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moving into & reading in my new apartment!

Today is Wednesday, and on Saturday, I am
packing up and moving 40 minutes away, and I have not started packing. So
I’m gonna start packing up my books cuz I feel like that’s the biggest thing. Um,
you’re not helping. You look like homeless Squidward. Spare coochie? (easygoing music) Hey guys. It’s hot, there’s boxes, I’m
sitting on our trailer. I’m tired. Update, my cat is behaving like a dog, playing with a stick. And that’s what happens when you have kittens that play
under your bed. – Can you give her a heads up and just say on the way? What are you doing?
– I’m vlogging! – [Mom] No ma’am! – It’s memories! I’m home! Empty apartment tour.
My beautiful mother is gonna be in the kitchen. She’s gonna hide in the laundry room.
They gave me a welcome package. I’m obsessed, okay! Pantry, got a built-in
desk over here. Loving that for me. And then we got my living room. Then in here’s my bedroom! I’m gonna have all my books on this wall and I have a walk-in closet. I’m gonna have
my dresser on this wall. Got so much space! And then here’s my bathroom. That’s me! (door slams) Whoops. That was loud.
For the past five years, I have not been in a shower that’s not like
this tall because I’m so tall. – Let’s face it Jody, you’re the tall girl. – It’s tall! I’m so happy. It’s the little things, okay? Let’s do the brave one first. – [Mom] Hi!
(Rosie meows) Come on Gord! You’re so brave, I knew you would be. (music) The fuck? The fuck? The fuck is in the air? – [Spongebob narrator] A few moments later. (Rockabye baby plays) So obviously, I’ve still got a lot of unpacking to do. I don’t think I’ve even shown you in this vlog an apartment tour, but it’s been a crazy weekend. And it’s also really been
emotional because a lot of the stuff that’s in my apartment right now is stuff
that was in my old house. And that’s getting into territory of if you’re new,
you don’t know my situation. Do I get into that right now? Probably
not! But we had a ton of stuff in storage that we’re not using that I haven’t seen
since like high school, and now it’s all in my apartment and so I’m just like
memories! I still have to fill in–I haven’t even shown you my room while
I’ve been vlogging. I still have to fill in my bookshelves and I’ve put that off
because I’m like, “I can make that into content!” because now, we have to pay rent
so everything is content! (music) Everything is content! I only have 50 pages left of my book. (record scratches)
– [Voiceover] Hi, turns out I didn’t give you a synopsis of this book in this vlog, so here’s a flashback
to my last one where I did talk about it. It’s actually about how evolution has
started going backwards so instead of all the newest kids being born being better and smarter and more adapted to life on Earth, they’re
starting to recede in evolution and go back to a state where they don’t
understand art and words and pregnancy is highly regulated by the state, and so
when this woman gets pregnant, she’s on the run from the government, trying to
protect herself and her baby. Mini apartment tour while I’m standing up! I’ve got a kitchen, got my pantry and desk area over here. Completely
unfinished living room. These are all book boxes in the corner. I haven’t done
that yet. That’s where I set up to read. This is the ultimate reading chair–it is
so comfy! And then my bedroom is through here. Walk-in closet over here, and then my
bathroom is through here. I don’t have internet until tomorrow, so I’m getting a
lot of reading done, which is good. My phone also died, so that helps.
I made it to page 236 of this book. I’ve got 35 pages left. (easygoing music) Okay, I finished Future Home of the
Living God. I don’t know how I feel about it. I think
it’s gonna sit at a three and a half star rating. I liked the concept. The
middle section of it was really fast and interesting and exactly what I was
wanting, but the beginning and the end of it were really slow, and it just didn’t
really connect with me. I feel like the ending was very abrupt and didn’t really
tie anything together, and I’m not saying every book needs a happy ending, but I
feel like this book was just so negative and in a way that nothing feels solved.
Which I guess it’s a dreary book, so there doesn’t need to be a happy ending,
but I’m confused like what was all that for? I feel like we didn’t get the
closure that we needed in order for it to be like a satisfying story that
hits you hard because I’m just left like wait, what else? But yeah, I tabbed it up a
little bit because there were a couple quotes that I liked. I didn’t mind it,
it’s just not my new favorite thing of all time. That’s done! My cat is making biscuits in the background, retweet if you’re crying. So I have every book that I own in this
jar, and I wanna pick one and read it. You like this one? Notes on A Nervous Planet
by Matt Maig! This is a book I have to do for review. Let me find it and then I’ll
get back to you. It was literally in the last box that I checked. So this book is
by Matt Haig, who wrote Reasons to Stay Alive, which is a book about depression and
anxiety that I’ve read and loved. This is another book that’s nonfiction about
having anxiety. I guess not really even anxiety based,
but the three tag lines that go along with this are all about how are you
supposed to be happy when you’re encouraged to be anxious and how do we
stay human and technological world? Stuff like that.
So it’s the intersection of technology and mental health, feeling good about
yourself in a world that wants you to feel bad about yourself in order to buy
into consumerism. I’m really interested to read this, and it’s kind of timely
because right now, I’m feeling not my best because I just moved out. It’s a new
situation, I’m still getting used to stuff, so I feel like if this is gonna
have advice on anxiety, it’s gonna help. Even though it’s not the exact
thing I’m experiencing right now. I have like an hour before I need to go to bed,
but I’m gonna delve into that, and we’ll see if it’s any good. So as expected, this
book is already slapping on page 1. It says, “The thing with mental
turmoil is that so many things that make you feel better in the short term will
make you feel worse in the long term. You distract yourself when what you really
need is to know yourself.” (easygoing music) So this book is already starting out with the vibe of
talking about how Twitter induces anxiety and being on social media,
which on one hand, yes. He talks about getting on arguments online with
people you’ll never meet is really aggravating and upsets you, and it
does for me at least, so I relate to that. But also, I feel like it’s veering into
the territory of “You need a total disconnect in order to make your life
better!” It’s just gonna be interesting to see if the entire solution to this is
just don’t have social media! Which is like, impossible. But so far, I understand
where he’s coming from. Hi! She’s being really needy tonight
because she’s really upset. (easygoing music) I need to get ready for work tomorrow. While I do that, I’m going to talk about the book. So I love Matt Haig’s writing
because the way that he does his books, each chapter is really, really short, so
it just makes you want to keep reading and it’s really really fast, and I like
that it’s segmented so short. And my initial fear was that the book was gonna
be really focused on, “get off social media because that’s the only thing that’ll help.” Right now it’s not really talking about that. It’s more so kind of
comforting you like the news and social media are designed to make you feel bad,
so give yourself back that power. So I like it. In general, I’m just really a
big fan of Matt because he’s so candid and he’s not afraid to discuss his own
fears when he is talking about just general concepts. So I like that it’s a
mix of personal writing with more researched thought. So I’m highly
anticipating finishing it. I think I’m for sure I’m gonna be giving it
four stars or above. See you tomorrow! (easygoing music) I’m home and I went to Target! (beatboxes) That is the most embarrassing thing I think I’ve ever said. Today at lunch, I filmed a little
bit of a clip. I read a little bit at lunch. I got to page 116 of my book. I
forgot how good Matt Haig is at writing! I mentioned this earlier, but I
love that this has short chapters because it just makes it so addicting
and fast to read, and also as far as nonfiction, I don’t feel like I ever read
nonfiction and I’m like (angelic music) oh my god, that changed my worldview! But this is one of
those books that the good pat on the back and a good reminder that hey,
the world is bad sometimes, here’s steps you could take to feel better about
yourself or whatever the case may be. So I like that this has a message of
self-care and reminding you that you’re not worthless even though social media
makes you feel that way. It’s a very reassuring read, so if you ever feel like
you need to unplug or like social media is too much and you’re stressed out
because of the Internet, this would be a really really really good resource. I
read more than 100 pages of this in a day, which is more than I did last vlog,
so. I wanted to remain as honest as possible and say the past day has been a
roller coaster. In the car on the way here with my mom, I told my mom I don’t
want this to be a repeat of my junior year of college. Which to recap, my junior
year of college, I lived alone for the first time. I got a single dorm room. So I
got to school, I felt a little bit lonely but didn’t think anything of it,
went to bed that first night and woke up with massive, worst-case-scenario anxiety.
I began to associate being alone with anxiety, and like I’m gonna relapse
if I’m alone. I’m gonna relapse if I’m alone. So it was really intimidating to
be like, “Oh, I’m gonna move out in my own place alone.” But so far, I’ve been okay,
which I should anticipate cuz I’ve grown since then.
I have friends within like 15 minutes of me that could come over if I wanted them
to, my parents are only half an hour away. I felt twinges of anxiety, but I don’t
know if that’s because I’m freaking myself out about living alone or if it’s
just normal, new situation, new living space
that like of course I’m gonna be a little anxious about living alone for
the first time. Like, showering last night was crazy because every little noise, I
was like, “Who’s in my apartment?” It’s just my anxiety brain. We have to work past that.
And Matt Haig is helping me with his book about anxiety. Bitch, I look I’m
fresh out the shower. – [Voiceover] Bitch, no you don’t, you didn’t even wash your hair. And now for the rest of the night, which is like an hour, and an hour and a half, I’m going
to read. So let me wash my face and let’s go. Oh my god. Don’t get me wrong, I’m
liking this book, but talking about depression and anxiety while I’m going
through stuff? I’m like oh my god. I keep having to stop myself from
spiraling. Something about the way Matt writes–and this happened to me when I
read his first book–is he describes in such vivid detail the darkest points
of his life, and I’ve never been that extreme, but it puts that nugget in the
back of my mind like that could be me one day.
And it just freaks me out. So I know I should probably like give this book a
break. I think just like, everything is catching up with me and how
stressful this has been and my mom’s out of town, so even if I wanted
her to come over and talk to her about me being anxious, she’s not here.
Oh my god, I’m baby! I think I’m gonna stop reading for tonight and watch TikToks instead because that makes me happy. But I made it to page 168, so we’ll
continue this tomorrow at work when I’m feeling better. I’m stealth vlogging at
work right now before I go in. I just wanted to say today’s a new day. I’m
feeling better. I straightened my hair, got up early, my
foundation doesn’t match. Just the normal things. I’m gonna put my badge on and let’s go inside! Work day! I feel like I haven’t talked to you all day. Cuz I haven’t. Like
I said, my mom is in Vienna right now. Well, I don’t think I said Vienna. She’s
in Vienna, so my dad and I hanging out because we both have no structure
without her. So we just went and picked up my headboard that I had ordered. We’re not gonna set it up tonight ’cause it’s late and I don’t feel like it. I really want to break in my tub. I’m gonna read my book–hello buddy.
Gordo is so talkative in this new place! So I’m gonna read my book in here,
probably with him on the sidelines. It’s just crazy that for years I’ve been like,
“I want a bath tub!” and look at me. (easygoing music) I got ready for Halloween early. I’m
Casper the ghost. I’m going to have some delicious Target brand pretzels and
roasted red pepper hummus, but I need to continue my book because I didn’t get a
lot of reading done in the bath because turns out, Gordo likes batting at
bathwater. Do you mind? I am taking a bath. Sir! Get your toes out of my water! (easygoing music) I’m so tired I can’t even be bothered to
put my battery back in my camera that’s currently charging, but I made it to page
260. I’ve got like 30 pages left. I tried to finish this book tonight, but I
got to the point where I didn’t understand a single word of the last
paragraph I just read because I was nodding off. So I’ll just take the L, go
to bed, and then finish this at work tomorrow. Wir sind auf Arbeit zu Hause. (We are home from work.) Today was another day of me doing my hair, but I realized I don’t have hairspray, so all my
curls fell out, but oh well! No one in my department noticed I curled my hair
anyway. I have two things to update you about, one of which is way more important
than the other. So the first piece of trivia is that I finished my book. So I
need to review that, but also I went to Trader Joe’s. So clearly, the more important thing that I have to talk about is the Trader Joe’s
haul. But I’m gonna do that second, so. Thoughts. I thought this was a great book.
I really liked the first book that I read by him, Reasons to Stay Alive,
because it offers a really great perspective on mental illness, both from
a neutral party like someone who wants to help you, but also through personal
experience. So I like the way he’s able to thread in anecdotes without it being overbearingly memoir. I think this is really relevant to my life about
anxiety and social media. I also loved how this was a lot more of how to
practice self-care. At the beginning, I was really worried that it was just
gonna be a preachy book like log out of social media, it’s no good for you! But it
really offered a nuanced perspective on there are good parts of social media, but
there’s also some not great parts. Distance yourself as needed, not
necessarily get rid of it entirely. I do like that it incorporated a lot of
research, a lot of personal experience, a lot of lists and stuff that’ll
motivate you to be kinder to yourself. I’m giving it a 4 stars, and I don’t know
how I would suggest making it a 5 stars. I just think for what it was, it
resonated 4 stars with me. But I still adore Matt Haig’s writing. He makes such
beautiful metaphors for mental illness, not in a way that glamorizes it, but in a way
that explains it to people who don’t have mental illness or if you do and you don’t know how to articulate it, he says it exactly. Cool!
Now Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s has me in a headlock with all the fall stuff
they’re doing, so I had to try this popcorn that’s maple flavored. Got a
couple bananies. They got me with this pasta sauce that has pumpkin in it. One
of the things that I know how to cook and like cooking is sweet potatoes. She’s
like, I also like sweet potatoes. It’s not about you right now, ma’am. I got these a
ton when I was in college, but these peanut butter filled pretzels are just
always a good snack. I got some strawberries and some blueberries. I have
done it. I have found dairy free ranch. I think I’m lactose intolerant, so I’m
trying to go dairy-free, but the one thing that’s so difficult to find is
ranch. Trader Joe’s came through! We’re gonna try that. It might taste like booty, but
we’ll see.. I love Trader Joe’s ravioli, so I just
got one that I’ve never tried before. Maybe it sucks. Also, at me for saying I
want to go dairy-free and I’m getting cheese ravioli. Mind your business! This is one of my favorite things ever. This tastes exactly like Beijing beef from
Panda Express, which is one of my favorites. Ma’am, you’re not supposed to
be up here. Hello? Once again, mind your business with the dairy, but I have mac
and cheese bowls with pizza toppings. It’s so good, okay? I don’t want to hear
it. I also really like their frozen butter chicken. And lastly, some turkey
burgers. I’m getting up close and personal with my local Barnes and Noble
that I’ve never been to before. I’m a fan She looks good. (groovy music) I really wanna buy this. And we’re car vlogging on my phone! I was
so spoiled growing up because I grew up next to the biggest Barnes and Noble in
my area, so now every time I go into any other Barnes Noble, I’m like ugh, it’s not Barnes & Noble Southlake. So that Barnes & Noble was fine. It just wasn’t big. I
kept on picking up Serpent & Dove and I wanted to buy it. I was looking for
Crier’s War by Nina Valdes. Couldn’t find that one, so I guess it wasn’t meant to
be. But then I saw this. Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell. I know there’s lots of
conversations happening right now about Rainbow Rowell. I just wanted this
because this cover, hello? I’m not gonna lie, I only gave Carry On like two stars.
It wasn’t the best, but it was just because the enemies to lovers to me was
done so sloppily. It was like they hated each other, but why? And also, I didn’t
care about the side characters. I thought I was boring, but I feel like now that
the two characters are together, it’ll pick up and be more interesting. But
maybe I’ll be totally wrong. Either way, I’m gonna get the exclusive edition so
that it’s worth something in a few years. Just kidding. But am I?
Oh, the moon’s so pretty! It looks like the DreamWorks logo at the
beginning of the Spirit movie. It kind of looks like a bean, pfft. It’s a
crescent moon and it’s very pretty in real life, okay? So I’m all ready for bed.
Eleven o’clock is usually around the time that I’m exhausted, so I’m probably
not gonna make it that long, but I just want to start a new book before I go to
work tomorrow so that when I’m on lunch break or something I can just continue
that. So even though I’m tired and I’m probably gonna fall asleep, I’m gonna try
and get at least a chapter into this new book that I want to read. It’s a
romance book, and I hope it’s just gonna be cute and fast. I’m dumb bitch and
forgot to give a synopsis for this book. But this is about a black girl
named Chloe who has fibromyalgia and her chronic pain used to hold her back, but
she has decided to make a list of stuff she wants to do to be more adventurous,
and she employs the help of a guy from her apartment complex to help her finish
off the list. So I made it like 17 pages in. So far, it feels a little bit forced.
Not necessarily that it’s unrealistic, but
there’s definitely the sensation that I know I’m reading a fictional book, so
it’s a little difficult to suspend my disbelief for certain things. But, it’s so
fun. It’s enemies to lovers, which I wasn’t expecting, and I love the main character
so far. Minor writing style thing aside, I think it’s gonna be so much fun,
but mama needs her sleep. Good night! Today was the worst day at work ever, but
at least I have my boy. Basically today I had a bunch of meetings where I pitched
ideas for stuff and everyone was like no. So I was feeling really self-conscious
all day, and then also, I thought that we were allowed to wear shorts every Friday,
but apparently that was only a thing for the summer, so I wore shorts to work and
then got called to HR. And that was just really really embarrassing, and I’m such
a perfectionist that if I ever mess up on something, I’m just–it haunts
me. I’m just cranky and sad. I watched Monsters Inc and I ordered pizza to cheer
myself up, but I’m still in a funk. So I’m cuddling my cat because he’s the
only one who understands me. Last night I started setting up my bookshelves
because I have so many book boxes sitting around that I just wanted them out of the way. So I want to keep all my classic,
nonfiction, like adult-y books together, and it’s already taking up half a
bookshelf, which I didn’t think it would take up that much. So I’m thinking I’m
gonna put them all over by my literary fiction and have like an adult shelf. But I
don’t know if I want that to be closest to the window or over here. But I also
want all my series to go across the top and like go horizontal instead of
vertical, so I’m like, should I just do all my adult stuff running along the
bottom? How do y’all do this? There’s so many choices! My babies are doing a good
clean. Self-care night for all of us. I found this new podcast that is so much
fun and I love it. It’s called This Might Get Weird and it’s with Grace
Helbig and Mamrie Hart, and they’re just half-hour segments where the two
talk about stuff, just like random things that happen to them, but they’re so funny
and I can’t stop listening to it. So I think I’m gonna put that on, cheer myself up, get in a
cleaner space. Good morning! It is Saturday.
I have a couple errands I need to run today, and also I wanna get a library card. The library doesn’t open until 9:00, and I’m now someone with my life on track, so I
get up early. I’m gonna get ready. I’m gonna go to library at nine then I gotta go
do a return. Let’s just scope out the scene. See if the library’s any good.
They’re also doing a library book sale this morning which started at 8:00 and
there was a preview last night, so it’s probably picked over, but I want to go
see if it has any good books. (easygoing music) Hello! So I went to the book sale, and as expected, it was pretty much a flop. But I
didn’t really find anything, there were a couple of YA books that I’ve heard of
and I was like oh, okay. It’s kind of recent but I wasn’t really interested. The
fiction section was a big flop. The romance was even floppier. However, I did
check out a couple books. I had a couple of these out from my previous library.
Which by the way, I kind of like my old library better. This had a terrible
selection, so I’ma be coming in like a wrecking ball with my requests. But I
got four books, which is more than I wanted because I have a ton of books to
read here and I’m trying to focus on my TBR jar, but still! These are all four
high-priority books for me, and I had them all out from my library before, so
I’m just carrying on with that. I really want to read them, so the first one. I
actually started it while I was still in the library cuz I just wanted to see
what it was like. Scythe by Neal Shusterman.
This is gonna feel repetitive because I’ve talked about all of these books
before, but this is a book about the government wants to regulate how many
people exist on earth, and so they have these figures called Scythes. If you’re
not contributing to society or you’re old, they kill you basically. So the main
character of this book is chosen to become a scythe, and it’s all about that.
Like the morality and the corruption of that world. I’ve heard great things and
the third one’s coming out soon and everyone’s hyping it up a lot, so I want
to dive into it and get into it so that I can read it along with everyone else. The
first chapter was interesting. So far the writing style is just kind of okay. I
don’t know. It’s interesting though, so we’ll see. I’m not gonna judge it
too soon. Then I got Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills, which I’ve read Emma Mills’s
first debut novel. By the way, Emma Mills used to be a Youtuber under the name
elmify. I watched her since like 2012, and I love her and I want to support her, but
I really did not like First & Then, which is the book I read by her. She has
like four books out now, so I wanna retry and everyone says this is her best
book. I think it’s about these students that are all doing a Shakespeare play. I
don’t know if there’s a female/female romance. I’m afraid because I don’t want
this to be another typical contemporary. Like, the first one I read
from her I felt was very typical and like two star bland, but I want to love it
because I love her as a person and she’s so articulate and well spoken her videos.
And I respect her so much. So yeah, I want to try that one. I don’t even think she’s
posting YouTube videos anymore. I’m just obsessed with her. Third book I got is
Girl Made of Stars. When I hauled this last time, everyone was telling me I’m
gonna love it. This is about Mara whose twin brother
Owen is accused of rape. It very heavily deals with sexual assault themes and
being torn between family and her friend. I think the girl who accuses him of rape
is her best friend. This says it’s all about consent, victim
blaming, and sexual assault, and it’s gripping and everyone who gives me
feedback on this says it is haunting and touching and so good. So really want to
read it! Also, Ashley Herring Blake makes so many great stories that I want to
read, and I think that’ll be the first by her that I’ve read. Finally, I got Sky
Without Stars with Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell. This is super big. I don’t
know if I’m gonna get to it, but this book sounds so good, and I read the first
chapter when I had it out from the library last time, and it was so
beautiful. This is a sci-fi retelling of Les Mis! It has three characters, Jean Valjean, Eponine and Javert, and they’re like in their fantasy world. Oh, I wanna read it! It sounds so good. It’s a Les Mis retelling and I would die for Les Mes, I would die for Mr. Jean
Valjean. I’m obsessed. I’m felling a lot better today. In the words of Sigrid, I don’t feel
like crying. Anyway, let’s go inside. Okay, it’s several hours later. I filmed a
separate video where I was putting my bookshelves together and organizing. My
dad came over and we put together my headboard finally, so here’s a room tour
update. Here’s my headboard. I don’t know how I feel about the gray on gray, but
it’ll be fine. Sad story, I have so many books that still need to be put on this
shelf, but they’re full! So I don’t know what to do. I know for a fact that I’m gonna be
buying a TBR cart, so I’m gonna get that and put that beside my bed and I’m just
having a difficult time with what I should do for fitting the rest of the
books that I’ve read on my shelf. I don’t know if I should get extenders that go
up here, which would be $75 for three of them. I could just pay $60 for a full new
shelf and put that in my living room because I have two walls
where it could go. I don’t know if I want to get like a skinny shelf and put it where my
TBR shelf is over here then move my TBR shelf on different wall. So many options!
And I don’t know what to do! But I love the way this looks. I’m so happy.
None of it is organized. My big goal is I don’t want to have to stack books vertically. I hate that. It’s so hard to film videos like that, but I’m gonna
go to Michael’s. I need to get a couple organizational things for just around
the house. So when I get back, we will put together my TBR cart. Oh! I also did this. I put
up my Beauty and the Beast tapestry on this wall, which I don’t know if I’m
gonna put my TV there later on. I still haven’t bought a couch because I wanted
to save money for it before I did that. So I have the TV over here right now. I
wanted to put the couch right here, but this chair is so huge. But now I’m
wondering should I put this chair in that corner and then put the couch right
here and then put my TV right here? I’m clearly not an interior designer. Let’s
go to Michael’s! I’m back. I just had to walk up the stairs, so I’m recovering. But
I’m pleased to announce that I got the last rose gold TBR cart in Michael’s!
So here she is. I think I’m going to leave it over here on the other side of
my bed. So I think I’m gonna do library books and ARCs and things that were sent
to me that I need to review. The oldest books on my TBR that are my priority for
this year. I want to put books on there that I’m gonna sell on depop or that
are currently listed on depop cuz right now, I have no place for them. Okay, here’s
all my books that can go on this cart. I think I’m gonna organize this by high
priority to low priority. Okay, here’s a couple books I’m selling, so I’ll put
these on the bottom. Oh? I was like I know I’m missing some. It’s
because Priory of the Orange Tree. Now let me go get the oldest books on my
TBR. I know a couple of them off the top of my head, but I’m gonna have to go on
my laptop and figure the rest out. Right now, the oldest book on my TBR is The
Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah.
Also Night Film by Marisha Pessl. What else am I missing, Goodreads? I know
probably several classics. Handmaid’s Tale, A Little Life, The Picture of Dorian
Gray, and 1984. Let’s put these four on there. We also have White Oleander, The Last Lecture, which I don’t have a
dust jacket for, A Child Called It, and T The Catcher in the Rye. The rest of them
aren’t super old, so I’m just gonna leave it like that. And there we have it! There’s
my TBR cart. We are at the end of a day. I’m going to finally continue my book.
The other day, I only got to page 14, so I have lots to go. That was such a weird
angle. Okay I’m just gonna read. (easygoing music) (Gordeo meows) Good boy! My camera is about to die but I’m also
about to fall asleep. I just want to update that I made it to chapter eight,
page 120. It’s getting a lot better. It’s not as basically written as I initially had
thought it was. But yeah, it’s cute. It’s angsty, it’s steamy. I’m gonna go to bed
though. I’m so tired. Good morning! He accidentally saw my phone reflection
on the wall and now he thinks there’s a bug but it’s not a bug, it’s just my camera
doing this.
(gordo meows then claws headboard) I’m treating myself to some breakfast in bed. I’ve got some oatmeal and a banan, and I really want to finish my book so that I can finish off this
vlog. I’ve been vlogging for about a week now. (easygoing music) A mid-afternoon nap was needed. Now I’m
making a veggie burger for a late lunch. I literally fell asleep with my book
propped open on my pillow, so what page do I get to? 252, not bad. Ooh, she lookin’ so good. Hi bebe. Yaas! By the way, I’m making this from Trader Joe’s and it slaps so hard. (chill music) Okay, I finished the book.
(Gordo meows) Gordo is here to assist with reviewing. Isn’t that right? (Gordo meows) I finished this
book. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to read a book in like two
days, so this was a really refreshing read. I think I’m gonna give it four
stars. If you missed the synopsis or I didn’t give you a good one previously,
it’s about this young black woman. She has fibromyalgia, and so she has always
lived a really sheltered life because she’s really afraid of a flare-up
occurring. But via the influence of her sisters, she decides to put together a
list of challenges for herself like camping and having wild, meaningless sex
and just doing a bunch of things she would otherwise have strayed away from.
And so the superintendent of her building is a guy that she has a very
fraught relationship with. It’s kind of like an enemy’s to lovers deal. After a
series of circumstances, he ends up agreeing to helping her check off some
of those list items, and so it’s about them. First of all, this book is so cute. It is
very much like a Lifetime romance movie that’s just feel good and soft, and it’s
funny and it’s light-hearted even though there are the themes of the main
character having chronic pain, and you find out that the male protagonist
was just in an abusive relationship. So there’s good representation there, but
also it’s just so fluffy. So I think it balanced those two halves of the story
really really well. However, with the cheesiness of it and the generic feel-goodness of it, the writing style wasn’t really my favorite. I briefly mentioned this when I started the book that I wasn’t loving the writing. I
think my issue with it isn’t necessarily the writing, it’s just the dialogue. The
dialogue between the characters was sometimes funny. I guess overall, it didn’t
really bother me, but they were parts sometimes it felt like it was the author
that was making the characters talk rather than the characters organically
talking to one another, and I know like it’s a book and that’s what it is, but it
was just difficult for me to buy into their dialogue, and in a way, it kind of
felt like they were acting like teenagers or talking like teenagers,
which isn’t the dunk on YA at all because I love YA.
But it never really backed up that silliness and that childishness with
maturity that adults should have. So I don’t know. It was a romance book, but on
the other hand, it also read really cheesy. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing
because if you need a fluffy book definitely give this one a try, but I
just wanted some more substance at certain points. That might have been a
lot of complaints, but overall I thought it was cute and it was fun and it was quick.
I didn’t even notice there’s the cat on the cover, but I loved the cat in the
book and all the different dividers in the chapters are little cats. So it was
just adorable. It’s a feel-good book, even though it does have those bigger themes.
It was still a lot of fun to read and it makes you, makes you nice and warm.
So yeah, I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you publisher for sending me a copy. Thank
you everyone so much for watching! I’m so happy I have my own place to film and no one’s overhearing me and I can just let everything loose! I’d love to
hear from you down below. Hope you’re having a wonderful week. See you next time!

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