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MY NEW YORK CITY ROOM TOUR | apartment tour (2018)

Hey guys! So if you guys have been following me on social
media, you guys know that I recently did a room re-arrangement plus a little bit of an
update to my room. So I’m gonna be doing a new updated room tour
of 2018. In terms of furniture, nothing has changed
since my last apartment tour video but the main change is the arrangement of the furniture. If you guys remember from the last tour video,
the bed used to be right in front of the door when you walk in and the room didn’t really
have a great flow. I moved the bed over to the middle of the
room so now there is a nice walking path when you enter the room Let’s start the tour by talking about my
bed. The bed and the headboard is from IKEA Brimnes
collection and something that I love about this collection is that they have a TON of
storage. So here on the headboard, there are these
built-in shelves where I keep some of my favorite books from novels, to japanese interior design
books, to music books and workout books on the bottom. As for the storage under the bed, there are
4 relatively large sized drawers. I keep my extra bedding, winter clothing,
and bags in these and I love that they keep bulky items out of sight which is really important
in small city apartments. As for these drawer handles, these are something
I saw from Pinterest that I thought looked really good- so instead of using the basic
white handles the bed comes with, I got these extra handles from IKEA, I believe they’re
called LANSA, and I basically spray painted them gold to match a lot of the white and
gold color scheme I have going on in my room. The duvet cover is from Target’s Shabby
Chic collection from YEARS ago. The pillow cases are custom made with fabrics
my mom and I picked out in Korea- we got them made by a seamstress. The center cushion cover is from West Elm
and I have a teddy bear from Build-a-Bear. Next, There are few things I have on top of
the headboard of the bed. I have the LOVE print and the Keep Calm and
Carry On print that are framed. I also added a succulent planter and a vintage-style
radio that used to be in my living room. Moving on to the side of the bed that’s
not so visible from the door- I have some knick-knacks that aren’t so pretty to look
at so they’re all hidden here on this side. I have my glasses cases, an eye mask for sleeping,
and a bunch of random items. Next to the bed on this side, I have a little
charging station. This charging device is great because it uses
up only one outlet but has a bunch of USB ports so you can charge all your devices here
at once. Next let’s move on to the dresser. These are actually two dressers from IKEA
MALM collection that are next to each other. I have a glass top also from MALM collection
that keep them together. Another bit of customization I did with these
dressers is with the knobs. Normally these dressers don’t come with
any handles but I purchased these round gold knobs and got them installed on each of the
drawers. This was another idea from Pinterest that
worked out really well. In these dressers I have most of my foldable
clothes including jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, workout clothes, intimates, and socks. I’ve been on the hunt forever for the perfect
pineapple lamps so it was totally worth the multiple Target trips to get these. I’ve been on the hunt forever for the perfect
pineapple lamps so it was totally worth the multiple Target trips it took to get these. I also have a marble tray from target which
holds some of my candles and essential oils that I use at night. The main item on top of the dresser is my
marshall speaker which looks and sounds amazing. Next to that I have a photo of me and my boyfriend
from when we were in Prague together. Behind the picture frame I have the Amazon
Echo Dot hiding- and I use this device to control most of the lights in my bedroom as
well as setting alarms and asking for weather in the morning. Moving on to the corner next to the dresser,
I have a new addition to the room, which is this meyer lemon tree that I got from online. One of the things I wanted to do when I rearranged
my room was to add a bit more color. As you can probably tell I’m a little commitment-phobe
when it comes to adding color in my room but I thought plants were a great way to add color. This tree actually came with a bunch of young
lemons already attached so I can’t wait to watch it grow and harvest them at some
point in the future. On the window sill, I have another small succulent
planter which I got from Whole Foods. Next to the windows I have my shoe storage
unit which is from Container store. I bought them in two different sizes so I
have the taller heels and booties on top and flats and shorter heels on the bottom. On top of the shoe storage unit, I have my
jewelry box which is also from Container Store. It’s by a brand called Stackers- and I love
this brand because they have these trays in different sizes and configurations so you
can really customize your jewelry box exactly the way you need it. So I have a tray for glasses storage, a tray
for small earrings and necklaces, and finally a tray for watch and ring storage. Next I have another piece of furniture that’s
new to this room, which is the Billy bookcase from IKEA. This bookcase used to be in the living room
but when I rearranged my room I saw that I had a lot more space than before so I was
able to move in this bookcase from outside. The bookcase holds some of my textbooks, current
books I’m reading, and my document binders. On top of the bookcase, I have my favorite
alarm clock, the sunrise alarm clock which I use everyday– and the YouTube silver button
for the strivetofit channel! Last but not least, I have my closet. Nothing much has changed with my closet except
for the fact that I donated a lot of clothes that I hadn’t worn in over a year. Same as before, I have all my tops organized
more or less from light colors to darks and all my light jackets, pants, and dresses on
the right. I have my purses organized on this shelf–
as you can see I’m a big fan of black purses. And finally I have my boots and my weight
scale at the bottom of the closet. So that concludes my room tour video. Hope you guys enjoyed it! If you liked it give it a thumbs up and I
will see you guys in the next video! Bye!!


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First comment❤️! Love your channel! Btw your room is so aesthetically pleasing?

Julie Loeung

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Yess! I’ve been waiting, you’re such a huge inspiration to me! Been watching you since the very start and you’ve come so far. We love you!! ❤️

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Never click anything so this fast lol. Thank you for bedroom tour <3 Also, Candy is really adorable. :(( I miss my cat!

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I love room tours!


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Lemon water with honey in the colder months and lemonade in the warmer months..!! WOOHOO..!!


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All of a sudden I’m extremely motivated to clean/organize my room…


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Simple and organised ? love it… I really need to get rid of so many things!

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This video is so beautiful and to be honest so satisfying! ??

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I want to see the rest of your apartment!

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i send you love from Morocco <3


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that bed is goals

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I missed you

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Aah I have 독립생활 다이어리 too!! Love your apartment aesthetic, I've recently gotten into decorating my living space too now I've gotten used to actually doing my own laundry + cooking haha. Loved this vid Jamie, hope London is great!

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We have the exact same bible ?

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You should do what on my laptop med school addition! Love all your videos?

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Your room is so neat and clean!! I love the little succulents 🙂

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Aww your room is so adorable, that’s what i would like my room to look like ? I hope you’re well and happy 🙂

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Those pineapple lamps though , so freaking cute. Your room shows how much you have your life together girl!! Meanwhile mines a f*cking mess which is pretty symbolic of my life lmao I love your videos, they motivate me a lot! Gonna finish this, then tryyyy to study physics lol
Much love,
Hayley 🙂

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How long have you and your partner been together?

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I've never heard someone pronounce drawers like that, maybe it's an american thing

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Super cute and simple!

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Nice bow tie, Candy!


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Beautiful! love those dresser handles and speakers….

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Very organized?Love it!

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Such a calming setting.

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Please, do the rest of your apartament!


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Launch the desktop monthly planner, please!

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We have the same rose gold mirror???❤❤❤??

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Such a beautiful ? and well organized house ? ??

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WELL that is a more than a room

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Is jamie married??

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where is that small mirror from? ? (next to your jewelry box)

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So nice. I really don't know how can you afford living in an apartment alone in New York. I am from Europe and I can barely afford to rent a whole room. And people sa that things are cheap in here… It is so unfair.

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Are you korean????!?


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Thanks for the tour! Gives me some gift ideas for my sister who happens to be a doctor, too 🙂

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Sooo organised …soo pretty..

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bedroom goals


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Wawooo. How you keep things so aesthetic and clean like that… My room looks like the world War happened inside of it!


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Great room tour Jamie! Absolutely love the new set up. Re-arranging furniture can be a bit tiring but so energising when the results are complete, I love it! 🙂 I don't know why but after a shitty day, this video was so calming. Have a good one!

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Love your room decor. So pleasing to look at!


Apr 4, 2018, 1:29 pm Reply

Love the new "setup", everything looks so cozy and fresh!

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Thank you for the tour !

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your room is so beautiful i’m SHOOK


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Love your bed! Is it Queen or Full Size?


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Super tidy and organized. Could you share with us your organizing tips and the tips to maintain an organized home environment? It will be super helpful 🙂 <3 Love your every selections!! It's a beautiful room setting!

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please do an apartment tour!! i love love love yr entire aesthetic!!?


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I would love to see your handbags

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Very cute

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Hi merry?


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Yes! Please do a complete apartment tour! Thanks for sharing! ?

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I really like the ambience and interior design of your room! And of course, I love you videos! <3

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0:16mins Those are Forty Five Ten Candles. I work there.

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Now I want a new apartment with a new decor ???…. I love it ?????


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awesome room tour! i really like the gold spray paint idea

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Where did you get the lemon tree online!?

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You are so inspiring to me!

maria espinoza

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I love how you just motivated to get up and get things done while I am in finals weeks and running on four hours of sleep! thank you <3


Apr 4, 2018, 3:14 am Reply

My boyfriend and i are moving to another apartment soon (we're moving from the Bronx to hopefully Brooklyn) and this video is giving me loads of inspiration for our future bedroom!!

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Get a better mic!

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Hi, where did you get the gold round knobs?? They are beautiful!


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You were in Prague?? I love you even more 😉


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I see your bible!! Soo beautiful!! Love your videos so much Jamie! May God continue to bless and be with you!

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Wow, I love your room! It's so cute, simple and well-organized. I'd love to see an updated apartment tour video, a book collection video and a jewelry collection video too!!


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Had a 93.8 to 94% on my anaomty test because of you……thank you for giving me hope for the medical feild. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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???Very nice ?

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Did you take a gap year before medical school? Do you recommend taking a gap year?


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your room is so modern ? good vid tho!

Leila Ghauri

Apr 4, 2018, 9:54 pm Reply

Awesome tour!
I moved too!
I posted an empty apartment tour video 🙂
Check it out and let me know what you think?

Spoiler alert: My place is not as pretty as yours 😛

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Your decorating is always so nice. You could do interior design on the side :).

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I just noticed I've been watching your videos without subscribing, fixed that shit real quick

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What video editor do you use?


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Hi! Do you find difference between a regular alarm clock and the sunrise one in the sense of waking up more relaxed?

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