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MSU FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Entrepreneurial Musical Artist in Residence Program | Imani Winds

Imani Winds are like Rock stars to us We are thrilled to welcome Imani Winds as
part of MSU Federal Credit Union’s Entrepreneurial Musical Artist in Residence Program and we are so lucky to have artists like Imani
Winds come play for and work with the students here We have long admired what they do not just
performance-wise but their innovative programming, their work with students in an educational
setting, their new compositions that they premiere in addition to being Grammy nominated
recording artists, so it’s fantastic to have them here and to have the students be able
to work with them Imani are known for being incredibly dynamic
performers they’re very exciting to watch and captivating to listen to The way that they have transformed chamber
ensembles such as the woodwind quintet into an entity that can really thrill audiences
of all backgrounds and interests is really unique and special You don’t wanna miss Imani Winds residency
any part of the week would be fascinating to observe The classes during the week are open to the
public which is an opportunity for not just the students here at MSU but for everyone
in the community to be able to take advantage of the fact that these incredible artists
are here But definitely do not miss the concert

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