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Murder House Flip | Official Trailer | Quibi

We always wanted to live
in this neighborhood. It’s a happy, cheerful place. I just wanted to buy a house close to the ocean. It was hard to find that. There’s still the aura that
there’s something here. This is where the bodies
were buried… Yeah. There were
seven bodies total. Oh, wow. This man killed his wife right here where my
husband is sitting. It’s almost impossible to
believe what happened here. This is where all the
murders took place. Correct. To afford to live
by the beach, we had to buy a house where a guy
chopped his wife up. Murder and makeover don’t usually go together. But this isn’t just
about design. Oh, my God! We need to give this space
new life and energy. Are you trying to tell me
that we’ll find body parts? There’s a distinct
possibility, yeah. You take a shower where
he dismembered her. The murder weapon has
never been found. Come take a look at this. Wait, do you see anything? Typically, I would
say ladies first… but you’re not gonna
leave me upstairs in this haunted house.


Buzz Chronik

Mar 3, 2020, 4:38 pm Reply

I think we just hit rock bottom…


Mar 3, 2020, 4:46 pm Reply

Amazing! I would never have the guts to live in one of those houses. Great idea for a twist in house renovation shows.

Spencer Brackett

Mar 3, 2020, 10:08 pm Reply

What cool idea for a show😀 yet disturbing

Eduardo Hernandez

Mar 3, 2020, 11:27 pm Reply

This is clickbait personified

Carlos Carty

Mar 3, 2020, 5:09 pm Reply

Hello. I think it’s important that Quibi provide Spanish and French audio for its shows as well as AD and CC in different languages. This would be very useful for people who are trying to learn English and foreign languages. This would also help people with disabilities.

Renegade Blade

Mar 3, 2020, 12:11 am Reply

This is the television I always wanted but didn't know until now.

Mr Sister

Mar 3, 2020, 12:20 am Reply

So… You want people to pay to watch this? Good luck with that.


Mar 3, 2020, 9:23 pm Reply

Okay wow. I haven't lived in Southern California since the 90s but exactly how crazy has Oceanside gotten that people are now willing to live in crime scenes. Then again, when I lived there, most of Oceanside was a crime scene so …

The CB Channel

Mar 3, 2020, 2:44 am Reply

Amazon Prime
CBS All Access
Disney +
Apple Tv +
NBC Universal

Now: Bbc's Quiby?!

Yeetus Deletus

Mar 3, 2020, 12:10 pm Reply

“Typically, I would say ladies first but you ain’t leavin me in this haunted house”


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