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hey. What’s up today we’re just going to LA. for kind of a special reason. actually and that special reason, is that because i am. MOVING THERE! Also i should probably not have those balloons back there. HeY gUyS! Oh My GoD. Okay guys. so basically what’s happening today. is that we’re going to LA. because I’m moving there. that is not a joke. Okay sorry, my, mom’s getting in the car. My mom’s coming with, me to LA. Hi. “Hello” Basically the reason, why i’m moving is actually kind of complex and not just like. oH I Am MoViNg To LA bEcAuSe I FeEl LiKe It. There’s actually a reason behind it that’s what everyone fuckin, says. Anyway, we’re going to look for apartments and it’s gonna be fun and you’re gonna come a lot and we’re gonna do a little vloggggg HA HA HA Was that good? THAT WAS AWESOME! okay So yeah, now i know a lot of you are probably concerned, like, Emma, you’re moving to LA, you’re, gonna change you’re Gonna, become one of those basic LA hoes I can guarantee that that will not happen it’s always just gonna be me being me with My, little helium voice you know, and i’m saying you don’t have to worry about Me changing. Let’s make it our own little fun game so let’s see if Emma becomes shallow game We’re finally here, my, mom’s driving the rental car Because i’m not allowed to drive because i’m not 25 yet you can’t see My, mom she doesn’t really like being on camera that much you, want to just kind of poke your head in oh Gotcha, bitch! For starters I’m exhausted I got like Three hours of sleep last night because i was just kind of fucking around You know i was getting crazy, and having fun on the interwebs before i went to bed so Don’t act like you haven’t done the same thing is is this accent offensive please don’t Get offended i don’t even know, what accent it is you can’t get mad at, me if i don’t know, what it means okay? Also it’s nice and foggy here in la right now, which is really nice because i personally really, like, that i just ate My entire Asian box and forgot to freaking film it. I forgot to film it. So will this act like i’m eating it right now *Music* Going into our first apartment i don’t really like This, area so this is probably all just kind of one why is a screen like that Just probably just a lost cause because i don’t even like it but we’re gonna look anyway. So let’s see how it goes Update let, me get in the car before i start talking shit. Just got out of the first tour and i did not like- Mommy? hahaha Oh my God my mom just hit her head on my camera Are you okay? Are you sure? “No” There is a really ripped buff guy running right there “Oh shiii-haha” We just finished touring our first apartment. I hated it. I did not like it and like the guy i told him i was like i just want to check out the apartment and he was like you want to check out the amenities i was like you know what? We kind of have a crammed schedule today, probably not gonna check out the amenities he’s like “Okay no problem” And then he starts showing us all the fucking amenities we’re almost there for a goddamn hour And I didn’t like it. I knew the I didn’t like it the second I stepped foot in. And he’s showing us everything” the pool Was like the size of a bathtub” It was a piece of shit and the rent is like *Mom laughing in background* The rent for this house, overall i’d raid this apartment a fucking two out of ten it Was just shit it was so bad. So we will not be moving into that one uh-huh we’re Gonna probably, go to one or two other ones today but honestly They are so Annoying the way that they are in there i just don’t even know if i could even do one more like They’re, just they show. You everything it’s like, bitch show, me the fucking apartment Like, don’t show, me all this added shit if i don’t even know if i like the apartment yet, also if they, ask You, hey, do you, want to see the amenities? No i don’t Well then don’t fucking show, me them And i’m saying like i can see your pool as the size of a bathtub from the outside you don’t need To, walk, me by it bitch Update, we decided that we’re not gonna visit any more apartments in this area because We don’t really like it it would be good for somebody who’s like 25 and up but i am 17 i am ripe um so Laughing at my, own joke like the little conceited bitch that i am i would show The apartments but i feel, like, then the people Who are giving us the tour would be like put that camera away, you fucking suspicious bitch, also there’s a pressed Juicery right there “well the markets right over here so we can come back later” why, can’t we go right now? “Yea we can go now” Ew that was weird i was like? Like out of impulse like, i didn’t mean to do it Looks, good i guess even though i would like more almond butter, and like, what’s that liquid right there like i don’t know “Slurping* Mukbang *More slurping* That eye roll talk about teen rebellion you are so high maintenance “Maybe you can live in that building right there” “Or that one over there” And getting fucking murdered let’s see a, little air bnb tour shall we? Ew. So outside we have this nice little table, we have this nice flat screen, along with A little fuck, why is it not focused along with this. Cute little dining room table continuing it you have a little cute little thing Right here continuing, we have our own little personal kitchen, where, we can cook, whatever We want. I mean that’s the whole point of a fucking kitchen, but, sure there’s, also cool, little foods Which is rare washer and dryer just in case i shit my pants a. Cute little all-white bathroom with. A, mirror, there’s me Last but not least We have the little bed that me and my mom are gonna share which kind of sucks but i mean whatever Oh, yeah i know, well best can, let’s see what’s in here oh my? God a little closet this place is awesome and then there’s this mirror what’s up guys Fuck……. Fuck Hope you enjoyed my airbnb tour i’m gonna take a nap now i’m very tired i got three hours of sleep last, night please, feel, bad for me so, what are we thinking. “i think like 3c-” Think, like 3c cool, darkest brown will be really good and fresh for your hair, we also have 4 dark, brown, natural but this One has a cool, anti brass Things do you, think it’s, gonna be good and fresh yes It was 100%. James’s idea to dye, my hair, today, and he’s just not even in the room for this moment. This is gonna be good. I think this will be really hot. I Hope it’s good do you, think it’ll get a boyfriend from this, no, oh, maybe really I’ve just tried Everything at this point and i just know That my look, isn’t great, so i’m just we’re very much the same people right i think we’re finding out throughout Today right over there if it’s not one for you it’s not gonna work for me i mean just by the Series of unfortunate events, we both incurred through our lives right i know something probability is gonna get any higher see a lot cuter Okay, so i mean you’re already cute i think this will be really very fresh, new Look, for you but if i go, bald i mean that’ll also
Be good for content and clicks Lots of good content and clicks good fresh fresh and clean content how’s it but you know i’m scared i don’t even want to look anymore I knew I had made a big mistake Oh my god look at that. this is great. haha Sorry, james didn’t mean to get dye all over your nice white tiles. Hehe There you go! I literally wet everywhere like i have water everywhere. i’m so excited. i’m soaking wet everywhere but, i think it’s worth it “We love a wet sister we love a slippery sister.” we love a slippery sister Okay, I look like fucking severus snape Day two apartment hunting i have new hair i hate it good morning so yeah i don’t know James talked me into that last night am i regretting it slightly because my blue eyes are a little- are blue My hair is black, and with a little bit like megan fox, so i’m trying to see the positive in this situation Who’s gonna, tell, her that she just doesn’t look, like megan fox, oh god My mom fucking hates it hates it she hates it she’s so angry she wants to fucking choke me to death, why Don’t you come over here mother and give your opinion, UGLY!!!! Yeah, she thinks it’s ugly, so that’s always good you know, when you like? Dye your hair and you come home to mom you’re, like, what are you thinking literally I like turned on the light she was like, no that’s horrible i was like Okay, you know, what it doesn’t look, that, bad from this angle? Look, and they look in the viewfinder it’s not that bad it’s not that, bad like i look More like older and goth but it’s not that bad see like at. This angle Am I goth now? What? I’m wearing yellow glasses. I’m wearing plaid I look so much like an egg No you don’t , oh, my god no it makes my head look like an egg. It makes your chin, look Super sharp. ewwww. Is that one is that the whole megan fox thing cuz You’re, it’s like Megan Fox book is it like, yeah but you have to show, me a picture cuz I can’t picture what she looks like Oh, yeah,Do I look like Megan Fox? Well if you did your makeup you probably totally, would If I was just a little bit more genetically gifted I would look like- “No no” It’s just it’s just that what mommy i don’t think Megan Fox and also to like the coverage it just there’s so many places Where it didn’t even get on the hair, okay, well let’s not. And then there’s like, so much left on your scalp Yea okay it’s a fucking mess Hey, guys, you might be like, Emma you didn’t vlog all, day, and that is true i didn’t um? We visited four apartments today it took like 30 hours sometimes you’ll set foot in an apartment and you’ll be like immediately no But instead of like kind of dropping out and being like nah never mind i’m good like you can’t do that you have to finish The tour, and these tours take, like an hour, and half the time you know You’re, doing this little small talk, you’re just like so you know, uh are you, from the area and it gets really old? We actually found like one apartment that is solid move-in ready i would move into it would you mm-hmm Thank, you if it was in a different place okay, um she’s problematic, we applied, so we’ll see i’ll get back to you, guys We’ll see how it goes i just posted an instagram photo with, my, new, like black hair and everybody’s like, emma What the fuck are you doing and i’m asking the same thing what am i doing, why is my hair black What is happening with my life? Am I having a crisis the answer is yes just in case i didn’t make it clear enough right there yes i am having A crisis it’s like kind of sad like my hair is now black just in time for summer Don’t look under the tan maybe it’ll look just tell, me it’ll look, good with a tan It will look good with a tan if i’m tan and my, eyes are like, blue it’ll, like pop yeah Anyway, um i wanted to vlog some of these apartments that i’m checking out but i feel so uncomfortable because it’s such a professional affair And i want to make myself look, good so if i whip out A camera, and i’m like i’m moving to LA, and i’m a Youtuber then they’ll be like yeah, okay, so we will not be accepting her application like i’ll just describe some of them We have bedrooms in them and they usually have kitchens and windows so if you think that’s good enough you think They get it the area that i’m potentially moving into i’m not, gonna say, where it is or else all like i don’t know You, guys will find me and like kill Me like to slice my head off or something which is like good i mean sometimes i wish somebody? Would do that to me but it’s not it’s something i want to invite into, my life, also like half the reason Why i’m moving is because of some issues Which i can’t really get into until i move but when i move we’ll do a nice big story time should i do that About the thing that happened to me you think that can, be some big clickbait right there but, it wouldn’t even be clickbait It’s not safe to talk about it yet isn’t that so cool, not safe for me to talk, about it yet get ready for the video No, but it actually isn’t safe for me to talk about yet cuz If i’m living still, where i’m living and i just said story time and the person, who it’s about, who i don’t even know Who it is i don’t know, who the person is they get angry, they will try to kill me you know What i’m saying so it’s like let’s be a little girl i have like period cramps but i’m not on my period Oh, my, god let’s see if i have a tampon in i have this Weird phobia of like leaving tampons in and like not remembering to take it out And then like a week going, by and the tampons still being in there so um Fuck i’m literally gonna, die alone i’m so fucking disgusting What’s up guys? Day 3 of- *GPS interrupts her* “North-point setting in place” Day 3 of apartment hunting you know what we’re not doing, good we’re not thriving my Lips are so chapped i look like i have two lip injections, feel like i’m finally fitting into the LA Culture with, my fat, ass lips they’re, not even fat they’re just red Maybe i have like herpes or something so today we’re visiting more apartments in a different area there is just so many areas i think today is a Promising, day the area that we’re visiting today has a lot of promising options. I mean i’d say that that’s good You know got my coffee in here little styrofoam cup Horrible for the environment would not recommend i can’t wait for me to actually pick out My apartment and then show it to you because i feel really, bad cuz, i’m like, yeah guys checking out apartments And then i’m like, not showing You anything you know, what i mean it’s kind of rude but i guess it’s youtube these? Days it’s all talk and no show. You know, what i mean? That’s ok, though? What have i been doing for the past few hours Looking at apartments what have i not been doing filming them or showing you them at all We visited two hated them both with a, burning passion the guy, who, was showing us these apartments Was wearing acid-washed jeans i was like this is bad he, also had to yorkies cute but concerning you know Feel like you could be literally parking that parking lot They, would never know i’m trying to talk my mom into doing illegal activities today’s been quite a, day Oh, god this is scary what, where are, we? This is probably the worst video i’ve, ever made. Nahhh. You know? *Burps* Ew


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