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MY WORKSPACE STUDY TOUR » small apartment solutions

Hello everyone! In today’s video I will give you a very quick
tour of my current workspace. I am calling it a workspace setup and not
a desk tour because I currently do not own a desk as I live in a very small apartment. Due to the lack of space, I use one table
for studying, working and eating my meals so I had to organize my materials and supplies
with a bit more flexibility, as I will show you in a minute. My desk slash table was bought in Ikea, so
I will leave the link down below in case you are interested. As you can see I leave my working surface
mostly empty and I use my cabinets to store my supplies, computer, textbooks and so on. I also use the surface of both cabinets as
an auxiliary table top if I don’t want to pile up things in my table top. First of all, let’s talk about my computer
setup. I use my mac to do all of my YouTube work,
to write my papers, print my materials and write condensed notes before my exams. As such, I wanted to make sure I would have
the most efficient setup I could so I didn’t lose any time and also to make sure I could
spend a couple of hours sitting in front of my computer with no hassles. Here I am using a dock case, which is mainly
a faux leather case to carry my mac that also acts as a hub so I can maximize ports. You just need to connect the hub to the computer
using this small dongle, which is actually kept in a small pouch inside the case and
I am then able to access my SD card slot, USB ports and so on. (1.15). When I need to recharge my laptop, I access
an extension cord that I lifted and placed right next to my working surface so it would
be easier for me to recharge my laptop, phone and other devices. This was such a simple modification that I
made in my living room but it made such a difference when it comes to comfort and the
efficiency of my cable organization. The evaluation method for most of the courses
in my master’s degree is by submitting essays or final papers. In that sense, I spend a lot of time sitting
down writing so it’s really important for me to make sure that I have everything I need
in reach. This is specially important when I am approaching
my submission deadlines, as I prefer to review my essays when they are printed out rather
than on the screen. I always feel like I find more mistakes when
I am reading printed essays so it’s part of my writing process to do my final revision
like that. Since I don’t have a desk or a fixed place
to plug my laptop to, I decided to buy a wireless printer so I didn’t have any hassles while
printing. It was really easy and fast to setup and made
such a difference when I had to sit down and think of how I would organize my space. It prints exactly as any type of printer but
I don’t have to worry about plugging the printer to my laptop or having a particular place
to put either devices. While I am working I also like to have some
paper nearby to write down any ideas or to-dos that I remember while I’m on my computer. Right here you are seeing some new notebooks
from mishmash, the easy-breeze sky blue regular-size notebook and a timeless planner in regular-size. These are both products from their new collection
and I thought the timeless planner was specially interesting as it actually covers ten years. Each page has a footer that allows you to
fill in the day, month and year that you are covering. That means that this planner is as flexible
as it can be, allowing for three columns of different text to be covered in a wide span
of time. So if you are an irregular planner, I definitely
recommend this format. I always keep my backpack next to me in case
I need anything from the regular supplies I take to class. If you are curious about the things I carry
with me to college you can check out my what’s in my backpack video, which will be linked
in the description as well as in the upper right corner of your screen. All my usual writing tools are kept in this
makeup bag that I keep in my cabinet. These are my most used pens, highlighters
and post it notes. The rest of my supplies are organized in trays
that I can reach out to whenever I need something more specific. However, most of the times everything I need
can be found on my regular pencil case so the trays are only a solution to organize
the supplies that I need. I hope you enjoyed today’s video! Don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you
next week. Bye!

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