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My Downtown Toronto $1500 Monthly Rent, Two Bedroom Apartment Tour

I live on the second floor of a
two-story duplex An elderly couple lives on one side. On my side the basement, first and second floor rented to tenants. These are a bunch of pictures from when
I visited my roommate while she was living in France This is a picture I drew of Kylo Ren
after I saw Star Wars. and the recycling I’m about a head taller than my fridge. I’ve always been shorter save for bar fridges. My roommate decorated this area. It’s nice to have a little nature in a concrete jungle. It’s nice to have an oven and a stovetop. In College, I was only allowed to have a microwave. I keep all my baking ingredients above
the stove. Tea and coffee and plates, Mugs, rice pasta and oatmeal. I got these little containers from Ikea
for cookies tea and sugar. Lots of storage area above the cabinets. The spice rack and storage cabinet. Bread Plastic bags Hand towels Medicine and snacks Mittens eating area Another shelf for storage. I keep all my old sketchbooks and DVDs
here. Alcohol lives on the top shelf. This is one of Mittens many boxes and her cat tower. We hung a bunch of art on the wall to make the place feel more like home Some of it was given to me by friends. I won’t be showing my Roommates bedroom for the sake of her privacy. Just know that it’s slightly larger than mine and has a closet. I don’t have a closet in my room so I use the one in the kitchen/ We use part of it for cleaning supplies. This is a random storage nook above the stairs where we keep the Tupperware and random items. It’s the only place in the house that’s allowed to be messy. This is the first house where I’ve had a table. Everywhere else was too small or had an awkwardly placed counter We use this store art supplies. I love this kitchen because it’s so big
and bright my last kitchen didn’t have a window and it felt like a dungeon On to the bathroom! Most of this is Jessica’s I keep my stuff in this little basket Reading material and Kleenex Alexa lives here I love this shower curtain More nature We have a decent-sized tub and a
showerhead. You have to go inside to use the laundry. The people on the other two floors can
access this area from inside. This is our backyard. We plant our garden
out here in the warmer seasons. We have a garden in the front too where we grow flowers. Now my room! I keep my winter and summer robes hung on two nails. This is my self-portrait that keeps falling off the wall. I keep my purses here a basket
for yarn and makeup and a bucket where I keep my cables camera and art supplies this is my to-do list More art given to me by friends, A thank you letter from bubs beauty and pins and artist cards. Pencils and knitting needles a little
painting I still have to do and pictures from my trip to France I love my bookshelf. I love Sailor moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. This quote is from Albinwonderland This is art I commissioned of my original characters Eska and Oria. I keep my extra blankets folded at the
end of my bed and my costume makeup in here. I’ve had this lion blanket since I was a
baby. My grandmother gave it to my dad when he was in college. I’ve had these stuffed animals since I was
a baby. My space heater and tripod. I put my paintings on the walls to
inspire myself. I want to print off some of my digital art too. My little sewing kits. The acorns beside Totoro are from the park in my hometown. and the teacup is from little set I had
when I was little. these are pictures of my family. I bought these paintings from
a street vendor in Paris. I keep little knickknacks and fur from my old dog in here. My sister gave me this recipe box. I keep my old portfolio bag under my bed. It’s really dusty. and may art from school I have a beautiful view of the CN tower
from my window. I love the big open sky. thank you for watching if you enjoyed
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Great video ! I been missing your videos! I love you so much! You are so beautiful! ❀❀❀❀


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cool video bro


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amazing content it was really good


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I have to go outside to access my laundry too!

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What music are you using I love it! I want to use. Great vlog. This is Angela from MyTakeOnHome&Garden! Love your style.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

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