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My *NEW* ART Shop – Passpartout #1 Funny Art Game BeastBoyShub

Hey Fellas, BeastBoy here and welcome to Passpartout- the game of a starving artist where we’re playing the role of an artist. We have to make paintings to survive in life and sell them. It’s hard to live a life of an artist in this tough world. Ask an YouTuber. Anyways, I asked some suggestions from you in Twitter that what should I make Because I can make anything in this game, anything that I like. So we’ll make such paintings that this artist’s life will be a heaven. New Beginnings. Hey- nothing to fear about. We’ll create a riot in the market. There’s no problem. So this is my shop, where I open my business. Ohho, I have an elegant store. But man, my store is completely at the end point. Who’ll come here? I’ve taken my shop at such a bad place. Oh, I can check my cash. Oh my God- it’s the last week. I’m smashed. I’m in a debt trap. I have only ₹250 with me. Comment: Bhai Granny bana lo or jack ka drawing banalo 😂😂. (Man, draw Granny. Okay.) I know how much you liked that Granny video and you have become a fan of Granny. No problem. We’ll start its career with that dangerous Granny. Just don’t ruin his career. Look, he’s so cute. He doesn’t even know what’s happening in his life. ♫ Hello, talk my smile friend…… ♫ ♫ I’ve come to talk with you again…… ♫ We’ll make such Granny. We’ll make such Granny that people will pay while in fear. Not by laughing, while in fear. Okay Granny, we’ll give you a very nice shape. Granny, I don’t understand why your head is so flat. Did you get some pimples? Or did some rock fall on you? Look now! Her head is like that. I should make her ears… She has a sharp ear. Whenever we make a noise, she’s on us. When it comes to making her black eyes, these are here eyes. Shit, she’s weird, but no matter. Granny, please handle. I’m not a professional. He moves the way I move the mouse. How cute he is! Yay, we made Granny wear her Kurta. Now let’s give the buttons. Ah. A little bigger. Yes, buttons are of this size, right? Her teeth has stains of betel leaves (पान), so we’ll apply the stains. Uh, oh shit. Granny will surely die after looking at her portrait. She didn’t die with _____ and the shotgun. Hey, lemme make her bat first! That’s the important thing. She killed us with it. Oh, what a bat it is! That’s alright. It may seem like a dildo to some people, but no problem, I salute your thought. This is a bat. Now of course, Granny’s become old so she must have scars that we have to make. We have to give all the details. Her neck is a little inside. That’s why I’ll do _____ for details, she must look dangerous too. Rest, we’re making an Indian Granny so a gloss is necessary. Oh My God, learn ‘effect-applications’ from me. (screams) A bit of black. YES! This is what called details. Oh my God, I’m so good! I’m a ‘riot-creating’ painter and I didn’t even know! Here I present you- “Granny The Legend” (Children Shout) Ya………..y Really, if no one bought this with more money, he’s a stupid. This is our Granny. Ya…y, our special painting! Stupid woman, yes. This is the best name. My best painting till date. And, uncle, why are you roaming in the market? Look, look, look, hey- he…y! Originality… Yes… that old woman loved it. (Uncle laughs) *Sorry* The Webcam should be on the right 😞. He gave 150 and I’m bad with bills. ‘Stupid Woman’ (Original: Paglait Budhiya) has been stoled (means sold). It’s a miracle. People bought our Granny too quickly. Comment: Draw your imagination bro this would be the best 💙💛😍 My imagination? Hmmm… BeastBoyShub is drawing his imagination. (Hindi Serial Mode) YES! This is my imagination. I don’t know why but, I thought I should draw a boy with baloon in hands but. This- the BEST! This will surely sell in much money. Comment: You should draw your favorite anime I’ve many favourite anime. Everything is favourite. I don’t know. So what should I make. So, I have decided that we’ll make (Maggie shouts) One Punch Man Hey, don’t give such feeling. What happened? This colour has no energy, boring. Did you look at your own face? Come here! What sort of ‘pink-pink’ hair is it? Did I say anything? Energy? Or the bone of your leg! You’re a skeleton. First go and eat something. If you make a fuss about my painting, I’ll push the whole paint brush into your mouth. We need a very cute circle for One Punch Man, man. How may I make such a perfect circle? Can someone tell me why this drawing is so hard. It may die- why is this so hard? I hope One Punch Man doesn’t knock me out. Because I don’t think he’ll be satisfied with this painting. Finally, its body is ready. His head shines, so for the shine, I’ll make some of ‘this’ on his bald head. EASY-PEASY! Hope you don’t get hunted by the evil. Literally, I have given my whole concentration. I didn’t use this much concentration even in Physics and Chemistry. How good numbers I got. Oh, all of them are roaming in the market just like that. They’re waitin’ for my painting. I’m trying my best bros! Don’t worry I’ll surely give you a nice painting. Guys! Finally I completed. *WoW* It took much time. Iron Man, I mean Onch Punch Man. Whatever your name is. Oh! My parents must be proud of me. My one of the best paintings. Look, guys, our One Punch Man. Just look at it. Understand my talent. QUICKLY! Comment: Your dream car (Your dream car. Ohho, I’m gonna have fun.) I’ll prepare such a model that you will go crazy. He’s giving in ₹363, by George. I knew someone will notice my hard-work. (George is overjoyed.) I’ll give it to you. YAY! You have now unlocked a new tool. I don’t know which one- Craftmanship. YES! And I don’t know what was in this last I couldn’t read. SPRAY? Oh! That’s fuckin’ amazing! My dream car? You got it. After so much hard-work my Dream Car is ready friends! (TV anchor laughs) Now, this is my sample, look here- full-fitting ‘easy-peasy’ nice seats that I’ve taken. Now this yel- this orange thing- this is the Vinyl with a nice flame. And I’ve added a spoiler too. On top of it- the tire! Oh, what a job! Draw a neat diagram of Human Respiratory System, Digestive System, Urinary System. Also with Human Heart, Ear, Nose, Kidney, Lungs, Skeleton, Animal Cell, Plant Cell. Label all diagrams with function of each part. Compulsory to draw all diagrams. Total marks- 20 marks, Passing Marks- 20 marks. I’ll score 20 marks. BeastBoyShub is working hard. “After 1 Hr Of “Hard Work”” Oh No! What The Fuck! Nice! Let it be here. I made this. Children will be frustrated while searching for the diagrams. Let it be how it is. I’m okay if I have failed. Hey, you made a painting, but you didn’t make an art, mate. Hey Maggie! I’ll cook you in two minutes and then kick you outta my shop, okay? Talk within your capability. You’re standing at my shop now. I’ll kill you here by surrounding you. Comment: Draw a simple Primary School or a scenery of a home near hills and a river (Draw a simple Primary School or a scenery of a home near hills and a river) Hmmm…. Ummm… I think this is my … best piece of art. This is not looking like a school, but the job’s done, right? Only one or two children will come because the school is on the hills. Man, they’re remarking my paintings as unoriginal. Bloody originality. You’ll die now. Hey Maggie, you’re still roaming here on this road. She’ll get beaten by me. Maggie will die. Maggie ka School (Maggie’s school) You studied here, Maggie? Heh? In this stupid hill that I made? Stay in your capability. You didn’t have even ₹5 to study. I, I, I taught you at my school. Okay, like this hairstyle you made with nails. Comment: Aap ek easy sa apna dream gaming setup bana sakte ho (Bro, you can make an easy setup of your dream.) This is going to be my dream setup. Yes. I want big monitors. Very big monitors. So big that I can see all the people from far away. Yes, I am playing PUBG. That’s right- I’m the best. And Fortnite is running on this computer. Yes, I want to play a different game in every computer. Only games and games. And here, some other game is going on This is my largest keyboard. So big keyboard that five keyboards can fit into it. Yes, keys and keys. This is my mouse. Here. And this is my second mouse. Yes! I’m just the best. This is my perfectly designed chair. This is my foot-pad. Where I’ll easily rest my feet. I’ll take rest. This is my big light which will shine my bright face. Yes! I’m just the best! Light and light. I need more light! I don’t care what people say. I won’t turn back. Yes! This is my dream setup. Hey! Don’t make a weird sound like this. Your those- nail-like hair. Who makes a hairstyle like this? You’re half bald. Don’t make a fuss about my painting. Look at my Dream Setup guys! (Maggie makes noise) Quickly. Lack Of Energy, die here. YOU GO TO HELL! Someone please buy my dream setup. I already don’t have bills and my money is going off. Comment: Illuminati bana bhai (Bro, make Illuminati. That’s easy.) I couldn’t draw an Illuminati- I couldn’t even make a triangle properly. (Illuminati Music) Will someone even buy Illuminati? Look, I’ll scare them off. Hahahahahahaha. (Uncle makes noise) Die! Those who are making a fuss, all will die. Comment: Draw one character of a game which you are very scared of and your most liking character (Draw one character of a game which you are very scared of and your most liking character) Don’t you think I’m drawing all rubbish after the first drawing? Yes, I just need money. The drawings should be ready quickly. So, I needed to draw the game character of which I was very scared of. Hmmm. Scary character. I have one in my mind. There is only one scary character who scared me while playing games, and that is- Dhaka, from Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within. (Flying Kiss) Sorry Dhaka sir, you have scared me a lot and that’s why I’ll distort your drawing but no problem. That’s good, by the way, you have good muscles. These are your muscles. Oh, MAN! Man, if sir really comes here, he’ll beat me a lot. He’ll tell, “What sort of drama did you do to my body?” DHAKA! Legend. It should have a nice mouth. (I don’t even know WTF am I trying to do ATM…. 😔.) I don’t even know WTF am I trying to do ATM…. 😔. What kind of Dhaka is this? (I don’t even know WTF am I trying to do ATM…. 😔.) Not even a child will be scared of it. Guys, look at my Dhaka- the biggest villain of all time. Oh man, my drawing! (Flying Kiss) (Flying Kiss) Just… lovely. This colour has no energy. If Dhaka comes out, he’ll cut all your hair. These hair which you have cut like nails. Comment: Try to draw a banana or sunflower (Try to draw a banana or sunflower) Thank you for giving something easy. This should be very easy. Here you go with my Banana… BTW I don’t know what I’m drawing- this green thing. But I think I should make a leaf. More colours! Means more money. BANANA….. Yay! A little bit of smile. A little bit of Dollar ($). And, it’ll surely get sold. Look at my banana, okay, look at my banana. You’ll surely love it. Comment: Bhaiiiii! Ek kaam karo 2 traingle pahad banao uske beech me se nadi behni chahiye Jisme ek boat hoo aur Uspe ek banda lambii si Lathi hath me liye boat chalara ho , ryt side me ek land ho jahan ek ghar ho ek nariyal ka paid ho (Bro, do one thing! Draw 2 triangle hills and between that, there should be a river flowing. On that river, there should be a man rowing the boat with a long stick. On the right side, there should be a land with a house and a coconut tree on it.) This is a bit serous question. My banana was sold in 2040! Who is this? Oh Steve. Oh, it was you were ours. You were look just looking. No problem, you just give me 2000 My banana is sold. He…y! I did it! I did everything finally. Just I’ll make some crows and kites. NICE! So this is the Coconut Tree where two coconuts are growing. This isn’t even looking like Christmas. I don’t know what have I drawn. (Maggie shouts) It’s looking like a parasite to me! And this is our man who is holding two sticks and he’s trying to swim. I don’t know why. Who’ll swim in a place like this? Comment: Aapka jo doraemon dost tha usko bana lo btw rip your doraemon toy 2k18. (Draw your friend Doraemon and BTW rip your Doraemon toy 2K18) Many requests came about Doraemon and Shinchan so I’ll draw them together. And this, is the last one, so we’ll draw it well. I don’t really think that I can draw Doraemon so perfectly, circle-circle. Yay! I drew my Doraemon. BTW I didn’t draw his eyes. YES! Now it’s the turn of filllin’ colours in it! I did it! This is our cute Doraemon! Take THAT! Buy our (Maggie shouts) Doraemon. Look at my Doraemon. Don’t do ‘aa-aa’ there. You’ll vomit in front of my shop. Okay, it’s now turn for our last character Shinchan. Guys I don’t know what you’re feeling but I have a good feeling after looking at this picture. Guys I did it. This is our Shinchan. Oh, finally my Doraemon…. Man, this Steve is a good man. He has bought our Doraemon, heh? I hope someone will buy my Shinchan. I have done much hard-work on it. Ah, I know that his skin colour is like this, but, what do we do? I didn’t get the exact colour. Shwinchan?! Someone buy this. I’ll delete the other drawings. Because I’l get disonoured and they’ll beat me in my shop. So. Okay guys this was today’s video. I think artist will be very angry with us as he’ll think, “Man, who came to help me!? He took me to the road. By making such stupid paintings. Subscribe To BeastBoyShub.

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