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My NYC Apartment Tour ? & Tips on How to Afford Living in The City

hey guys ~ welcome back today we’re going to do a tour of my studio my studio in New York City so there’s honestly not much to show because it’s just a hallway and a bedroom or like a living space so I think what I’ll do at the end is I’ll talk about how to afford living in New
York City and this the tips I’m gonna talk about I think it’s pretty universal end of the day really comes down to knowing what you’re willing to give up I
know what you’re not willing to give up so if tomorrow if YouTube just
disappears.. and if my apartment gets taken away from me if everything gets taken away from me I think I’d still be happy and content where I am these things are nice and it brings me joy but my joy and happiness is not rooted in
having these things and having a place like this okay let’s start with.. right when you enter through the door you see Zee stove and you see Zee shoe rack I actually just put this together today earlier today if you guys have seen my older video you saw how my shoes are just usually
scattered everywhere on the floor not anymore
okay and then there’s also this this is also so these two are from Ikea I’m not
really sure you guys want to see so let’s talk about the aesthetics the
design for a sec I love the stainless steel backsplash I’m usually more of a
white subway tile kind of gal but this mixed with the quartz countertop with
the dark floors with the gray cabinets I’m a fan it was love at first sight so
there’s one thing that I do want to show you guys okay dishwasher is always kind
of open because I never actually used the dishwasher to wash dishes I just use
it as a drying rack but let me show you guys this supercool okay ready
so I feel like this is probably one of the top three purchases for my apartment
the other one is right here it’s the KitchenAid blender that was $750 but I
found it on Craigslist brand new for 250 dollars this is probably my best
purchase second best purchase is the little
knife this thing okay nice green clean supplies love these little mason jars
and bamboos reasonable utensil usable straws make matcha lattes with collagen
every morning with that here’s a little fruit bowl and snacks just in case and
let’s just go here so I feel like I’ve showed you guys this area already this
letter board is from Amazon the print is from Etsy itself no face in a bowl of
ramen this is real this is fake from Ikea and them what else there’s this
mirror hey guys so yeah this is pretty much the
the kitchen do you guys have any questions teaching me how to do this my
brother’s life purpose I like having it on my fridge just as a reminder of
what’s most important to me and uh-huh look yes him they asked me huh yeah
these are some notes from you guys Thank You Ally I love you
this is for my best friend Portia and these little pins are from Karina thank
you guys so much okay and one other thing I’ve talked about this in the past
all the things that I have in my apartment it’s I know it’s not as it
used to be very minimal where I didn’t have any photos I didn’t have any of
these like little reminders or little things or even prints but I got to a
point where I was like I want to get things that remind me of important
reminders so for example this rabbit is from Alice in Wonderland it’s from my
from Katie and it just reminds me of being functional and be a long time
because I’ve never a puncture one never on time something I’m working on no fish
reminds me of external stay is a mirror reflection of our internal states what
we see in others of things that we find unappealing and others is actually a
reflection of the things we find unappealing in ourselves so with that
okay moving on okay so I’ll show you guys the bath
really quick it’s really messy because I threw everything that I didn’t want in
my room in here so okay that’s bathroom that’s me okay you guys get the feel of
it all right so we’ll leave when you start walking this way there will be a
closet right here and then this is where all the coats are as well as all like
the cleaning supplies and on the top right here are heels that I have yet to
wear I honestly haven’t worn a single pair of heels and like the past year
since I moved here but I keep it because it’s like what if I need to wear that
thing that one time okay here is the use my bookshelf this is another print from
spirited away Haku in dragon form it’s my family’s my cousins all the cousins
on our grandparents this print my best friend drew it for me it’s of 11 and the
boys okay yeah I’m not sure if this is actually Kobe’s rookie card but it might
be so if it is this is the greatest of all time the war is just one but Kobe
will forever be the number one in my heart
these are the books my parents my cousin’s my brother books that I some of
these I’ve read some of these I’m going to read more books speaks out of mason
jars i guess and see good amount of you guys have asked where this desk is from
it is from the Container Store and then I’ll link everything down below I
believe it’s like the Java shelf leaning shaft us give you guys cool with I hope
people to find alternatives as well tip number one for how to afford living in
New York City is you can actually find a lot of really great deals on Craigslist
I know it can seem super sketchy and it goes without saying that you should be
very very careful of buying things off of Craigslist but because so many people
are moving in and out of the city every single day every single week and these
are mostly working-class professionals who are not going to do anything too
crazy too you can find a lot of things so this chair
I believe it was a part of a dining set I got it for $80
probably retails for like two hundred probably from cd2
and this little acrylic console I think it is from CB 2 and I’m not sure how
much you retailed for but I got this set so there’s one two the third one it’s in
there it’ll nest together I believe I got all of these for $60 and this starte
print this is called the night sky I got it from night sky dot IO what else what
else okay so this couch it’s from Ikea I love how it’s when I moved into this
beautiful white space I was like okay I want everything to be white and I wanted
a couch that was like a cloud but still structural enough and this is it it’s
super comfortable I slept on it a few times it’s great I don’t know why I
still thought it because my bed is literally right here but like you know
sometimes it happens you just pass out by accident and this lamp also got it
from Craigslist I believe it’s either West Elm or Crate
and Barrel or Pottery Barn one of those thing I got this for a hundred and I got
this plant from the same owner of this beautiful arc lamp and this is a rubber
tree it’s grown significantly since I got it which is great because okay
it’s on the floor the reason why but is on the floor is because I could not be
bothered getting a bed frame and I kept putting it off because I felt like I
already spent so much money furnishing my place it’s just one of those things
that I just never ended up getting around to yeah Oh show you guys my
closet really quickly two closets in this place one is the little one I just
showed you guys earlier on this side and then this is the bigger closet and the
smash drawers from The Container Store this is from Amazon which is where I put
all the things I don’t want to deal with but I will get to you eventually air
purifier alright so that was a quick tour of my studio and let’s talk about
how to afford living in a city like New York or living on your own or just
anything about finances and existence and budgeting and having the right
mindset and life there’s a few things the first one is mentality having the
right mindset you know you need to hustle if you want to live in a city
like New York City the second thing is budgeting it is so important to know
what you’re spending your money on and how much money you’re spending a month
and to not spend more than you are making and the last thing which I think
is the most important thing it’s your purpose why do you need to live in a
city why do you to live alone this is just knowing what you want and
knowing that you have to work really hard to get the things that you have if
you don’t already have these things for example me wanting to live in the city
of me wanting to furnish my apartment nicely but me not having as much budget
as I would like to decorate it like a West Elm catalog or a Crate and Barrel
catalog what I did was I bought most of the things off Craigslist that I felt
safe buying from someone else my bed and my couch were brand new I feel like
something as personal as your bed and something as personal as your couch
those are the two things that I don’t know I didn’t feel right buying it from
someone else but almost everything else as you guys saw earlier we’re from
Craigslist that’s like one way of kind of I was gonna say like life hack it’s
kind of kind of is a life hack you’re saving so much money on things that are
practically brand-new so that goes with like the mentality or the mindset of if
you know you want certain things what is a way to get to the end result without
doing the things that you normally have to do and this would just be like paying
the full retail price when I first moved to New York City in
2015 I went through all of my expenses to really see what is the bare minimum
that I can get by I brought it down to or five hundred dollars not including
rent that might seem like a lot to some of you guys or it might not but if it
seems like a lot to you it’s because living expenses in New York it’s
significantly higher than most places around the world budgeting is also
mindset right knowing that you can spend significantly less money doing things
yourself like making a smoothie yourself every morning instead of paying ten
dollars for a smoothie those are all little things that you can do to save
money here and there and I feel like I if you guys are interested in this let
me know maybe I can make a different video that’s more articulate because
right now I feel like I’m just sharing openly the things that I’ve been doing
so with that knowing that I wanted to live here and knowing that I was going
to be working at nonprofit media company so I wasn’t making that much money I
knew I had to have another source of income and what I did as you can see
from this playlist I did a lot of thirsting to resell and that was how I
made a couple thousand dollars extra a month to be able to support myself to be
able to live not on a 500 dollar budget that’s just goes back to mentality of
like trying to find different alternatives or trying to find different
solutions to help you get to where you want to be and not being afraid of
hustling not being afraid of trying not being afraid of failing to learn or to
improve or to get better why do I need to be in New York why do I
need to live by myself why do I need to live in the city why do I need to do all
the things why do we need to do half the things that we do because we don’t need
to do half the things that we do for me because I knew I was going to go and
work really early and leave really late by really early for a while I went in
around 5:00 I can’t really sustain that I’m trying to get back there but I
haven’t been able to now it’s about like 6:00 or 7:00 and then I leave around
8:00 9:00 or 10:00 or 11:00 mostly around like 9:00 or 10:00 these days so
knowing that I was gonna be at work for the majority of the day around my
co-workers who I love dearly but there are people in humble s I knew that I
wanted to have my own personal space when I came home that was just my space
to do my thing – like mole or – potato or – just like the battery just died so
I just changed the battery really quickly so I knew I wanted to live near
the office and I knew I once live alone and I knew that I wanted it to be
relatively nice these are all kind of like bougie rowena tendencies of like
liking nicer things and finer things in life but I knew that I would have to
trade off something and that trade off for me was time and my energy so I guess
the moral of the story for the last point is just to know what is the most
important to you and know that if you really want something badly enough
you’ll do whatever you can to make it happen for me being in you or because my
focus is just work and is just to do the best that I can with the time that I
have on building a better future for myself and for other people and for the
things that I believe in everything else just kind of happened
I don’t know if this is helpful at all I guess what I’m trying to say is if you
want to put me in a little potato sack in a corner of a room with six other
people or a ton of the people I can live like that if you want to put me in
Hartman like this and let me live by myself I can do that too and I think
it’s like that flexibility of knowing what you’re willing to sacrifice knowing
what you’re not willing to sacrifice so I think at the end of the day it really
comes down to knowing what you’re willing to give up and know what you’re
not willing to give up so if tomorrow if YouTube just disappears
and if my apartment gets taken away from me if everything gets taken away from me
I think I’d still be happy and content where I am these things are nice and it
brings me joy but my joy and happiness is not rooted in having these things and
having a place like this this just turned like a completely different turn
the initial purpose of this video but yeah I think if you are rooted and
grounded in who you are and the things that you are passionate about no matter
what happens to your life externally nothing will be able to deter you from
doing the things that you need to do and I feel like your living conditions and
your living situation definitely helps elevate the quality of your life no like
for sure but it’s just like a little sliver of like the bigger picture of
knowing what’s most important to you and knowing why you’re even doing anything
why you’re chasing the things you’re chasing why you are working towards the
thing you’re working towards or why you feel like you need to have the latest
things because I don’t know for a lot of us myself included it’s because like I
want to be cool or like I want other people to look at me a certain way or I
want other people to view me as but certainly so wow I like the direction
that this just kind of turned so yeah I mean I hope this was helpful if you guys
want me to elaborate on any of these points please let me know if you have
any questions I’d be happy to answer down below and yeah… thank you guys for joining I love you guys but the ones who stick to the end who catches my rambling like this.. you guys, I love you guys and honest.. okay honestly, thank you so much for watching thank you so much for being a part of my life and my journey because without you, none of this would happened none of this would happen I hope you guys have a wonderful morning
or evening or night or afternoon or study break I hope… most of you guys probably
aren’t in school anymore but um I love you guys ~ see you guys next time baii ~ *kiss*


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California / Belarus by Liliya

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Jan 1, 2019, 12:31 am Reply

I’m sad I’m just seeing this…. also RJ is just living the life

Ande Linn

Jan 1, 2019, 5:21 pm Reply

I would love to know how you budget! I also live in an expensive city (San Francisco) and need to figure out how I can save money to pay off my medical bills and student loans.

Emily K

Feb 2, 2019, 6:01 am Reply

This was so motivating. A lot of people talk so negatively about the challenges of moving to NYC but your approach is really positive and refreshing. I do think it comes down to mentality the most.

Harshitha J

Feb 2, 2019, 11:01 am Reply

Rowena how do you clean your sofa and bed?? Its so white, I too love the theme but I'm very afraid to use them thinking they'll get stained

Erin Williams

Feb 2, 2019, 2:41 am Reply

What kind of bed do you have? Looking for one I can throw on the floor as well ?

Ghuleh Loranti

Mar 3, 2019, 1:07 am Reply

You have this otherworldliness to you that I really admire. Definitely subscribed!


Mar 3, 2019, 4:19 pm Reply

i think putting your bed up on wood palettes would look super cool and go with the place too

Soukaina Benmamoun

Mar 3, 2019, 6:12 pm Reply

I just love this amazing beautiful wonderful person Rowena !! GOD thank you soo much for making her a youtuber I'm soo thankful for her on YouTube ❤❤❤
I just looove you girl!! Please keep being the beautiful great person you are?


Mar 3, 2019, 4:21 am Reply

What neighbourhood are you in? And how much is the rent?

Nelson Ortiz

Apr 4, 2019, 3:34 am Reply

Wow awesome place…very comfy 🙂

Amy Lamb

May 5, 2019, 11:49 pm Reply

hahaha… I just noticed the little shark emoji on the corner of the video! That's so cute!!!

gor jess

May 5, 2019, 7:57 am Reply

Girl… you got money and expensive taste.

Nicole Penny

Jul 7, 2019, 3:48 pm Reply

i never seen an apartment that speaks so much to my soul and aesthetic.

cc le combe

Aug 8, 2019, 12:02 pm Reply

Literally everytime I watch one of your videos I get so inspired to blitz my own apartment and get my shit together. THanks for being a positive influence!

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