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Mumbai Wale On Rent Ke Siyappe | Pinkvilla | Comedy | Bachelor

(raps) today I have to pay my rent (raps) my landlord will pissed off I don’t pay my rent (laughs) Hello guys what’s up I am Deepak Kalra today we are on the streets of Mumbai will ask people about their rent woes rent woes are indeed a huge matter hey buddy let’s ask them are you staying on rent even I stay on rent do you have pain in your gums yes too much (laughs) what are your rent woes there should be rent to have issues rent is next thing as getting a rental home is big issue getting job in Mumbai is a big task by second day of month god knows from where the landlord appears and asks for rent we are very disturbed after getting job, I got girlfriend so woes of partner starts my dear friend Katappa how are you the problem here is that I have already given 12 cheques for the year these woes still got over but one issue that has been there from past 3 years is of rent so every month my rent gets deducted at particular date suppose I have to pay rent on 12th of month the next on 13th Rs 600 gets deducted his bad day starts from day 13 the salary comes and goes so hardly money gets saved it feels like we just earn for them(landlord) it seems that’s our only work the salary comes and goes in a jiffy it’s like a dance movement it is okay if we don’t spend on your partner but rent you cannot ignore it increases by the year 2% 10% 20% it is their wish, their whims and fancy I don’t stay here I stay in Thane first of all this is already an issue as he stays in Thane it’s your mistake as you are bachelor it is very difficult to find a home that’s your business none of our business this is senseless if you are bachelor means you can’t get a home I am not a murderer really bad no sad they ask what you do we don’t do anything we are paying rent if your parents ask what are you doing in Mumbai tell them we just pay rent give the rent they also flew away how is your landlord? can I give cuss words He is an accountant than a landlord (cuss words) there used to be yearly inspections in schools but landlords comes for inspection every month (abuses) my mom says landlords are bad guys no place is better than home my landlord is a great guy very good guy he blocks water line when I don’t pay rent (abuses) enough my friend he must have fallen down till now don’t come late at home.. don’t do this and that don’t have drinks boys are not allowed what am I doing here I have come Mumbai for guys what are your rent woes how much rent you pay 30,000 50,000 mine is 26,000 20,000 is just my share and I stay in a one BHK if you want to save your Rs 30,000 means you don’t have to pay anything so what will you do with that money since the day I have come to Mumbai I haven’t been anywhere via flight I will save them anyways I have to give a deposit for next rental home this question is like a dream firstly I will book a flight landlords, they have never traveled via flights never been on plane, it has been a year this is his mother’s dream once a huge issue happened neither did I get money from home nor did I get my salary I was asked to pay rent what to do but her daughter became my friend I took money from her and I paid the same money to her dad via Paytm what a smart move a research says that 99.9 people have pain in their gums their landlords give them a lot of pain


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hit like if you like pinkvilla 😍

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Iss lambe baal waale k landlord ko dhundo 2 min main be ghar hojayega

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Awesome videoπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘


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I just hate this reporter πŸ˜‘ he's so freakin' annoying

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