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Multifamily Case Study- Fairview Apartments

Greg Carlson: The Fairview is located in the corner of Forest Hills. We’re right across the street from Flushing Meadows Park, which used to be the fairgrounds in both the ‘37 and ‘64 Worlds Fair, thus they called the buildings Fairview. Henry Moskowitz: We looked at what were able to get and some of us were skeptical. And some of us were a little bit more receptive to the whole thing. The benefits seemed to outweigh the downside by a ton. So we eventually all came to the conclusion, that a let’s do it. Lindsay Robbins: The first key step is for a building owner to choose the partner that they are going to be working with. They are technical consultants that have the expertise to help a building owner choose the right energy efficiency measures to implement in their building and to help them successfully implement those measures. Michael Scorrano: There’s a lot of things they can’t control in terms of cost structure. One thing that does jump out at them though, is energy efficiency. Lindsay Robbins: They’re going to do an in depth audit of the building. They’ll walk through the building; they’ll understand how all the systems work and how the building is currently using energy. Greg Carlson: Empower, really, really, brought that trust factor. Which I think you really need. We would talk things through. We would bounce ideas off of each other. And Mike, I would have to say, for the most part, was right each and every time. Michael Scorrano: The Fairview project was an interesting project. There was a lot of things that were done at the building. One of the big projects we did was the oil to gas conversions. It had an original air conditioning equipment that was here from the beginning of the building that was very inefficient. We put in a direct gas fired piece of equipment that obviously would reduce their summer consumption by more than half. Third thing we did here is we installed separate domestic hot water heaters. They had a lot of old inefficient lights, motors, pumps, and we put speed drives or things that would reduce the speed or running operation of the pumps and motors to be able to conserve energy. Lindsay Robbins: Fairview was actually very successful in achieving their energy savings goals. The work scope had actually reduced them by 23% and that’s really fantastic from an energy savings prospective, but more importantly for the owners of Fairview. They’re actually saving more than 300,000 dollars a year on their energy bills, which is really fantastic. Greg Carlson: I was like, “yay!” It was doing what it was predicted to do. And it was doing what the board and myself thought it should be doing. Henry Moskowitz: I think the project has turned out to be an excellent investment. Would I recommend it? Highly. Absolutely. Greg Carlson: Every building is different. And you really need to call up and have a conversation.

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