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My Brand New London Flat / Apartment Tour!

Hey welcome back!
Welcome to my new flat, come on in This apartment tour has been long
overdue, we’ve actually lived here for seven months now
and that’s because it’s literally taken that long for us to be completely happy
with how things are, particularly this room that you see in the back which is
the room that we’ll finish the tour in Right now I’m standing in the main hallway of
the apartment so behind you is the front door, over here’s the kitchen and over
here is my roommate’s bedroom. Coming backwards we have a little cupboard here,
coming backwards we have the bathroom, my room and then back here is our little
living room-slash-studio. So we’ve kind of rearranged the apartment from how it
was supposed to be laid out and I’ll explain more about that later
so let’s visit one of our first rooms and we will go check out the kitchen.
When we were looking around at this place we found out that this had been
just refurbished so when the last tenants have moved out the landlords
came in and basically ripped out the whole thing and put everything in new. It
is just big enough if two of us want to cook here at the same time, if you want
to get past each other it can be interesting but you just have to
coordinate and my roommate and I are pretty solid at that by now. The
interesting thing though was that we arrived and there was only a fridge no
freezer so we had to come up with a clever idea
for the freezer situation which I’ll show you in a bit. Also this is amazing
are you ready? Are you ready? A dishwasher and not just a dishwasher – a full-size
dishwasher which is just unbelievable and weird that the landlord would choose
to put in the dishwasher and not a freezer… I think I’m gonna turn you
around and next we’re going to look at my roommate’s bedroom. So this is the
lovely Aaron’s bedroom it was supposed to be the living room and would have
been a really nice-sized living room but because the bedroom – the second bedroom –
was so small it didn’t really make sense and wouldn’t have been fair for one of us
so we turned the living room into a bedroom. The added bonus of having a
small living room is that because this place came completely unfurnished we’d have had to have filled this gigantic living room
It is honestly just huge look, running, and that would have meant
us both splurging a lot of money on co-owning things when eventually we’re
not going to live together so this was great because he could spend
all of his money on his bedroom, I could spend all my money in my bedroom and
then in the living room we just needed to get a couple of things. So Aaron has
brought a few things with him so bedside table, bed, chairs, kallax,
he had these things already but he just sort of packaged them up because they
were all IKEA basically and hid them away while we had the landlord’s
belongings. He has this absolutely massive window, it’s huge, and he has a
Juliet balcony as well. He’s able to store all of his lighting and video and
mic equipment which is fantastic he makes YouTube videos the same way I
do. Has a big old Kallax like I now have a mirror and the really big wardrobe
Then on this side he has his desk the desk chair, the Peace Lily that used to be in
our living room and a keyboard because he is very musical. It’s quite
interesting when you look through our apartment because he’s got a lot of
black furniture and then my room is white and colourful so we’ve got very
contrasting design aesthetics going on so let’s go on to the bathroom. Just
before we hit the bathroom this was our solution for the fact that we don’t have
a freezer We instead bought one and put it in here
there was actually already a plug in here so I think the landlord had some
foresight and thought they’re going to probably want to do something like this
I’m gonna have to hold the door because it really wants to shut, and then it’s
just you know your usual. Sink, toilet we’ve got some storage up here, we’ve
also got our boxes that sit on the windowsill and it’s just how we operate
our bathroom. And there’s no mould! And if you’ve ever looked around London
apartments that is a really really big deal, so A++ All right so now you’ve had a quick look at our bathroom let’s go to my bedroom So just before we enter my room which is over here, this is the
little living room, I have this little shoe rack storage… thing
I have my keys and a little mug so that I never forget them when I’m going
in and out and I’ve always got somewhere to put them and then I’ve also got a
diffuser so it, like, smells really great in the apartment at all times. On this
side I also have a full-length mirror which I didn’t buy this was just here in
the apartment so I’ve put it here so that I can come out when I’m on my way
out and make sure I haven’t made a fool of myself with my outfit. All right let’s
go inside Welcome to my bedroom, this has been a work of love for me for, oh my
goodness several months. Again completely
unfurnished so I got to plan exactly how I wanted it because I also didn’t have a
lot of stuff that I could bring with me I brought one bedside table and that’s
it. The first thing to note about this room is that I split it into two and so
on this side I have my bed obviously and so this is my sleeping, chilling, relaxing,
do no work whatsoever on this side of the room and then on the other side of
the room I’ve kind of got a living room within a room. This is a bed frame that’s
a rose gold bed frame from The Range. I’m not gonna lie this was one of the most
horrendously annoying pieces that I ever purchased because I was sleeping on a
mattress for a month on the floor because there were so many problems but
anyway it got here and I’m really pleased with it, and I’ve got my really
colourful John Lewis duvet cover on. Now I acknowledge the fact that there is a
very Pinterest worthy cascading waterfall light system going on behind
my bed, I bought everything off of Amazon Argos, B&Q, and put it all up and together
myself. It’s great of an evening when you turn off all the other lights and you’re
just lying in bed with those on it’s really magical. On the other side of my
bed I have my wardrobe, luckily it came with a built-in wardrobe because this
was supposed to be the main bedroom so it means I didn’t have to buy a wardrobe
and it’s honestly chock-a-block full of stuff… yeah. I do have storage, I have this top shelf storage thing which is great but it turns out I do have a
lot of stuff so I’ve already filled that I have a little mirror up here just
because it was kind of a blank space and I bought this mirror and then wasn’t
sure where I was gonna put it because I hadn’t planned properly. Looking back at
this side of the room this is my white Kallax which is again
from IKEA and is similar to Aaron’s, in fact completely identical. I’ve put in my
books that I have that I use and refer to for London things or if I just want a
bit of a read in bed and then I’ve used it for picture frames bits and bobs and
I’ve got some boxes to again put things in but hide it from view, I have some
fake ivy that is trailing off down into my bed because I was a little bit
worried if it was real that I was probably gonna damage it. Before we
properly get into this side of the room I just wanted to point out this. When I was
at university I just sort of stuck up photographs with blue tack on the wall
and that’s how I created a bit of a collage on my wall. I wanted to do
something more grown-up so I bought a bunch of black IKEA frames and took
posters that I’ve collected over the years a drawing that someone did of me
way back when. When I was arranging this I literally had the frames on the floor
and was texting my sister who’s very good at design with a good design eye
going “does this formation work? Does this formation work?” and eventually we decided
on this one. Yes! So for this next bit I am gonna do this handheld because
there’s no angle that my tripod can get to really give you an idea of what’s
going on so you do have this kind of entryway between the wall and my bed and
the Kallax frame that you move into the lounge area This is a swivel cuddle chair. It was
probably about £330 I think and I purchased it through a store that was on
Amazon. In terms of flooring it’s not hardwood floor that’s for definite
but it’s sort of wood recreated. I’ve covered it in rugs
so this IKEA rug that I have had forever and then this rug in my living room area
which my parents have donated to me it’s a Persian rug that they think… I think
they got it when we were living in Dubai So this is the other side of my living
area where I do a lot of my work and I’ve put things on this side as well so
that things not only face the bed but they also face me on this side when I’m
on here so I’m not looking at the backs of objects. I got this desk from Amazon
the chair came as a pair we’ve actually bought them for our studio-slash-living
room but I’m using one of them as my desk chair because it’s so comfy, again
got it from Amazon. So on it I have my laptop, my speaker system, and my monitor
because with video editing having a monitor just makes it a ton easier. I
also do some website building for a few clients so freelancing on the monitor so
much easier, and then this is probably the most recent addition these two cork
boards. I just figured it would help me with my organization to have these I’ve
just got different sections and areas and my calendar and then this one is
just going to be like a mood board-esque thing. Down here I have the only
piece of furniture that I brought with me for this room and it is a bedside
table which I now use as kind of like a filing system. On top of it I have my
jewelry and my makeup because I sit at my desk and do it. We’ve got one more
room to go, let’s go and show you the living room-slash-studio. So this is what
was supposed to be a bedroom but now it serves as our living room-slash-studio,
one of the things that we really wanted to do was to paint the walls colour. In
videos that will feature on my channel but also on Aaron’s channel and also on
our joint channel The Weekly Try we can now have a blue background and a grey
background so in here we can watch some TV, we can
watch some Netflix, we can play some games or we can move things around a
little bit and then turn it into a studio where we have our lights on and
our cameras and tripods and everything We have a sofa here which is also a sofa
bed, I got this as a really good deal because it used to be my sister’s and I
had it driven down so that we could have it instead so if we ever have guests
stay over they can stay on this sofa bed because it lies flat. This is our
watching and game station we’ve got the Wii, we’ve got Nintendo Switch and you
can kind of see why it would have been absolutely tiny as a bedroom but it
works quite well as a little living room considering that both of us have always
spent quite a lot of time in our own rooms. The flat is about six or seven
minutes from the nearest train station and also six or seven minutes from the
nearest little Sainsbury’s and some restaurants, the gym, another Tesco is
about eight minutes away, the rest of the high street is about eight to ten
minutes away so it’s all really really convenient and we live on the quieter
side of town so it’s great in the evenings apart from the screaming foxes
there are a lot of foxes around here It’s at £625 per month and that doesn’t
include anything else that is just the rent so all bills are on top of that as
well including council tax. Also because I’m quite nosy about other people’s
places I’ve started filming other people’s house tours so you get to see
the insides of more apartments than just mine so look forward to that as well and
I will see you very soon goodbye


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