returned by the various party all surrounded and that’s the reason that the interacting force believe that particle with the end of the other party is more and that’s the reason than the painting part is also but we are talking about the end of Italy but we never really are talking about the end of my dear people understand that then to my finding is not basically surrounded by every nano particle with a proper size so that is the reason that they are basically surrounded with such molecules which are not being able to increase the melting point and hence they attractive force believe this nanoparticles are not much like that of Ambani and that’s the reason that the melting part of the barrel material is lower than that of the melting point of its butt so this is what the third point is and let’s move to the next point and the last part is we see the reactivity of the and the last part is we see the reactivity of the better battery is more than that of the middle because of the size you know that the narrow-mindedness are off this side that is from micrometer pretenders to to little bit and below so this small that is size of it so they are very much capable of reacting and they’re very much stable of basically depositing on the surface of the substrate and on and that is the reason that the reactivity of this kind of particles are basically more compared to that of the bulk material so this where the four points of the four properties that I’ve discussed and this what we have got to know about the nanometers so that is trend that’s what I want to talk about so that even for watching this video I hope you have understood this freedom very clearly and you have to know the different types of the negative lined up with that other properties of the be eliminated so that’s it and I hope you’ll share this with your friends and it’s don’t forget 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