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My Detailed Apartment Tour! Rappahannock River Hall Christopher Newport University

– [Asia] What’s up YouTube? It’s Asia and I’m back with another video. Welcome to my crib. This is a new apartment tour, and I live here with four, oh um three other girls, and I’m the fourth one. And so we’re just going get right into it. Right now, this is the opening. You know, have a bedroom up here, bedroom up here, bedroom behind you. And let’s move to the kitchen area. We didn’t clean it up that well, so it’s not all that right now. But you know, we’re college students and
we actually had class today. So you know, you can’t beat us up too bad. Have a full size refrigerator and freezer. You know, full of stuff. We have our snacks and cereal up here. We have you know a couple pots and pans, and seasonings and stuff
in different places. Here’s some more snacks. Sink, dishes. I won’t open up every single you know, cabinet. But then we come here. We have our microwave, our stove. This is the oven. Then we have a nice little dishwasher, but then you come over here. I’m not really gonna bring you, bring you over here just
because it’s not really done. But it’s just like a little, you know living area. Couches. You have like a little TV over here but we’re still in the process
of setting everything up. So it’s not really done. We have our trash can, our dining room table, and like I said there’s
other rooms over here. And then I think it’s time for our room, I mean, my room. Oh no, wait. Before my room, we have the laundry. The two in one and it’s
like a washer and a dryer, and we have our like little
recycling bin thing right here, along with the vacuum and a Swiffer, and detergent and broom and dustpan, and all that good stuff. Here we have our lovely thermometer. So here we made it, to the most important part, my room. Disclaimer, it is not all the way done. I’m putting a couch in there or add a little futon in there. And I’m also trying to get like a little chandelier type
thing going on with my light. And also I was trying to
hook my little space up, I have like a little
positivity space in my room but it just fell. Like literally. And I broke a plate. I broke like this little glass thing that had like a plant thing
in it and I’m just so upset. But it’s okay, I’ll figure it out. And just know that the little
blank spaces on my wall, they’ll be covered and I’ll actually have an
update video for you guys. So stay tuned. But let’s enter my room
and see what I have now. This is my room. And where should I start first? If you look to your, this would be their left, right? Look to your left, here’s like a mirror. Here’s me. After I finish getting
dressed in the morning, I look in this mirror and then I head out. A lot of stuff I have in this room, I already had before. Then you come over here and
this is a little crooked, but it’s a little bit of my jewelry, old jewelry for real, for real. Don’t zoom in for real, ’cause it’s not that important. But this is where, well this is gonna be like
my little YouTube section. I’m gonna have the futon here, and I’m going to have, I wanna get like a big sticker that says Aja Simone across the wall. And right here I have, that’s where I keep my camera and a couple of other things
that I need for recording, and a couple of just like
my personal files and stuff. Then you move over here
and I have my nightstand. On top of my nightstand, I keep this big A, couple
of rocks and stuff. These were left in my freshman dorm room, and yeah I just kind of took them ’cause they were left. So then I also have a lamp here. I keep my vitamins here. My lip gloss, I gotta have my lip gloss. A pair of glasses. This is a rock that we have a tradition in my family where once you graduate high school, you get a rock and it
represents perseverance. So yeah this is my rock. Everybody’s rock is different and my aunt actually hand-picks them out. So this is mine. And a couple of other things
that’s not really important. I have a painting right here
that I painted for my birthday. How old did I turn, 19? I turned 19. And then I have these two
pictures that I printed out. We actually kept these in our
little common area last year but I decided that I
want to put it on my wall and I have two other ones but I really don’t know where to put them. Maybe I’ll just go ahead
and put them there. So this is my bed and this where I do
not like to bring work. Maybe I’ll bring like my
schedule book up here, something like that. But this is where I come after school and I relax and lay out and I chill out and watch the TV. Watch a little YouTube. And here’s like a little view, if you wanna look. It’s not really anything. We have like a street
right in front of here. We’re kind of low key considered
off campus a little bit. But like the school is
literally right over those bushes and trees
and stuff like that. It’s a hike. It can be a hike. So when I’m over here, I don’t wanna go back over there. And when I’m over there, I gotta hurry up and
get what I’m doing done. But yeah. This is my bed and this is where I sleep and rest and lay my head. Then this was like the
little positivity area that I had stuff here but it fell and it broke and I
literally just broke a plate, one of my favorite plates that I put my sage on when I’m smudging. So I’ll try to like hot
glue that back together, but it is what it is. I’m not gonna be mad at it. But I have like a little
bean bag chair here. My guitar, that I have not played. Well I played it a little bit this summer but right now I have nails
so I can’t really play it. I have my yoga mat in this little bin and also in the bin is the thing that just fell off of the wall. But you know, it’s not gonna stay in there. But I’ll figure out what to do with it. And then here I have my desk. Oh! Oh! This. She has been with me
since my freshman year and she means a lot to me. And I don’t know what she represents but this is like one
of my favorite posters. I will continue to use her. Maybe I don’t know if I’ll
use her after undergrad, but I really like this poster. I had it in my room for all three years. Then we have my desk. I have my TV. I have like a little, what do you call this? I don’t know. Thing that says you are my sunshine, a turtle ’cause I like turtles and I really wanna get an aquatic turtle. A speaker. I have a calendar but I
haven’t really been using it. I have to put a picture
of my sisters in here. These are a couple of my
friends from high school. Pictures of family here, and something that I got
from my 12th birthday that came along with actually this ring. So you can’t let everybody
know what it says, but yeah. That’s from my 12th birthday. And here’s my book bag. But that’s not all. Guess what? It’s not it. Next we have my closet and we actually have a light too. So you know just, I think it’s a lot of space. I keep a couple of hats over here. My dirty clothes on this side too. You know, typical stuff. I also have like a whole
pharmacy in here of like, just medicine and different things. I keep my washcloths and stuff in here. Perfume and like my contacts
and stuff like that. So yeah. So that’s that. You come back around this way. You enter my bathroom. So I really liked decorating
my bathroom this year. It doesn’t really have a theme but I just like it. Where do I start? So here we have like a nice big regular shower like you have at home. In the previous years, we had like little itty bitty
showers that we had to share, but now we have our own. I keep my rags here, because I put like a little
decorative towel here. So I keep my rags right here. So I could just reach in, reach out, whatever. Shampoo, duh duh duh duh da. Toilet paper and stuff like that. And then here, that’s the throne. (laughs) I have a couple of decorations. My camera died but I’m back. (high pitched bell) I’m back. So yeah, I have a couple of things that I already decorated my
bathroom with in the past. Here’s just basic sink stuff. I have another little thing that says don’t forget to be awesome. So I can remind myself
when I leave for the day. This is just decoration. It’s just some box. I have like for when
people come in my room, which not a lot of people
are gonna come in my room. But I have some lotion
after you wash your hands, and if you really don’t
even like scented lotion, or you’re sensitive or
something like that, I have regular lotion for you. I got you. Under my cabinet, I have different things. A lot of different things. It’s just really just
a storage type thing. You know, female products, hair products, every day stuff. Yeah. This is concluding my room tour, my apartment tour, whatever you want to call it. And I will have a update for you guys, and when I have that update, I’ll be sitting right here znd it’ll say Aja Simone and I’ll have my little chandelier thing. And I be on the couch. And then this will be
like blasting in my face. So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed. Make sure you like, comment and subscribe and I’ll be back with more videos. Peace. Special thanks to Ti’nya
for recording for me. – [Ti’nya] You’re welcome. – [Aja] This is one of my roommates and she’s been my roommate since last year and she’s the best ever. – Thanks girl. (bassy hip hop music)

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