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well hi guys a long time ago I gave you guys a tour of Yonkers apartment and then I told you guys that I would give you a tour of my apartment but I never did it so anyways here it is and so of course this is the entrance of my apartment and here is where we put all our shoes so you can see we have lots of shoes my area is kind of this whole this website and then this is like of my other roommates and this apartment we have three rooms so we are three people and here we also have like this area where we put other shoes and other things in here and then we go straight into what is our living room here we have a couch and here we have another couch and our dining table our big fat TV we never use it but we do have do pay for channels and stuff like that but whatever and then we just have kind of our junk in these places and then here we have like this balcony area and here in China there is no drying machine so we don’t need to dry our clothes by hanging it out here have like our luggages and other junk stuff just the bicycle that I used to use before but right now it has a flat tire so I don’t use it right now and then I don’t know if you guys are very slow over here is where I park Tom yes I’ll use right parking and here’s where I charge it and here is a refrigerator and then this way is our kitchen here’s our washing machine yeah and this is our kitchen and so yeah our stoves are gas gas stoves and I don’t know nothing nothing too special here and then oh there is the bathroom this is not the bathroom that I use my room has its own bathroom so this would be the bathroom of my roommates and it looks pretty cute and then now I will show you guys the rooms and so I am the one that has been living here the longest I’ve been living in this apartment for over four years when I first got to chat I lived in another apartment and then I moved here afterwards when I first got here I had Russian roommates and I had a Pakistan roommate American roommate and then right now I have a Kazakhstan roommate and Chinese room so yeah this is one of my roommates rooms which we’re not going to go in and close it right here and then this is my other roommates room and then finally this is my room and I I have the master room on this side are all these drawers closets so here I have books and bags and as you can take clothes because I’m too much stuff and then on this side is like all my clothes and also you cannot clothes I do not want to show you this and then this is my private bathroom as you guys can see there is a shower on the wall so it’s not separate from the from the rest of the bathroom it’s kind of all together so the whole bathroom gets wet after you take a shower yeah and then that is the heater you guys didn’t see the heater and then this is my room have so much stuff so that’s like it’s really messy and so yeah anyways this is my bed here I have some of the books that I use like most of the time so I have been here next to me I have some clothes over there and then in back of the clothes I have a bunch of bags stacked up there oh this is my baby his name is sue Lee I brought him from Orlando and here I have all my makeup stuff which you guys have seen like when we make some videos kind of the background of the videos so I have this flower painting here and then I do have my makeup stuff my hair bands and just like hair stuff makeup glasses and then here on the wall I have a picture of my mom and my brother in Hong Kong yeah I like that and then here on this wall we have some suffer from Chinese medicine and I also have over here I have like all the flags of like different countries and that’s because after coming to China like I met people from like so many different countries and I didn’t know like where these countries are located and everything so actually after that after my first trip to China I did buy a globe but I haven’t in my hometown yeah because I was so interested to know like where is everybody from and then also I have this because I want to know what like what their flags look like then this is um yeah my big window here have my Totoro plant if you guys didn’t see me Anka gave this to me for my birthday and it’s so cute and then I put this because one of her subscribers one of our friends she told me how to take care of this plant and she said you cannot put in direct sunlight so then that’s why I have this Sun umbrella to cover it it’s work really well and yeah you’ll cockade this me he bought it in Singapore here I have an air purifier because as you guys know in China it can get a bit polluted sometimes so then yeah I turn this on whenever like it’s a polluted day or something and then I have this part right here because I have like as you guys can see I don’t have any other space and so that’s why I put my Chinese medicine stuff so I have like needles and herbs and stuff like that there and yeah that’s my window and that’s my room so that’s pretty much it if I saw that and and that is pretty much the my apartment and so I hope you guys liked it and so you guys can see like what an apartment in China looks like and if you guys haven’t checked out yokas apartment tour you can go check it out I’ll leave a link down below and remember to subscribe to watch more videos and I’ll see you next time here have some Little Rock and they are going to fuse add water love is just two-way crazy you know they may be the star you

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