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[Music] good morning today is moving day we are packing up a whole apartment and we are moving to our new apartment today I’m really excited it’s just I’m so stressed and I haven’t slept much last couple of days but it’s going to be fun it’s a bit sad to leave this apartment though I’ve been living here since I was 18 when I moved away from home with my first apartment so it’s a bit mixed feelings but I’m sure the new apartment is going to be great as well oh here hello they’re gonna help us move how’s it going RA should the thought get the round we are don’t know literally definitely a decision you can do I have to do to our comfort upon mark on Apple did he push to my castle is the Houdini of targum Sam six and it is that it see hahaha I accidentally put the car key in one of my coats and it’s somewhere in the truck [Music] we found it yay the car key this is typical me for getting the key in one of the jackets and then we pack it all in and the truck I mean come on come on we’re on our way to the new apartment now we’re just stopping for some pizza we have to bring some lunch with us then the hard work starts to unpack all the boxes and try to get some kind of home feelings going to be tough I think you cannot come in pizza this place has the best pizza in Stockholm they are huge and push yeah here are you playing it’s not completely done yet we are actually going on vacation on Monday and they will continue do some stuff while we are gone but we had to move before the trip we got a lot of work to do now but first piece of brain I love our new sofa couch so fat couch from Chesterfield love the color welcome to our new bathroom we finally have a washing machine I’ve always wanted that in the apartment I love our bathroom I think it looks really great the floor oh love it my brother is here to help me heal I’ll be up all night and fix it I cannot stand what it looks like this can it be nice when it’s done kids ooh cometh hey teamwork and I hope it’s caught up be more distance ending the area it’s 6:00 p.m. now and we are well we are not done at all but we are on our way this is something you don’t want to see when you move into your new apartment hello what happened I’m crying did you do oh my god that was close what’s going on it’s the party light my neck is so long and the most important thing how to organize the bag right I’ve always wanted a walk-in closet and now I finally have it and I want it to be as organized and perfect as possible so I’ll probably be up all night just organizing my bags yeah I mean look isn’t it perfect and under I will put shoes I don’t know what to put up there though I can’t even reach it oh I’ll probably put some things that I don’t where are you so often if the ceiling is pretty high in this apartment so we build like super tall closets so we’ll see what to put up there [Music] hey Manny Manny’s here this is your new home money who I am and we’ve been awake for quite a long time now we are far from them feels like we will never be done with this but we’ll get back to tomorrow someone had a little flower on the first walk in a new neighborhood coldest bug I’m so tired I have no idea how I’m gonna unpack boxes today again but we are leaving for Santa bar tomorrow I wanted to feel like a proper home when we get home from our vacation so do it again [Music] this is actually my old high school I missed it so much so we decided to move here hey money having breakfast and editing photos it’s a quick break before I start I’m hiding boxes again I always listen to Ed Sheeran when I need to calm down like when I’m on a flight or when I’m working ed is my Savior [Music] [Music] trying to organize our jackets this is Alex check it and the rest are mine I do think it’s kind of sweet of me to give him one spot for his jacket don’t you think that in this closet I will have we will have like jackets and some of the shoes and some of my bags and accessories so I will have like heels and stuff in the walk-in closet and here I will have like everyday shoes sneakers and boots and yes because we’re guys seriously though in my next vlog I will have like full makeup on nice hair nice clothes because I feel like but it’s good that you get to see the real me without all this stuff on right with the bags under the eyes and I feel so dirty it’s like dirt everywhere dirty sorry let’s get dirty alright I think it’s time for me to end this moving vlog or what to call it I have to start well clean up a little bit here and then I have to pack my suitcase because we’re leaving tomorrow for a song see bar the next vlog will probably be from Chelsea bar alright hope you enjoyed watching me dealing with all this chaos the next time I film in this apartment I will do a proper welcome to my crib and to be welcome to my crib that would probably be later this spring because I want it to be like completely done when I do that alright so see you next time bye [Music]

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