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my harry potter room + apartment tour 2019

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either Shudder or Sundance Now. If you’re interested, please stay to the end of this video for more info on the show and this amazing offer. Hey guys! Tessa here, and for today’s video I am going to be showing you
that room tour video that I filmed last year
but I never posted. But you guys said that
you really wanna see it and you were hyped and
excited for it so here it is. (dance music) Let’s start outside.
This is my welcome mat. Da da da da! Dumbledoor! (hums “Star Wars Main Theme”) Look at these new shoes I just got! This is Luna’s little carrier filled with a Hufflepuff scarf. Billy Elliot poster. Here’s a look at the kitchen. Hogwarts napkins for the win, guys. Fandom cups. This one’s from Scotland. I’m tiny Rick! Here’s the fridge. Up here we have Aragog, then
we have Aragog’s children. Hello friend. The crash Whomping Willow. Dust Sprite. And then we have some more
spiders sprinkled about. Star Wars, nutcracker, that’s Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, in all his action figure glory. This awesome rotating
Death Star speaker, BB-8. Here’s a little bar, Last Jedi plates. Some Honeydukes candy. Harry Potter glasses.
Have you seen this wizard? My beautiful Ravenclaw ears. BB-8. ♪ Ravenclaw ♪ Here we have a nice
Ravenclaw throw blanket covered in cat hair. Is this really your apartment? Luna, are you showing
them your cat hammock? I love lamp. We have my Harry Potter
Page to Screen book and my big Marvel book and
then a little London skyline. Reminds me of London and of Sherlock. Here’s my couch that I’ve had forever. (hums “Doctor Who Theme Music”) We have a TARDIS pillow and
then I have a TARDIS door. Star Wars Pillow. I have this little cove set up if I just wanna watch tv by myself. A bed’s over there, I’m
like hmm, should I sleep or should I watch Netflix for hours? I think you all know the answer. Harry Potter History of Magic book. Games. Some Harry Potter audio books, some Doctor Who, some Ghibli movies. My Harry Potter blu rays. Reylo! I’m trash. All right, let’s go over
to the work desk area. Speaking of Reylo, here’s
my desktop background. Tessa! How can you see any of
the keys that you’re typing? This is a mouse that I stole from my dad. Here’s some headphones. Here’s a little stand to put my phone. Hidden printer. Here’s some drawers filled with something. It’s not a book, it’s a notebook! Take that, Tom Riddle! Coasters that I got in
London. Cheers, mate! I got my beautiful Ravenclaw lamp. Here’s water that I don’t drink because I’m constantly dehydrated. Here’s a little Lumos. Here’s some more desk knicknacks. ♪ Totoro Totoro ♪ Yes! Another TARDIS, it’s a bank! So this is a bracelet that’s supposed to be the gauntlet from Infinite War but I keep breaking it, so… ♪ Carry on my wayward son ♪ Sonic pens, more Doctor Who pens. Secret porg, and I really like sunflowers so I have a sunflower here,
I see you, sunflowers. The best day ever, 19 years
later and my birthday. Never forget. Look at how happy we are. Have you guys ever read The Little Prince? Dobby is free! Congrats on a hundred
thousand subscribers, thank you plaque. It’s a starfish, showing
my school pride, Hogwarts. Time Lord clock, you get it. Let’s keep going. Here is a cool movie poster where after you watch the movie,
then you scratch it off. Here’s a cool Banksy. This is amazing, it says
the wand chooses the wizard. Luna’s wand, Hermione, Harry,
Ron, golden trio wands, the Elder Wand, and then wand that I got at the ren faire that
looks like a lightsaber. Moving on, we have the
Mauraders Map with a timeturner. Whoa, what is this? Newt Scamander’s case filled with some Fantastic Beast stuff. The original screenplay here,
the OG textbook right here. A little sloth friend that
kind of looks like a demiguise. Newt. Queenie. Occamy. Let’s pick up Pickett. Newt’s wand. Just a chocolate frog thrown in there in case one of these beasts get hungry. The sorcerer’s stone. Look
at this Fantastic Beast case. ♪ Fantastic Beasts and
Where to Find Them ♪ Random stuff thrown in a basket. Lightsabers in the corner, anyone? I got Luke Skywalker
slash Rey’s lightsaber and Kylo Ren’s lightsaber ’cause even my lightsaber’s a reylo. Guys, I go hard with my ships. Here we have a cute little
sitting area, look at it. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff,
Ravenclaw, and Slytherin scarves, all houses represented. And I have this beautiful pygmy puff that I adopted, his name is
Peter Parker the pygmy puff. A Starry Night version
of the Hogwarts castle. Van Gogh is my favorite so I also have this Van Gogh kind of
screen that I can open so can put the screen like right there. (laughs) Maybe not. See guys, Luna loves this cat hammock. What a good girl. Another Hogwarts castle pillow, this one’s from the Wizarding World. My Hogwarts suitcase, Ravenclaw
theme going in the corner, roses made from Harry Potter book pages. A little snitch clock that
I got from Pottery Barn. Look at how pretty this
snitch clock is, guys. Underneath I have some stuff
from Storybook Cosmetics. This is their Wizardry and
Witchcraft liquid lipsticks and their Wizardry and Witchcraft palette. Book light. I really like
sitting here and reading. This is my little Ravenclaw book corner. Harry pillow and then we have this beautiful Luna bag
that I got from BoxLunch. Guys, it’s perfect. Hello, Luna. And then we have the
main part of the room, the part that you’ve all seen as the background of my videos. Here is my beautiful bed. It’s so comfy. These are all of my Harry Potter pillows. These ones I got from the
Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I got one from each house, and then I have this subscribe pillow
and a classic Harry Potter. I just love my pillows, I think it goes great with the white bed. This is my Quibbler wall that I designed many moons ago. It’s not wallpaper as a
lot of you think it is, no, it’s not, it’s a tarp
that’s actually secured on here by tacks, so that’s why I can bring it from apartment to apartment. It’s easy to untack and to clean and I just designed it online like a full tarp and I had it printed. So yeah, it’s like my
favorite part of the apartment because I love Luna, I love the Quibbler. It’s just such a unique wall. It’s basically like art. I love it. I have little tiny book
stars as I like to call them. I wanted this room to have a very quirky look feel to it
and I like how the stars just add a little bit of magic. Original concept art
of the wizarding world Here we have a little Ravenclaw banner that I filled with a lot of pins. I have a little Lumos light. Shout out to Jessie Paege, I watched her DIY Harry Potter video, I loved it, and I was like
I need this in my apartment. But I wanted mine to be all
white instead of all rainbow but I love you Jessie,
your videos are great. Right next to my bed I have
all my Harry Potter books. Look at them. These books were the
inspiration for this kind of room decor and the colors in this room and how I wanted the room to feel. Just very whimsical, very Harry Potter. And then I have a wall, it’s actually a door decal from Amazon, of platform nine three quarters wall, and I added this Deathly
Hallows light. Lumos! Up there I got a little Quibbler. This is Brizzy’s broom. I
need to give it back to her. Now we have my bookshelf. (dramatic oohs) Every Ravenclaw’s favorite part of their room, their bookshelf. Let’s start from the bottom and go up. This is just a little basket filled with con badges and different
events and screenings and things that I’ve gone to. This is a Harry Potter
purse. Pumpkin juice! Next we have some books, some
of these books I have read, some of these books I have not read. Then we have the Elder
Wand, it lights up, see? I put little nails in my bookshelf so that I can put things on it. Are these not Luna glasses? I got them in New York and they said they were fashion glasses. Reylo next to BB-8. A Lumos candle. My playbill from when I saw Hamilton. My ticket from when I saw Hamilton. My Cursed Child program. A little hidden Dumbledore back there. Some beans. Shoot for the moon! This is also a light which is pretty cool. A wand box that I think has Snape’s wand in it that I’m holding for Joe. So there’s another shelf. Here’s the next shelf,
we got Hamilton books. This looks like Brizzy. Oh look, another TARDIS
with my favorite doctor, The Tenth Doctor, a.k.a. David Tennant. And then we have some old
school Harry Potter merch. Old Harry Potter merch is
honestly my favorite merch. Hogwarts Express, little baby Harry, then we have Christmas Harry
over here with his sweater. Harry Potter glasses, platform nine and three quarters ticket, it’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone but it’s a pillow, how cool is that? Maybe I should put that on my bed but I kind of like how
it looks in the shelf. Next shelf! The egg! I have my glorious egg. Egg farts confirmed. And then we have some
more Harry Potter books. Harry Potter textbook! Little Hagrid. Timeturner. And look, we have some Lunas. And a diadem, and my Luna
hat, and my Luna wand. And then on the top shelf
we have Curse Child, The Last Jedi, my two favorite fanfics, and then we have Force Awakens, Carry On, which is one of my
favorite books of all time, I love you, Rainbow
Rowell, I love Carry On. And we have some Harry Potter
books from different countries in different languages, Cuckoo’s
Calling, Career of Evil. We got another Luna Pop,
Harley Quinn, Harry ornament. We have Snapey Snape with
Advanced Potion Making, The Fault in Our Stars, Knight Bus, a little Harry figure,
I made this in Scotland. We have a little knight, Poke Ball. Horcrux! Cauldron. Some more Harry Potter coloring books, Tales of Beedle the Bard,
all that good stuff. And up top we have the
Sorting Hat, Hedwig, porg, clock, and Luna’s glasses. Mischief managed. Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. Dumbledore! Thank you guys so much
for watching this video and a big thank you to the
show A Discovery of Witches for sponsoring this video. A Discovery of Witches was
adapted from Deborah Darkness’s bestselling All Souls trilogy and is a modern-day love
story set in a world where witches, vampires,
and demons secretly live and work alongside humans. A Discovery of Witches stars Teresa Palmer from Hacksaw Ridge and Matthew Goode from Downton Abbey and The Crown. I watched the show with Brizzy while we were building Hogwarts out of Legos and if you haven’t watched that video make sure to go on Brizzy’s
channel and watch it. We totally enjoyed ourselves
watching this show. It is a dramatic, romantic,
fantasy-filled show with a forbidden love between
a vampire and a witch. It has a great cast,
stunning cinematography, and it is just such a good story. Classic supernatural romance. Season one is eight episodes long and seasons two and three
have already been greenlit which is so exciting. A Discovery of Witches
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– [Dumbledore] But you know, happiness can be found even
in the darkest of times, if one only remembers
to turn on the light. – [Harry Potter] Expecto Patronum!


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