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My Apartment Tour in Canada

Hello everyone! Welcome to my home. Hello my YouTube family I hope all of you are in good health and are happy First of all, I’d like to put it out there that I missed you people a lot in the last few days Due to some reason, I couldn’t create a video or respond to your comments But I’m very happy today that I’ve been able to bring another video to you And I’ll try my best to respond to all your comments I’m very happy today because I’m showing you my home today Yes, we’re doing a home tour today! This is the main door where we enter the house And as soon as you enter, you’ll see this is where we keep all our shoes on our shoe rack It’s very convenient that you can sit here, take off your shoes and just store them there We usually take off our shoes at the time of entering the house in Canada Since we usually have wooden flooring or carpets, we can’t wear them inside Next is our kitchen. People who follow me have already seen it And for the people who are new here, this is my kitchen! You’ll find everything in my kitchen that you usually find in an Indian household All the masalas, MDH masals and everything There are lot of cabinets with lots of storage space The appliances in the kitchen are pre-installed. You don’t have to buy anything yourself. When we started renting here, it had everything. Microwave, stove and oven. and even the refrigerator Everything is pre-fitted. You don’t have to buy anything You get different gas stoves here. Some are plain. Ours are coil induction. And when I was new here. I used to be super scared while cooking. But first, the exhaust fan is right over the stove. So whenever you cook, you can control the exhaust and the light right from here So, whenever you cook, you have to turn on the exhaust fan because there’s no windows here Everything is closed and sealed due to HVAC. And if while you’re cooking and there’s a bit of smoke You’d notice there’s a smoke detector installed here As soon as the smoke reaches the detector, the siren goes off! And the biggest issue is that if the smoke detector goes off By law, if a siren goes off in an apartment building, the fire department has to be called And if this happens, you feel like you’ve done something gravely wrong So, I’m extra careful while cooking because you don’t have an option to let the siren go off And when the fire department would come, you’d be standing guilty saying “I was only making paranthas” You have to be very careful while cooking Now I’m accustomed to this. I know my limits now. And this is where I keep all the basic stuff like Salt, Chili and Turmeric and being an India, you have all the masalas at your home You’ll find all masalas here Because I love sweet n spicy food This is our refrigerator We buy groceries every week and stock it up with fruits and everything This is the other side of the kitchen This is my place of worship where I pray every morning I keep all my wet utensils after cleaning them There are cabinets here as well where i store all my Tupperware and crockery There’s more closets below the shelf And this is my favorite appliance, the dishwasher. I’d like to show you how it works You stack all dirty utensils You can keep plates on top Heavy utensils on the bottom This is where you keep the detergent and close the door At the press of a button, you’ll have clean utensils! We’re only two people so I don’t get to use the dishwasher much But if you’re a big family or you have guests over, then this is the best option And you don’t have to worry that if the maid doesn’t show up tomorrow, you’ll have to do the dishes yourself And you don’t have maids here. We ourselves are the maids. So the dishwasher is a very good option to have. You’ll see I’m standing on a mat. Since you have to work standing in the kitchen The mat is very soft and helps you not feel tired when standing for a long time Whenever I cook, I always stand on this and when I’m doing the dishes, I move it to the sink After that comes our closet Whenever you enter, usually you have a closet close to the entrance You can hang your jackets here There’s large variation in the temperature here. When you go out, it’s very cold But when you come inside, it’s heated and you have to take your jacket off and the closet is near the entrance and you can hang your jackets here and we’ve kept a lot of other things here as well We’ve kept our shoes, our suitcases We’ve kept a lot of stuff here! And I check myself out here after getting ready One thing I like here is the extensive use of glass and mirrors You can check yourself out in this full sized mirror This is our small and cute dining table Like I said, we’re just two people Whenever we get guests, it’s usually a couple so this dining table is more than enough for us And I find this to be very cute. It goes well with our apartment where most of the things are white We bought this from Ikea This is the place where we have our dinner everyday And like I told you, you’d find all the Indian stuff here This is fennel which we eat after food This is my cute dining table Now we’ve moved to our living area It took us a long time to decorate our living area and it’s still a work in progress It took us long because I had something in mind while my husband had something else and the final product is something that neither of us though of We just put together all things we liked This is our blue loveseat We had to buy five different set of cushions before we settled on this I personally love the color yellow I like to have family pictures in the living area If it were to me, I would fill my wall with pictures of my family But you’ll notice something else here If there’s no family pictures here, you can imagine whose choice it would be Yes this is my husband’s choice and I’ve to agree with him And this is my YouTube award on which I made my previous video We’re still looking for a place for this and for the time being it’s resting on the sofa My favorite thing about my living area You would’ve noticed in my previous videos This lil champ can be found in my other videos We have a strong attachment with him. He is not just a soft toy for us. Back home In India, both my home and my in-laws Have these two blessings. We have two pugs. My pug’s name is Bosco and my in-laws’ pug’s name is Toro I miss both of them a lot I feel that if you have a dog, then you’re very lucky and blessed I miss them both. I miss them a lot. And whenever we wake up in the morning, we say hi to our Bosco and Toro These are our two house plants We’re not able to take care of these properly as we can’t keep them outside because of the cold We keep them inside and try to take care of them But there’s problem for plants as you can’t keep them outside because of the temperature Now we’re at our balcony. It’s very cold. You really enjoy yourself on the balcony especially in the summers We can’t really use it much in the winters because of the cold And when it’s snowing in the winter, this gets covered in snow But you get a really nice view in the summer In the evenings, you can sit with your husband It’s a very beautiful place On this narrow path, you’ll see three doors and we’ll go through each one of them We’ll start with the one on my left This is our laundry area Since you can’t dry your clothes outside, you have to use the dryer This is a washer for washing clothes This one’s a dryer for drying clothes and you get really warm and dry clothes out of this And we’ve kept a lot of stuff on top of this. Some of it is from our Christmas celebration We have to adjust due to the lack of space Now we’ll move on the second door This is the bathroom It is a basic washroom and you usually get a bathtub in a basic washroom here When I was back in India I remember, bathtubs used to be a big thing We used to say the person is so rich And over here, you get a bathtub in even the most basic bathtubs You have a sink or a wash-basin You get all the basic necessities Now let’s move on to the third door I feel like doing what “Tulsi” used to do in “Kyu Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” This is our bedroom This is also the master bedroom since it is a 1 bedroom condo In a one bedroom apartment, you get a bedroom, a living area (sometimes) and a washroom This is a big and spacious bedroom as you can see The thing I like the most about this bedroom is the view. When you wake up and look outside, you see everything covered in white, everything covered in snow You mostly get carpets in bedroom here There’s advantages and disadvantages to it You’ll notice this plastic pad to protect the carpet from the damage from the chair wheels So carpet has it’s advantages and disadvantages and you have to take extra care of it But it feels very good. You feel very comfy But you have to clean it rigorously every weekend If you look over here, you’ll see these two world class paintings These world class paintings have been made by Niketa Sidhu. The paintings that can be made by a third grader It’s just that I like to paint so I tried it I want to share something interesting with you Switches are flipped here. What you consider as “ON” in India is “OFF” here As you can see, in India, this is the “OFF” position and when you press it, this is “ON” But it’s the opposite here Switches are the other way here The sockets here are different as well I’d like to share a story with you here When I was moving from India to Canada I had brought with myself a hair accessory, a Curler I brought it with myself specially that I would need it My parents asked me to just purchase it from Canada But I brought it here and then I realized it wouldn’t even work here So if you’re coming, bear that in mind that sockets are very different here So this was our apartment. You can get apartments, condos There’s houses – semi-detached, detached and townhouses I personally like townhouses a lot and houses equally But we don’t have the money right now Whenever I’ll buy my own house, I’ll definitely share it with you So this was my home tour for today I hope you have liked it. Whenever you come to Canada, you’re most welcome here


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