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My Houzz: Mila Kunis’ Surprise Renovation for Her Parents

Home is a really safe place for me It’s warmth and comfort It’s a place that you can play around
and no one can judge you for it I’m Mila Kunis,
and this is “My Houzz” I grew up in a very small town
in Ukraine And I literally had no clue
of a different continent let alone a different language,
or people or diversity And when I was seven,
my parents moved us to Los Angeles It was all very jarring
and very shocking But by the age of eight… …boy, did I acclimate perfectly fine When I was nine,
my family moved into the condo… …that my parents still live in I graduated high school
in that condo I got my first dog… …without my parents’ permission
in that condo Everything as far as my career
happened there I have the greatest Mom
on the planet Never will I understand
how she was able to raise… …my brother and myself
while working full time My Mom was there every morning
to take me to school Somehow, magically, we had dinner
on the table every night My Dad’s awesome He is one of the most prideful men
you’ll ever meet He would never ask for help He would never ask for a handout And when times got tough,
he just worked. Knowing how hard I work now
for what I have… …puts things in perspective
for how much harder… …my parents had to have worked… …to have given my brother and I
the life that we had I would like to do this renovation
for my parents… …Mark and Elvira Kunis… …because they’ve done so many things
for my brother and I And so I desperately
want to give them something… …that I think they deserve You cannot get my parents
out of that condo They are never going to move They love it Their friends live on the same floor I feel like they’re the president
of the condo Like, everybody knows them there So here’s why the house
doesn’t really work My family all descends upon the family room,
kitchen, dining room area and my Mom’s always in the kitchen And whoever’s in the kitchen is
always isolated from everybody else… …because you’re surrounded by
these weird walls Constantly people yelling
back and forth like… …”What’d you say?” But you’re in one room It shouldn’t be that hard
to hear one another Spatially speaking, the furniture
doesn’t equal out in size And the house kind of looks like
Miami Vice… …circa 1994 Lots of leather couches Green and pink walls
which, you know… …you wouldn’t think belong
in the same room… …but according to my parents,
they do My parents know they’re
getting kicked out of the house But they’re not 100% sure
what’s going to happen Thank God for Houzz I’m still working full time,
I’m very pregnant And I know I personally, could never
have done this by myself Houzz is a website and an app
where you can get inspired You can find a professional,
you can shop your heart out… …all in one place I did a search for LA Designers I was able to find thousands
of designers on Houzz I found Breeze She had incredible reviews… …and I loved her style,
everything about her… …and I knew that she was right
for this project Breeze and I talked on the phone
and it went very well Now we’re going to meet
to discuss this project – Hi
– It’s so nice to finally see you I’m very excited to get started I’d love to hear more about
what you have in mind I think the problem with the space
is it’s so not cohesive It’s just very… – It’s very compartmentalized
– Yes You know, ideally I’d like
a great room Where you walk in and there’s
the family room… …and the dining room and… …I guess what you would call
a kitchen It looks like a giant closet to me And she cooks all the time – So it should be a chef’s kitchen
– Yes And it’s like my Dad
has stuck her in the corner… …and he was like “You just get this
tiny corner in the living room” And he gave himself
two giant leather couches And a television
that’s the size of the wall So these are the things
I’d like to change Okay, so however we can achieve it
we wan to open up the space… – …as much as possible
– Yeah. I’d love to take a look
at some of your ideas. An ideabook is a place where
you can store all your ideas… …for the house and products You can share your ideabook with
other people involved in the project It really helps you collaborate
with everyone that’s working with you I like this kitchen And I think this may be similar
in some ways… to how the flow
and the layout go… …in that you have
an L-shaped kitchen here Then you have dining,
opposite the window which is nice What kind of storage
is she most in need of? I’d say, definitely pantry… …like spices, dry goods,
things like that Everything she needs
for all the yummy meals. So we did the kitchen… – Yes
– Now the dining room’s the problem We have massive dinners, all the time So I think the seating
is really important and the lighting
is really important… …and the chandelier that they have
now is a little dated The table is lacquered as it is So I liked this because
I thought that it was… …maybe it might be
a little too traditional? For sure, but the chandelier
really is striking… …and I think it could
belong in the space That’s a great idea because it’s long It’s long, it’s sculptural,
it’s transitional… and I think we’re going
in that direction But what’s nice about Houzz is… …you can actually click on the image
and it leads you to the Houzz Shop and lets you know
if that item is available So, it’s as simple as this – Add to cart
– And you can check out now And you can check out Let’s buy it I love it,
I’m so excited about this What are you thinking
for the table then? It’s a rustic farmhouse table… …but with great extendable leaves
on each side Oh, I love that table So this is an idea of the couches I love this
as a seating configuration Yeah, I can see my Dad
taking a lot of naps on that couch Let’s get it Okay, oh good,
look at us making progress And if they keep their floors… …maybe, maybe not It cannot stay the way it is The finish is very dated The glossiness and the yellow
need to go Let’s change their floors I’m very proud of us We talked a lot about blowing out
all of the walls… …and just making it one great room One idea is keeping
part of the entry wall so you can preserve
the feeling of enclosure and entry But the idea is actually to leave
three or four feet of wall… …so you could have
an entry mirror… – A full wall? Like floor to ceiling?
– Floor to ceiling I don’t know if I like this I’m not against it… …I trust you So as far as things
that should stay in the space… …there are three paintings
that are important to my parents They brought them
with them from Russia The triptych paintings
are like my Dad’s pride and joy They represent past, present,
and future And that to my Dad,
represents our family The paintings need to stay
in this space because… …I really want to make sure that
the space represents them… …and doesn’t lose their touch Okay, so just to reiterate… …comfortable, comfortable
and very family friendly And as open as possible – Okay
– You can maybe have your three foot wall But just keep it as open as possible We’ll do what we can I am so excited and so relieved
that you’re doing this… …and not me, you have no idea I trust you Don’t mess this up I know where to find you Today, Breeze and I are meeting
at my parents’ condo… …to finalize the plan – Hey
– Hi, nice to see you again Welcome, welcome So we covered a lot of territory
in our last meeting… …and maybe we should run through
some of the things that came up… Like this beautiful television? Oh my gosh Honestly, I’d like to consider
mounting it to the wall I think that’s a solid plan What do you think of… – The couches?
– These beautiful couches The couches are going,
I’m sorry to say Although we talked about
some of the things… …that they’d like to stay
in this space – And I’d love to see them…
– Okay …in person – So we like that painting
– We like it – Okay
– For sure This was an interpretation
of Chernobyl, right? Yes, exactly It’s one of my favourites They love those. – The triptych?
– Yeah And it has that sort of
warm colour scheme… …that we were talking about
in the meeting I don’t love the framing of them I feel like they’re suffocated Yeah, re-framing the art, for sure – So the kitchen
– Yeah This I’m really excited about This whole wall behind me
is getting blown away So although it is load-bearing,
we’re able to remove almost all of it… …and just leave a small post
at the end of the kitchen – So excited, Breeze
– I am too Your parents are going to love it Oh my God, not as much as I Now that Breeze has seen the place,
in person and I’ve heard her ideas,
it’s time to get started I have been wanting to knock down
this wall for twenty years Listen, I might be
nine months pregnant… …but if anyone is knocking down
that wall, it’s me – Okay, ready?
– Okay I’m standing back Yes Listen, one hit was enough This is really good
letting a pregnant lady hit a wall I’ll let the professionals do the rest It’s been a couple of weeks
since I’ve seen this… …so I’m coming by today
to meet with Breeze to talk about… …where we are in the space
and if they need my advice… …because everybody needs my advice But I would love to go over… …design and floors,
and accent pieces… …and whatever else you can show me How about we start with flooring? I always like to look at floor
on the floor – I have a favourite of these two
– Which one is it? Well, how about we do this This is option one,
and that’s option two I’m going to say “one, two, three”… …and then you tell me
your favourite… …and I’ll tell you my favourite
at the same time, ready? – Okay
– One, two, three – One
– Two The one that Breeze chose was
a little bit more my parents friendly I am going to let her decide There’s a snapshot of… …the soft greys that we were going
to bring into the space It’s so pretty Breeze and I both agreed we want
a really clean-looking kitchen So it was versions of white And then today, she threw a little
wrench in the plan… …which is glass cabinets
and open shelving And… I love that idea I think we did everything
we need to, though I’ll get it rolling – Let’s get out
– Okay I think she just wants to,
in a really great way… …make my parents happy I haven’t been able to connect
with Breeze in weeks… …because I had a baby I’m very excited but today we have a lot
to get done at my parents’ condo The new floors are going in The kitchen cabinets
are being installed And all the items
that we’ve purchased on Houzz… …are being delivered So I’m going to reach out
to Breeze… …and see how the renovations
are coming along – Hi, Breeze
– Hi Congratulations on having your baby Thanks, we created a human How’s it going over there? We’re actually making
a lot of progress Did you get the picture? I did, and I loved it With Houzz, you can virtually
place products into your space That way, you can preview them
before you buy them Just tap “View in My Room”
under the product picture… …and it automatically launches
a camera Isn’t it cool to actually see
the furniture in the space… …before it’s installed? – No buyer’s remorse
– No, none Thank you for sending it to me The chandelier looks amazing We just have a few weeks to go
but I think we’re right on track Oh, I can’t wait Good luck with everything,
I’ll see you later – Bye
– Bye I can’t wait to see the reaction
on my parents’ faces I hope they love it I’m heading to my parents’ condo… …and am dragging
my husband along… …to do the heavy lifting I’m very excited to show my parents
the final project Let’s do this – Hi
– Breeze… – Welcome
– Oh my God Congratulations, first of all Thank you – You’ve been busy producing
– We produced Your lighting is really,
really pretty, I have to tell you It’s just so much brighter and open This is 100% the vision that I think
Breeze and I had I think that she took
whatever we did put together… …and made it
not only just come to life… …but made it a million times better In the design meeting,
I really pushed to keep this wall… …so that you that you didn’t enter
into the kitchen And now seeing the space,
do you agree? Are you kidding?
I think it’s great – I think it’s fantastic
– That looks a lot like me I think it’s the best wall
in the house, so I like it… …naturally Good job, babe, good job Okay, we do have a lot to do – Let’s go
– Let’s get it done – Let’s start
– It’s time to work It feels really good to do this I got this, you got that Yeah, bringing the might It feels nice,
because it also feels permanent It’s not like a superficial gift,
so I love it I got it, there goes my back I think that they deserve it I hope that they grow in the space… …and I hope that they love it
as much as we do – Can you put this over there?
– Voila Now we just have to populate it That’s like designer code
for “get the booze” They absolutely deserve and need
a fresh beginning They’re nearly retired,
they need a little “jeuge” in their life Okay babe, I think we’re done Now we’re done Okay, now get out,
both of you, get out – But I was just going to sit down…
– No, get out, don’t dent the couch I was just going to
populate my hand with a… – No, get out
– Okay I’m going to wait for them… …and then I’ll bring
you guys back in – Go get ’em, babe
– Thanks baby – Bye guys
– Bye We’ve lived here
for over twenty years And we’ve been out of the house
for six weeks When you’re after a certain age… …it’s not easy to move out
and do the changes… …and we didn’t know what to expect I was scared, actually I didn’t want to go What do you think? Oh my gosh, what do I think?
I don’t know Do you like it? Yes, I do Come here, come and look Aw Mommy, don’t cry You’re like
“Don’t move my hair” Seeing my parents’ reaction
to their condo for the first time… …made everything worth it All the stress, the timing… Everything and anything became
null and void when Mom started crying So, what do you guys think
of the space… …we took all the walls down… …so there’s no more pantry,
it’s just one large space – It’s nice, right?
– It’s nice Okay, so you’re ready to go look
at the kitchen? – Yeah
– You go first – I really like it
– Do you? Go ahead, go in So now you actually have a kitchen A big one So we gave you tons of spice racks
over here… …and then I really wanted
the glass here… …because I thought that it would
make it seem bigger – Do you like it?
– I love it It’s so pretty, right? I didn’t even know that you can
make it bigger than I… Come this way So here’s your new table Because we have a growing family,
you can take this… …and it extends on both sides It’s easy It’s enough space
for the six grand children here – How many?
– Six Don’t spread rumours, Dad Don’t start spreading rumours Look, and your paintings,
do you like the new frames? I love it We knew that these
were really important to you guys… …considering they’ve been
hanging here my whole life We love it, it looks beautiful – I like the way it is now…
– The frame? It’s nice because it has
the same brass as the chandelier Yes, it’s matched When we were looking at
ideabooks on Houzz… …we saw this and instantly
I fell in love with it – And then the couch, you can…
– This is your Dad’s couch What do you think? The couch is perfect It’s perfect – It’s so good
– My kitchen, his couch When you’re angry
and you don’t like something… …you have a lot of words
to explain why you’re angry… …but if you’re happy,
you’re just happy, that’s it It’s not much words
to explain your happiness It was really important
to make sure that… …there was still you
in the space It still looks like it’s from…
It looks like my stuff I know, it’s really great, yeah. I would like for you to meet
my little elves Sit right here, I’ll bring them out Hold on Breeze was an unbelievable
human being to work with This is Breeze, the designer,
she did everything – It is such a pleasure…
– Thank you …I feel like I know you a little bit – Hey
– How are you? – You did a wonderful job
– Thank you Thumbs up, love it I’m just really happy
to be involved… …with creating something beautiful
for a beautiful family Let’s do a little toast, come on Come Mom, come Dad My parents were a little resistant
to the idea of change… …and I hope that this somehow
evokes a spark in their life I would like to make a toast
to my parents… …and to you guys for working hard
your whole life… …and never taking the time
to do something for yourselves And so we wanted
to do something for you… …as a thank you
for always being there for us kids And we love you, so thank you Thank you Mommy, I love that you’re crying Give her some more champagne,
she won’t be able to stop crying I don’t need more You know guys, we love you very much – We love you both, very much
– We love you guys But mostly we love our grandchildren – Fine, me too
– That’s the truth Through the technology of Houzz,
I was able to pull off… …and incredible surprise
for my parents… …because being able to do
everything from my computer… …while being nine months pregnant,
it’s made this entire experience… …so much easier You know, when you have
your own family… …and you come into
another family… …you always think
that no other family will be as… …connected and loving and caring
as your own family… …except for you guys I couldn’t ask for better inlaws,
like, we’re family And there’s no distinction
between Mila’s family… …and my family And now, I feel like
we have a space… …that is as befitting as the love
that this space holds – So…
– Thank you, thank you As much as we argue constantly,
we love you anyway There is just so much more air
and light in that room… …and I think that will translate
into their whole life I think that my brother and I,
and all our kids… …are going to be there
way more often… …which is either a good thing
or a bad thing, I don’t know But I definitely think there’s going to be
a lot more Sunday dinners there


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morise nouga

Aug 8, 2019, 2:52 pm Reply

That’s such a cute moment ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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