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Multi Family Housing in Nebraska

Kayla W.
I know, as like a single mom. It’s really hard when you’re on your own. So having something
like this is phenomenal because you can’t – no one’s offering that really. When you’re
able to get an income-based apartment or an income-based home, it’s mind-blowing how much
difference it makes. Garry Clark
MFH projects are outstanding and we really need those in our communities primarily because
we need bodies in our small rural communities. And so we need funds that can help us generate
those projects and developments of housing and senior housing, etc. The more projects
that we can develop, the more people that we can bring to our communities, which means
more business, more employees, and an expanded tax base, which everyone loves. Terri Kostal – RD
Most of the communities that we work with are populations of 20,000 or less. We have
a lot of really small communities that we work in. And it’s important to have those
projects in those communities. It keeps those families in those communities. A lot of times
they’re the people that work at the local businesses. They patronize those businesses.
They support the school system. Laura B.
When I got the news that I was approved, we were 2 days away from not having a place to
live even. It was a godsend. I think it gives single parents a chance to provide for their
children. And build their self-esteem and feel like they’re contributing to the community.
Not feel overwhelmed, like you’re backed into a corner, I guess. Kayla W.
The assistance is awesome because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford to live anywhere
because it’s just way too expensive and I don’t make enough money. Garry Clark
I think it’s a definite positive to be able to free up some of that housing for these
young families. Right now we’re looking at a deep population rate that’s taken 30 to
40 years. We are continuously losing population. And part of that is, as we’re losing that
population, we still have that aging population. They’re still in those same big homes that
they purchased 20, 30, or 40 years ago. Terri Kostal – RD
They may no longer be able to maintain their homes, but they want to stay close to family.
So it gives them a place to live and in turn it frees up their home for maybe another family
to come in and purchase that. Terri Kostal – RD
I think one of the most important things for a multi-family housing project to be successful
is to have a good owner – an owner that takes pride in the success of their property and
then you’ll also have to have a very good manager. Those two people need to work together
for the success of the project. Glenda Maury
I really think that I have the best residents that I could ask for. They really present
a positive image to the community. Leonard Ratzlaff
What I feel is probably the most important things is being in contact with the residents
and getting the feel of their thoughts of what’s going on. And every chance I get, I
go down to the senior center and we talk about Lyndon Village. And of course a lot of the
people there have relatives that live here, so there’s communication there. It’s been
very rewarding and I enjoy what I’m doing. Glenda Maury
I really appreciate Rural Development because they’ve helped me to be successful at Lyndon
village by offering subsidies, by giving me ideas of how to market Lyndon village, how
to be involved in the community. They really are an encouragement to me. And that’s what
I appreciate the most.

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