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hey no babes welcome back to the channel
I know a lot of you want to see an empty house for a condo apartment or before I
moved in I took some before shots I had some videos taken of before of the place
and to be honest I’ve always wanted to do an empty condo door
everything happened so quickly that I didn’t really get the chance to do it
properly in my opinion I overthink things and I’m a perfectionist
regardless you guys are gonna get to see my place I’m gonna explain every
individual room what I kind of plan for is specific things that I love to go out
the place just kind of anything about the space I’m showing you guys and how
my layout is kind of setup and things I’ve changed here and there and you guys
will notice from a lot of the before of how it was things that I’ve changed and
a lot of people are so confused as to how I was able to change it and
everyone’s like are you renting or did you own it cuz like we’re not allowed to
make those changes when we’re renting I’m not renting guys so that’s probably
why but just for your curiosity in Canada when you rent it really depends
on your landlord so I have heard of places I’ve seen of places where you
know you ask them can I paint this place because it’s like buttercup yellow and
you’re just like no that’s not my aesthetic other changes like changing
the countertops like I did obviously people were like how are you able to do
that like you’re not like 99% of the time you’re not allowed to do that
unless you have some like super cool landlord if you’re allowed to paint in
some places that you’re renting not all the other thing I wanted to mention is
if you do paint you have to leave the space the way it was before so a lot of
people don’t bother you’re hanging up something small like picture frames and
mirrors like everybody does you just have to cover that up and you have to
fix it before you move out anything you kind of make damage to you have to
reverse it back to the state it was before before you leave so I think some
of you from Australia we’re saying you’re not allowed to do nothing to your
space I am allowed to change what I want inside the space and I’ve changed my
countertops you’ll see what I had before and it’s just it’s just not my aesthetic
yellow I couldn’t do it changed my doorknobs to something
different they were stainless steel before another black I love them so much
sitting on myself for right now you guys this is like a whole different new video
that I’m gonna have to do for you guys because you know the decor videos will
be coming vlog you know me going shopping and buying decor or I might
show you guys like you know things here and there but me fully decorating this
space it’s kind of gonna be like a process for me I don’t want to be
rushing it either because it’s like one of my loves to be honest with you and my
passions I’ve just like fallen into living by myself to be honest with you
and it feels really good you just feel free to do whatever it is that you want
you come and go whatever it is you know that you want I’m not the type to come
home late so I never really experienced that at my old place the stage I’m at
right now is things are still not organized I want to do a pantry
organizing video for you guys because they have a really big pantry that I’m
so like thankful for that I’m gonna organize the entire thing and I’m so
super excited but I’m taking it really slow because I don’t want to redo it
twice and I’m really picky so kind of organization videos I want to do for you
guys too and just blogging some of the stuff I’ve organized like bathroom stuff
but I’ll still show you guys like in future videos just because those
bathroom things you need to get organized or else I was having boxes
like all over the place oh yeah and the other thing that I did was I painted the
walls but I’m not white let me tell you some people might be
like oh my god it’s just white stuffing sofa he’s like okay surely like no no no
no no no no white is the worst do you guys see right now look at my pillow
it’s cream do you guys see behind me I have a very cool white you guys see my
top it’s a very cool white 2/3 through I’m around three different whites right
now it is insane so people who think that white is just white no head you’re
walked into a store and there’s a white section any time you’re looking at it
paint shop yeah that’s because there’s like 50 gazillion trillion million
bajillion two million whites you guys white is not just white okay this is not
my trimming my doors I like one white and then my walls are another way and
like my OCD is just like for those of you who are not following me on IG makes
you guys do it it’s odd step G Macedo and if you guys have not checked out my
brand new website make sure you guys do now I’ve introduced this whole new like
section to my website under shop my face there’s the section that says home so
it’s like a new tab that I added and it’s gonna have all the stuff that I’ve
shown you guys so far in my videos in my blog that I’ve gotten from MySpace
it’s everything from like toasters to my silicone utensils um everything every
single thing I’ve shown you guys so far I will try to link on there as much as
possible I’ve linked a similar carpet that I’ve shown you guys the bed that I
bought like stuff like that things that I’ve already shown you I’m gonna keep
adding to there slowly by the way a lot of you guys love Fiona spot and I have
added that on to my website you guys and it’s so affordable and it’s exactly the
same as my snake plant plot plot it’s a pod stack a lot of you guys don’t know
what kind of plant that is it’s snake plant there’s a more longer name but I
cannot say it for the life of me so we’re just not gonna do it we’re not I’m
not gonna embarrass myself if you guys just stopped by and you’re brand new to
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about me moving in moving out yeah let’s go into my condo so this is my den area
I’m so grateful for this extra space that I have instead of just having the
one bedroom this is where I was gonna do an extra closet you see behind the door
there I was gonna put an extra closet space or just an extra dresser so this
would have all my PR stuff it’s kind of like a workspace away from everything
else and this I wanted to show you this is the wall I was talking about where I
wanted to put that hanging indoor plant this area has my laundry room which is
that door over there and then there’s that entry closet over there where I am
literally turning that into like a linen utility cleaning sort of closet I’ve
made my dad put a shelf up there and it has like my luggage all like the ugly
things you don’t really want to see not ugly but like
mean things that you just don’t want to see out in the open so my toilet paper
right now is there but today I’m going to Ikea and in this vlog this is kind of
like compiled you’ll notice that like the door handles are changed over here
and then in some of the footage it’s going to be the old ones so you’ll
notice that certain things have changed compared to when it was completely empty
hung up my vacuum this is like all my cleaning stuff leftover paint my little
like what do you call this the Rolly trolley where it carries like my
groceries the laundry room and I currently just have my detergent on the
side there and some bleach I’m thinking of putting like two shelves over here
can also see a continuation that the laundry room is kind of into the kitchen
and it’s right next to it I’m actually glad that it’s not too close to my
living room so that when I’m washing clothes you don’t really hear it this is
my bedroom you guys I was so happy because this bedroom comes with his and
hers closets that I’m gonna show you and I don’t know if you can tell but the
paint is a little bit more of a creamish tone and my floors are very dark like
taupey with a little bit of grey as well inside of it they’re just absolutely
perfect you guys this is where I currently am putting my bed on that wall
right there it’s like the perfect bed wall and then across from it I can put
my IKEA dresser for my clothing these are the his and her closets so I have
one on this side and I also have one on the opposite side as you guys can see
I’ve actually removed those like hanging rocks that are in there because I did
not like them and I’m doing my own thing inside of them this is the opposite one
that’s on the opposite end of them and then it kind of leads into my bathroom
but I am so so thankful that I have two extra closets to work with this is more
than I had at my old bedroom to be honest it’s recently added also like the
front closet a little shelf up there these are all like my gift wrapping
stuff that are inside of there like kind of crafty things that you don’t again
use all the time you only use it every couple months I wanted to have the
shelves super up high because I didn’t want to see that when you open up the
closet I’m thinking of putting like a rod at the top going across as high as
possible because I can still reach it I feel like I’m more of a drawer user more
than hangers and I felt like before like
honestly guys I got rid of so many things on hangers because I’m like why
am I even hanging this up and then over here I have like my makeup box I finally
found my makeup stuff this one also has a shelf up there again another same
container as the other one except this one is empty so I’m trying to think if I
want to do both of them the same or if I want to do them kind of different and
take advantage of the fact that I have two different ones that I can do two
different things with so I cannot decide on this right now you guys I’m just kind
of thinking about it right now but I think I’d have to be a little bit stupid
not to put like a rod at least at the top and it’s kind of flexible that way
because either way you’re never gonna like reach up here for a drawer so I
think a rod is smart over there but then I want some sort of a counter over here
to display my bags or something but I do still have quite a few that I need to
display so you think that’s what a minute do with this one this is the
washroom so from my bedroom you can go into my washroom or you can also go to
the washroom from the den area everything is really nice and fresh and
white it’s just so nice and clean I love the tiles and everything this is
something I recently added the hose at the top I love that it didn’t have that
before so I made my dad add that the tiles on here I love them because
they’re already like a taupe sandy sort of color and then of course my bathtub
this was very important you guys for me to have a bathtub because you guys
already know how much I love taking my baths but I just love that the tile that
was already selected is definitely my aesthetic one thing I love about a condo
is everything is literally right in front of you what’s my sofa wall where
my sofa is so I’ve made a few changes since this sort of footage to my kitchen
you guys can see my old countertop is right there it was a very like dotty
sort of like taupe sand black sand like I just did not like it
there’s no backsplash as you guys can see over here and now I have sort of
that marble sort of veiny backsplash again the flooring just kind of like
gives this really pretty contrast to the entire space and my beautiful beautiful
pantry like honestly thank God for this not like organized there’s not much in
here even over here it’s like just my bottles and stuff like that this one is
completely empty so I have more storage even unlike the
top shelves what I love about condo living is like I was saying before you
have to be very storage and organization savvy and there’s all these little
things you have to think about and you have to be super creative
so even up there like who the heck is gonna go up there on a daily basis no
one is on that last shelf so you can also put things up there that you would
never really use maybe you get to them every six months whatever it is and then
inside of here I have all of my major like other things like snacks rice all
these other little things this is all gonna get organized I’m putting them
into individual containers for the most part not all of them will be but that’s
just kind of how it looks like right now and not how I want to keep it over here
for right now underneath here I have like all my pots and pans that I’ve just
put inside there all my kind of like products that I have like toasters all
those things the kitchen is something that’s like my next chapter where I
really want to organize in my closets and then in the done area I’m like do I
really want to close off that space at the back and put a closet or do I just
want to put a dresser and then when people walking it’s still a very open
space so yeah it’s just been a really really good new stage in my life but it
just kind of feels like I’m living in the skin that I’m supposed to be living
in and I’m just really thankful that that’s how I’m feeling about it a lot of
people worry like you’re gonna feel so alone you’re gonna go through this stage
where like it’s gonna be really sad I’m like well I don’t want to say I’m
waiting on that stage I don’t think that’s gonna happen like I really don’t
I think I’m just really good at being independent and like on my own and this
is something that is very new to me to be honest with you and something that
I’m embracing now it’s like I don’t really care I don’t want to depend on no
one and I’m depending on myself and it just feels really good and there’s just
so much that I need to do like so organize the pantry you need to do
everything inside of my dressers I’ve basically organized what my closets or
like the major thing that I am NOT struggling with but I’m just being such
like so indecisive about what I want make sure you guys watch my recent
clothing haul that I posted from Princess Polly and there’s also a 20%
coupon code on there those new pieces I like straight added
into my wardrobe because I love them so much so make sure you guys check that oh
I have new boo hoo stuff that’s coming your ways it’s just really exciting to
know that you know there’s still so much decor to kind of go I’ve gotten
obviously a few things here and there things that I need to live like a sofa
where’s my bedroom furniture has to be there have to have somewhere to sleep
but little tiny things that really make a space homey I’m not there yet and I
keep seeing things you guys and I’m like and I’m gonna like put it in my carton
like no that was kind of like an overview of my entire layout and every
single room hopefully you guys enjoyed seeing it let me know down below leave
me some love let me know what you guys think those steps aesthetic or what like
it’s just not the perfect place for your girl it is it truly is I honestly am so
excited more than anything to add to my plant
family I’m a plant mom now guys well not really new but I feel like a new mom and
I just can’t wait to give Fiona our brothers and sisters I’m just like super
super excited and I feel like on that wall by like my entrance area I wanted
to like a floating shelf and then I want to do a white base and I want to have
there’s like this I’ve been looking at plants on Pinterest for like the longest
time and ice literally sit there like nighttime just looking at like indoor
plants because I’m so picky about the ones that I’m trying to like decide what
to get and I’m all about aesthetic it looking beautiful and what it kind of
provides for the space and how I’m gonna be taking care of them so I don’t want
anything like too high-maintenance either because I obviously don’t want to
kill them I’m not trying to be a bad plant mom I’m trying to be a super cute
aesthetic goodbye mom it’s called philodendron Brazil oh my god you guys
it’s just these bright green leaves and they kind of fall like a vein almost
like an IV a plant and on the leaves it’s like it’s almost as if it’s split
until one green and then the next screen is like super saturated and bright and
lime green but when you walk into the space just seeing that plant so fresh
just falling I just really think that’s something that I kind of wanted
like that kind of section of the space I want a plant in my bedroom I just want
to keep adding plants I just want plant babies everywhere
Fiona girl you can’t be an only child she’s so selfish honestly you guys she’s
such a diva and she’s just so selfish she doesn’t want mommy to have another
brother sister Fiona I swear she’s a Leo if you enjoyed this video don’t forget
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enjoyed my condo tour thank you guys so much for watching and I will see all of
my beautiful babes in my next video


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I would either use 1 closet for shoes, bags and accessories and the other closet for clothes. OR 1 closet for spring/summer clothing and the other for fall/winter.

Terri-Anne T

Jul 7, 2019, 12:23 am Reply

Congrats girl on buying a condo ????????????

Candice Loureiro

Jul 7, 2019, 12:43 am Reply

So happy for you! Congrats! ☺️

Shayla Torres

Jul 7, 2019, 2:10 am Reply

Congrats babe! You deserve it ❤️

Kristen Hartsfield

Jul 7, 2019, 3:10 am Reply

So cute! Congrats! I think some ikea built ins in the den would look great bc u can hide away PR packages but the space will still be open. Can’t wait for the new content!

Genesis Diaz

Jul 7, 2019, 3:26 am Reply

What are the name of the glasses you are wearing?! ??

Get Fit With Neha

Jul 7, 2019, 4:12 am Reply

amazing 1

Genevieve Fynn

Jul 7, 2019, 5:12 am Reply

So happy for you. Congrats. Been waiting for this video and it was great.

Janell Duarte

Jul 7, 2019, 5:13 am Reply

Where did you get your white shirt in the intro ?????? it is so nice


Jul 7, 2019, 5:42 am Reply

Omg you bought this place?! Congrats! You made it seem like you decided spontaneously to find a place so I didn’t think you owned it!


Jul 7, 2019, 6:39 am Reply

Congrats on purchasing your first condo!! So happy for you! Kindly check your email, please.?

Keepupwith Jassy

Jul 7, 2019, 7:36 am Reply

My hubby and I recently bought our new home last month! I’m 23 and was living with my parents… So I totally understand where your coming when people were telling me if I was ready to be on my own because honestly I was scared and kinda nervous but this is honestly that’s just another chapter in life to grow and explore things on your own! I’m so so happy for you steph ❤️

Erika M.

Jul 7, 2019, 1:48 pm Reply

Your condo is so nice!!! Love the whites & the taupes. Happy for you! can’t wait how you’ll continue to decorate & organize. I’m here for it. 🙂

Matilde Schiavina

Jul 7, 2019, 7:34 pm Reply

Love this video! I just uploaded my apartment tour if you want to see it?? https://youtu.be/7rGruNamrCk

Giulia G

Jul 7, 2019, 10:24 pm Reply

Sooo happy and excited for you!!!

Mommin’ Made Easy

Jul 7, 2019, 11:07 pm Reply

You’re personality and taste are ??

Super beautiful condo! Taupes + Whites + Plants ? = Perfect!

Veronica Garcia

Jul 7, 2019, 3:11 am Reply

I would just keep the his and her closets the same, don’t want to go to them and have different vibes. I would keep the same/ semi similar


Jul 7, 2019, 3:50 am Reply

Absolutley love the new place ❤️ girl you’re my favv cant wait to see what you do with your new place .

4 The Love of Food

Jul 7, 2019, 2:55 pm Reply

The rant about the shades of white ????


Jul 7, 2019, 5:13 am Reply

Congrats love! Can you do a video about how to buy a Condo? Like saving, the buying process etc. Thanks


Jul 7, 2019, 1:24 am Reply

Congrats Steph on a new chapter and mile stone you have overcome ?? yyyyeeessss boss babe ??????????????

All Things Bella

Jul 7, 2019, 2:56 pm Reply

Love love love it!! This is so perfect. Reminds me of my old condo when I was single lol can’t wait to see you all settled in.

martine davega

Aug 8, 2019, 6:06 am Reply

New subie omg you are so cute and down to earth i love your channel already ?❤️

Shelley-Ann Ali

Aug 8, 2019, 2:59 pm Reply

Congratulations on your condo? I absolutely love it? omg. So good to have your own space??

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