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My Apartment Is HAUNTED | Storytime

so disclaimer I don’t believe in ghosts
but this apartment is 100% haunted you guys what’s up welcome to my youtube
channel I haven’t been on YouTube in a really long time but I have so many
stories saved up that didn’t really work on Twitter didn’t really work on twitch
I don’t really use a blog anymore so there was nowhere for me to really tell
these stories so I decided it’s about time to start a YouTube channel again
and actually share some of these stories with you guys so I moved into this
apartment last July July 2017 nothing really happened it wasn’t very creepy or
anything it was a normal apartment until one day about this time of year last
year sometime in October I went to the market and the Halloween stuff was out
and something weird happened there and I won’t really get into it in this video
just because it’s kind of its own separate story but then I went to the
market again and something kind of weird happened again and then the night after
my second weird market trip I felt so freaked out in my apartment I
don’t know why I’ve never felt that way before it just felt like there was
something behind me I don’t know why it felt like that and it was the middle of
the night I called my mom I was so freaked out it felt like there was
something here and it could just be me and it could’ve just been my imagination
maybe for some reason I had just had eared amount of caffeine or something I
know I didn’t really connect it to that market trip I hadn’t really thought at
all about what had happened at the Mart because weird stuff happens you write it
off all is just a coincidence not a big deal
but when I was on the phone with my mom in the middle of the night freaking out
that like it felt like something was behind me she said well that weird thing
happened at the market earlier maybe that has something to do with it and I
said what is what if something followed me home what if there was something at
the market and it followed me home and now it’s here do I really believe that
not really but it felt that way and at the time in the middle of the night
alone in my apartment it was scary and it felt like there was
something here I can’t say that that is true but it is really the first really
weird experience I had like that at all but then nothing happened months and
months went by nothing happened until February I think it was February 22nd
you would have to check and see what everyday was a Saturday and I woke up in
the morning like 6 7 o’clock in the morning I had an event I had to go to it
lasted all day until 7:00 8:00 at night and I woke up feeling sick I had a sore
throat I could kind of feel a fever coming on and I just really wasn’t
feeling very good and I knew I was going to get sick normally I would stay home
and just sleep all day hopefully get over the worst of it right from the
start however I had to go to this event as I was busy and stressed and working
all day and I really only made things worse the next day was Sunday I have the
day off I tried to rest all day but it really didn’t do any good
I still got pretty sick and I felt awful by Monday and I had a fever and a sore
throat and my head hurts so bad from like sinus pressure and the fever and I
was absolutely miserable no I was sick for two weeks after about four or five
days of this I took off work early and went to the doctors they gave me a
prescription it didn’t really make anything better at all though I spent
every evening at home sleeping if I could if I didn’t have work to do
but I was still going to work I couldn’t take off work and I was just trying to
go the rest that I could in the first week here of being sick this is like the
last week of February I was laying on the couch one night in the living room
resting I had been watching videos on my phone for a little while and then I
decided that I was about ready to take another nap and go to sleep for a few
hours in the evening before I go to bed just to try as much as I can to get
better so I had to blanket with me because I was feverish sometimes I was
too hot sometimes I was too cold and I would need the blanket on or off
depending so I had it off when I started to go to sleep I just pushed it down to
the end of the couch just off of me because I had been too hot I was
actually quite comfortable without the blanket on however when I woke up the
blanket was pulled up onto me and it wasn’t even in a way that I would have
done it it was kind of tucked in around me a little bit and like I don’t know I
can’t describe it it wasn’t really tucked in tucked in but it was
definitely as though I didn’t put it on myself
and I did not think that I did I’m a really light sleeper I usually don’t
even roll over in my sleep I will wake up then roll over then go back to sleep
I tend have sleep paralysis because my brain is such a light sleeper compared
to my body that I might wake up before my body does that’s how light of a
sleeper I am I dream a lot so I spend a lot of my time in those light stages of
sleep I am a very light sleeper very rarely will I do stuff like even pull up
a blanket if I’m sleeping and if I did I would either remember it or I would be
able to question myself and think did I do that
and then I would say yeah I think I’m Bailey remember doing that however I did
not feel like I did this I did not wake up and I did not put that blanket on and
I know I was sick it’s possible that I might have just been so out of it either
I woke up and I was out of it when I put the blanket on or I was just so deeply
asleep that even when I woke up and put the blanket on my conscious mind was
still very very much asleep and had no recollection of it at all I don’t know
and that has to be what it was that has to be what it was but I didn’t do it I
did not put that blanket on I for some reason just got this feeling like that
there was a ghost in my apartment who put that blanket on as weird and as
crazy as it sounds and actually reminded me of in angel how Cordelia lives with
what’s-his-name Dennis that Ghost and you know he’ll do stuff for her he will
get her umbrella if it’s raining out or he’ll run a bath for her if she comes
home after a stressful day the phone rings he’ll pick up the phone and float
it to her right he’ll like do stuff around the house to help her out and
he’s actually a nice friendly helpful spirit and that’s actually what it felt
like it felt like there was someone here who was helping me and putting the
blanket on I was sick so they put the blanket on and tucked me in all nice and
neat and we’re doing me a favor that’s still really scary even if a ghost is
tucking you in and again I know that sounds crazy I probably did but there’s
like no part of me that feels comfortable with that notion none of me
registers putting that blanket on not even if I think down and I think can I
possibly imagine myself waking up and putting that blanket on I can’t nothing
about me thinks that I put that blanket on
besides my rational brain that knows that ghosts aren’t real and a ghost
couldn’t have done it but all the rest of me thinks that I didn’t do it
and if I didn’t do it who did so that by itself is just a weird thing whatever
however the next week and I was sick for two weeks I was sleeping in bed this
time in the evening I had come home from work and just went straight to bed
trying to really rest this off this was now the first week of March I was doing
8 9 o’clock at night again about the same time as before and
this time I was listening to music I didn’t really want to go entirely to
sleep like for the night I hate going to bed too early so I was just listening to
some music on Spotify and I was listening to one song on repeat one so
just repeating the same song over and over and over again and I turned the
screen of my phone off and I set it next to me have my headphones in and then I
was sleeping in my bed right and yeah it was uncomfortable because my headphones
were in through these little everybody things in front my face you can see so
they are kind of uncomfortable to sleep with them in especially if like you’re
laying like this and they’re pressing against your ear but like I said I
didn’t want to fall asleep for the whole night so I was kind of okay with being a
little bit uncomfortable there and I slept for a little while but then when I
woke up the music was off and I turned my phone screen on and saw that this
song had been paused it was in the middle of the song it had been paused
the app hadn’t had some sort of problem and shut down it was still up everything
was still on it was just paused this shouldn’t have happened on its own and I
would have had to turn this screen on my phone on press pause and then turn the
screen on my phone off again because I don’t think it was long enough for the
screen of my phone to have turned off on its own
have it set really long because of Pokemon go so there is really no way for
this stuff happened on its own and even if I did do it it would have been a bit
of a process when we turn the phone on and pause it and turn it off it would
have required a little bit of conscious effort it was something that would have
been hard to do in my sleep it would have been something that was a little
more involved I would have had to wake up enough to probably remember it but I
have no recollection of doing that and even then I would have just probably
taken the headphones out I wouldn’t have just turned the music off and kept these
in these are uncomfortable so I was a little bit weirded out by that and again
I called my mom and I was like I think there’s a ghost here that is trying to
help me he wants me to get good rest so he turned the music off he probably
couldn’t take my headphones out because I was sleeping and I had the blanket
pulled up over and pressed against the pillow so he can’t take my headphones
out but he could turn off the music ghosts do influence like electronics so
I guess it’s possible that he could do that and notice I keep saying he because
again I had this impression that I was dealing with some sort of male spirit
and he was maybe a little bit older than me no older than maybe 40 I know that’s
still kind of a broad range but that’s just vaguely what I felt and so that was
just the weird thing and it really didn’t mean much to me until later but I
did think oh maybe there’s some helpful ghost in my apartment that shows up like
if I’m sick or something and it’s willing to help me out because that’s
what it seemed I felt like good vibes coming from whatever spirit would have
done that and now nothing happened again on its own at this time I did something
and this was in June around June 20th I think I was just bored hanging out so I
decided to download one of those ghost radar apps now there’s two of them that
I ended up using one of them is called ghost hunting some
or another and it has a blue hand I’ll post a picture of it here
yeah and then the other one is the classic ghost radar and so I used the
one with the blue handprint first I really didn’t think these things worked
just because they had an EMF reader involved and although EMF in my mind is
the most likely way to pick up spirits if ghosts are a residual haunting which
means they are energy that is just sort of echoing through time or if ghosts are
able to willfully manifest themselves and are able to influence the
environment that we’re living in either way we’re dealing with energy so an EMF
reader electromagnetic frequencies that is what should be able to pick up those
energies so to me out of all of the possible ghost hunting equipment that is
the most likely the next is a spirit box just because of the way it is again
manipulating energy it scans radio stations very very quickly in order to
pick up words and sounds to make words all the Spirit has to do is use its
energy to affect the radio waves maybe should just make a video on how to feel
about all of this stuff thermal readers I feel are possible emitting heat is
just a sort of byproduct of a lot of uses of energies so it makes sense that
there might be either more heat or less heat if the ghost is using heat as an
energy source or if it’s creating heat by whatever energy it is using then it
makes sense that the thermal reader will be able to pick up those changes in
temperature EVPs I’m not really very fond of just
because there just sounds that we can’t hear or some that we can and it seems
weird to me that ghosts are producing these sounds I know the sound waves are
energy but it just seems like one step farther
than manipulating existing energy it has to create the sound from something
that’s a lot harder for it to do and it relies a lot on interpretation of the
person doing the investigation and then of course the classic the Ouija board
and other things similar to it like different card games and fortune-telling
equipment and seances all of these ways invite the spirit to use your personal
energy and that is where it’s getting the energy from in order to move like a
planchette around and it’s not just the residual energy that the spirit has and
it’s not just the energy of radio waves it is manipulating your own energy and
that’s what makes it very very dangerous and why people say you should never use
a Ouija board or do any sort of seance and invite the spirit into your body and
into your own energy field I guess and now although to me EMF recordings are
the most valuable for ghost hunting equipment the app to do have EMF
recordings however I have no idea how my phone is able to read EMF frequencies
however for EVPs that makes a little bit more sense to me because at least the
phone does have a microphone however we run into the problem of what I said is
one of the most unreliable things about EVPs which is the interpretation of the
investigator because you have this sound and then you have to interpret and
figure out what it says with these apps however the investigator doesn’t do the
interpretation the app interprets the sound that the microphone picks up there
are many many ways you can interpret a sound such as if it’s a stop maybe it
means don’t stop and it didn’t pick up the don’t however it is possible for it
to correctly interpret words and the best way to figure out correctly
interpret in words is to just gather a large large amount of data then figure
out any patterns in that data so if you leave it on and you pick up 100 words if
70 of them are about children then maybe you’re dealing with a child or a
mother who is upset because she lost her children or you might not see any
patterns in which case if there are no patterns or just very very weak patterns
there’s no message coming through from any sort of spirit so I turned on this
ghost map and again I was looking for larger patterns but I also just didn’t
know what to expect I turned on and the first word it says is Jordan then it
said Robert and I thought okay it’s just saying a bunch of names that’s annoying
and I forget all of the words that came up on it there were quite a lot and
there really wasn’t any pattern at least for a while and then it said often I
don’t really have an office I have a dining room and I use it as a sort of
office / study I have a desk and bookshelves out there I thought okay you
want me to go to the office so I went out to the office and I stood sort of on
the edge of the office area and it said forward so I walked forward I happen to
look on the bookshelf just to my left right where’d it told me to walk just
there was book 1 of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and the first two words it
had said were Jordan Robert that’s a little strange that’s a bit of a
coincidence that it said Jordan Robert okay a little backwards and then it told
me to basically walk to the place in my apartment
where that book was now I have other books scattered around my apartment in
different shelves in different places and it took me right to that book so I
picked it up and I said what about this book and it says hate and I thought well
you hate this book I asked like if it hated the book if it hated me and no
answers really coming through until it said Roger which can mean yes but then I
wasn’t really sure what it was saying yes to so I kind of stood there for
awhile not really doing anything and not really knowing what to do not really
know what to say and then it said go and it just felt like such a simple command
and it felt very urgent and I was feeling very uncomfortable so I went
back into the bedroom and I brought the book and when I got back sat on my bed
it said safe and just that series of events together it’s saying hate and
then me getting uncomfortable and it’s saying Roger about the hate then it’s
saying go and then when I do go and come back to the bedroom and it says safe it
felt way too coincidental especially after the Robert Jordan thing and taking
me to that book all of it was just really really cool incidental stuff and
I wasn’t really seeing any larger patterns but there were connections
between what it was saying and what was going on in real life and that’s what
was a little bit alarming to me and then there was a gap of a little while where
it didn’t really say anything and this is when I read the book and the
beginning of the book which is creepy in and of itself but this is actually
pretty interesting when you look at things that come up later again not in
this video just because I can’t take forever with this story but I’m gonna
make another video about this so remember this but the beginning of the
book is all about after this horrible crazy destruction that happens and it
describes all these dead bodies laying around and all this destruction and
carnage and that’s pretty creepy and at the time
I just recognized that is that’s creepy the app starts talking again and it said
fear me that’s right fear me I was kind of freaked out by
that and then it said it bring her that was a little freaky to bring who me but
then it said fingers and then it said digging fingers digging do you think of
fingers digging you think of like fingers digging themselves out of their
grave or digging desperately in the dirt for something or digging into your skin
then it said complete itself and then fiend feet why am I getting these words
fear me go run fiend fingers digging what are these words and then it said
fall which earlier at some point after I’d come back it had said climbing fall
and I don’t know what I said after this but some point did say no and then it
said mad and so I asked it you know are you mad at me why are you mad what did I
do and I just waited and it was a little wild before it finally said again calmed
I felt kind of weirded out it felt like I was talking this whole time to two
different spirits one some sort of more malevolent spirit or maybe even a demon
for all I know a fiend out in my office area and that’s where it was and then it
followed me back into my room meanwhile there was this other spirit this good
one the one that had taken care of me when I was sick and it was the one
telling me to go and to run and if I was safer not and so I don’t know if this
was the good spirit telling me the other spirit had been calmed or if it was the
other spirit the bad one that had been mad then telling me that it itself had
calmed down and so then I asked it why were you mad and it said no saint no
saint as though I’m not a saint I don’t know anything sort of like with that
context it’s just really creepy mentioning Saints when you are talking
to spirits and then it says sky and then it says scrape and so I’m like
skyscraper were you climbing a skyscraper than you fell and then it
says army and bad a lot of these are very few words and it says glove and
then it says left and when I asked who left it said general and then it said
yell and temperature and then it’s an altar 17 and river and all of these they
didn’t really mean a whole lot to me but just keep some of these in mind for
later but then it’s a chair I kind of got a little freaked out then with chair
thing just because I had imagined with the dear David stuff what would it be
like to wake up and see something sitting in this chair so when it said
chair no it said a couple of their words some
of them I think one of them had something to do with like a doctor which
I thought was interesting since I was sick and a ghost was taking care of me
when I was sick maybe it was a doctor it said a couple of things but it was so
infrequent that it was just random words coming through and there was really no
connection and it was so infrequent that I turned the app off and I switched to
the ghost radar map now the ghost radar app it says words like soldier it also
said general and it also said doctor so it was saying the same sorts of words
and I was getting more and more words from it that seemed to fit the pattern
of medical words and military words I used it again the next day and again I
got words that fit that pattern as well as some other words that seem to be
repeated and I don’t know the significance of them because they’re
just small words literally small smaller slight I was also getting % discover ha
River again report our and then return and medical words like needle disjointed
pain bone young vertical base heat either where temperature had shown up
previously there were words here there was showing up there were army words
fighting 17 was one of the words that the previous ghost app had said the
night before this time it said seven South Center so a lot of them were sort
of guiding words as though figuring out a route or directions of something kind
of going in the same context of like a military sort of context and then I had
a little conversation outside on my patio I was drinking some tea and I
asked you you like tea and it said ritual which was interesting because a
lot of people have a very ritualistic aspect to tea they like it because it’s
a calming ritual for them or it’s just a way for them to start their day in a way
for them to focus on something or they might just drink it ritualistically as
though like religiously they drink it all the time and so then I said okay and
it said violent and then I said are you violent or as someone else and it said
weapon now for it to say violent and weapon like that so close together and
again I was getting this real military context to all of these words putting
all that together we can imagine that this ghost and this is probably the nice
ghost the nice spirit is some sort of military doctor probably for getting dr.
words and military words so all I needed to find was some sort of army doctor who
died in this area and then I did some research and I figured out a possible
connection and if I had to say this spirit was someone it would be that
person and I want to make another video on that because there’s a whole bunch of
evidence and information about this person that connects to everything that
had been happening in my apartment and so do I really think my apartment is
haunted no but yes my mom did say something when I went
home over the summer and I talked her about this stuff and she warned me
against using the apps on the phone because even though it’s not letting the
ghosts use your own energy it is still opening up communication and that can be
really dated and I said that it seemed fine at least
with this nice happy ghost I have he’ll protect me he was taking care of me when
I was sick he seems like a pretty good person
my mom warned me that even demons will do nice things for you maybe it was some
sort of demon who was taking care of me when I was sick I was trying to get in
my good graces and make me to like it and welcome it in and be accepting and
receptive to it so just because she kind of freaked me out like that I haven’t
really opened up the ghost app since I came home from visiting my family over
the summer and so I haven’t really done anything more I haven’t tried anything I
haven’t tried to widen my range of data and include more words and see if there
patterns but one thing I do know about these patterns of words is that when I
was watching youtube videos where people were using these apps and reading
reviews online of people who would use the app I saw a lot of the words that
other people are getting and even some of those words were being repeated among
various app users none of my words or at least the words that were very thematic
to my use or things like fear me and fiend and that type of thing they were
getting a whole different set of words than I was getting for most people to
get this other set of words and for me to be getting this other particular set
seemed pretty noteworthy so I can’t just say that oh this is a common experience
and it just puts out these freaky words to spook you because it didn’t seem like
people were getting those words and then I just have to say that nothing has
really happened either except back in September when I got sick again
I started at work again of course being around a lot of people after like a
summer break I got sick I wasn’t as sick as I had been back in February and March
but I was still kind of sick I lost my voice and I couldn’t talk which it’s
always so scary when anything happens when you lose your voice because you
can’t even scream if you wanted to you couldn’t even shout for help it can’t
even call anyone and explain I can’t call 911 and tell them anything because
I can’t talk but it was like 1:00 2:00 o’clock Central Time
morning forget the exact time but somewhere in between there and I was
going to sleep I had napped earlier in the evening so that’s why I’m kind of
staying up a little bit later even though I was sick I turned off my lights
except for for some reason I just felt like having some ambient light in the
room when I was sleeping so I had a set of pink Christmas lights over in the
corner still on and they’re very dim so I usually sleep fine with them literally
seconds after I turn off the light probably not even a full minute I wasn’t
asleep yet at all at all at all like not even drifting off I was still
wide awake I had just laid down and closed my eyes and I was still thinking
about stuff I heard just right over here so I was laying in my bed there and I
heard over here at this window either two or three knocks and it was more than
one but I kind of freaked out after hearing any so I only definitely heard –
but there might have been a third I actually didn’t even think it was
anything paranormal I thought someone was out my window I was freaked out I
turned my light back on and walked over and peeked out the blinds and there was
nothing out there at all there wasn’t any wind so nothing would
have blown up and bumped my window there was no one out there and all around
there was nothing near by my window that could have hit it I have a patio outside
so it’s not like a branch could hit it or anything I thought maybe a bird had
bumped it there is nowhere for a bird to like really nest on like the ceiling of
my patio so it would have had to fly in from a bush like a good eight feet away
from the window and again when I was sick and so this had me worried about
the idea of if it is a malevolent spirit or some sort of bad spirit because maybe
it was being active when I was sick because I was in a weakened state and it
was tapping into my energy because that is something that bad
spirits and demons can do or even good spirits I guess they just don’t because
they’re good that’s why you’re not supposed to use a Ouija board if you
were sick or you were under some sort of emotional distress or turmoil anything
to weaken your body and your state of mind there’s some chance then that this
spirit was using my energy to tap on the window and freak me out or who knows
what else it was doing and like I said at first I thought someone who’s trying
to break into my window two days later I walked outside and I happen to see
laying out there on the floor of my patio were two flowers they were like
long I shall put a picture of them here one pink one white and they were pretty
I guess they were pretty it was just really weird that they were there
so whatever ghost is coming and like knocking on my window left me some
flowers so that was nice of him I guess and again good ghost bad ghost I have no
idea definitely freaked out this isn’t creepy
apartment and is it haunted seems like it
and again I’m trying to rationalize this and think about it’s very scientifically
everything needs to be very data-driven I need to see patterns and data sets of
words and I need to see coincidences but enough coincidences one coincidence is a
coincidence five coincidences that becomes less and less coincidental and
increases the chances of it actually being something of each of those things
being specifically caused by something paranormal so I’m going to try here some
time here this pookie month of October to use the ghost Raider app again to see
what I can pick up and to see if I could communicate with with whatever’s in this
apartment probably try to film it this time to see if we can pick up anything
and try to actually record what it’s getting so that I
you know can show it to you guys and share the story so it’s another video
that’s coming up so if you want to follow up on this in what I guess is
gonna be a series you could say I’m going to have a little bit about who I
think my ghost is explain to you guys some of the process of me figuring that
out and explain the evidence behind it I’m also gonna talk about the Haunted
Market thing because that is also just a separate weird kind of story on its own
and then I am going to try to communicate again with whatever may may
not be in my apartment so fun times where I do in addition to those videos I
am going to be putting up a lot of other just spooky themed content for the month
of October for the Halloween season and after that I’m still gonna be posting a
lot of videos probably two a week is kind of my goal just to share some of
the other stories I have because like I said I do have a bunch of story saved up
that are kind of best suited for the YouTube format for video format so those
are coming so make sure you subscribe if you don’t want to miss any of those
follow me on Twitter for updates and information about all this stuff and
things I’m doing the link to my Twitter is down in the description also a link
to my twitch because I play spooky games and just a bunch of other games and if
you just want to chat you can come chat with me on Twitch i stream several days
a week so be sure to check that out and also have a link to my patreon because I
do want to go to some really spooky locations and try to see if I can do
some like a ghost hunting there by that I mean hotels because it’s like the only
place I can really go safely by myself when you go to a hotel and you book a
room it surprisingly cost money weird I know so if you want to see that type of
content you can help me out by donating some money to my patreon I have a list
of a few haunted hotels here in my city and I also have some places a little bit
farther away that I would really like to check out they’re not gonna be places
you have probably seen other people go to on YouTube because they are places
here in like southern Texas and not that many people go to haunted hotels in
southern as opposed to the Roosevelt which you
have probably seen literally half of YouTube go stay at the Roosevelt or the
Queen Mary where the other half of the internet went in state all the links to
everything cool and interesting is down below make sure you tell me about it in
the comments down below also if you have any experience on these ghost hunting
apps let me know about that – especially let me know what words you were picking
up I would like to know if other people are getting a lot of these same words
and if you just have any opinions on this I would love to hear what you think
because my rational mind knows that my apartment is not haunted
however the rest of my mind is pretty sure that there is something going on
here thank you guys so much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my
next video peace



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how can you not believe in ghost after all of that

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Creepy. I don't really believe in ghosts either, or so I tell myself, but if it happened to me, I'd have some serious questions. Be careful with this stuff; make sure you protect yourself spiritually. Great video.

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I found you from cjades video and I love you !!!

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