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My NYC Bushwick Apartment

Hey guys, it’s Laila and I wanted to come
in today and give you guys an apartment tour. So I moved from Harlem to Bushwick,
about four months ago so I decided to show you guys around. So first thing
first is, I am in my living room and this is the front door, so we are starting at
the very beginning. This is the living room space, to the left we have the stove ,and
sink, and the oven all that good stuff. Here we just have like cups and plates
some things like that, pretty basic stuff and then this is our fridge the fridge
and then the freezer section of it. So we have pretty good cabinet space in the
kitchen area. From that we just have our two garbage cans one for regular garbage
this is for recycling, and we also have a half bath in a living room which is nice.
We really don’t use it we just keep like cleaning supplies and things like that
over here. Over here is this where we keep all our coats for the seasons and
then we have our microwave and that is pretty much the living room. Couch all
that good stuff. Here is a bedroom for roommate, this just has our a/c unit in
here. This is also a bedroom and then this is our bathroom. So this is just
where we take a shower. Here’s our buffalo shower curtain which is cool.
Yeah this it. This place was just remodeled which is really good so definitely a lot nicer than
my other apartment. Then here is my room. Actually this is like the smallest room out of them all. So yeah this is just my bed and lamps here was
just cool when the lights are off. Doesn’t get much sunlight in here, so
it’s pretty usually like the same lighting no matter what time of day it
is. This is my oil diffuser, which I love right now I think I have eucalyptus burning. This is just my charger when I’m out, my bluetooth speaker, two
books. One is my journaling book and then that is “Quantum Love” which is what I’m
reading. I just have water, candle let’s see what else is in here. Oh this is cool,
I got this when I was living in Maryland at a Target. Here is my mirror. This is my door, this is my full-length mirror. I have my bag here that I wear every day. Over
here’s just some more bags, I have an umbrella. On the floor, I have my heater because
it’s still a little cold sometimes at night, I have my gym bag, this is just a
lighting for YouTube stuff. I have a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge. This is my closet, where I keep on my clothes. Over here is actually my yoga mat, I have a
meditation pillow, that I got from an event which is really cool. A meditation
candle, and over here is just all of my stuff. That I pretty much use like on a
daily basis. So I had my crystals over here, Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, and
just hair products and everything else that I use. This is another photo that I
got from Target, “love your life.” This is just where I keep some
of my clothes.I actually had more clothes I think, that’s why I ordered
this, but pretty much everything can fit into my closet. Shoes that won’t,but like all of my black shoes, gym shoes are over here. Just other shoes and then
this is my bed. I love the bed frame I got, this is actually on a steel frame so
I’m able to keep stuff underneath my bed and that is another photo. It says “leave
a little sparkle wherever you go.” So yeah that is my very short apartment tour.
I love living here, I love living in Bushwick, so yeah thanks for watching
guys see you later bye.



Apr 4, 2017, 4:11 am Reply

how are you liking Brooklyn?? I'm a lifelong Brooklynite, but never really venture to bushwick lol. I hear it's changed A LOT though from how it used to be. are you a native new yorker??

Queen Tee

Apr 4, 2017, 6:26 pm Reply

Nice! Thanks for Sharing! ❤

Esther Annan

Jun 6, 2017, 2:07 pm Reply

Beautiful apartment i'm soo happy for you.Kiss 🙂

Cha Anebe

Dec 12, 2017, 1:13 am Reply

Lovely apartment you have there. and those lights over your bed..are absolutely gorgeous.

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