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Move-in Day at UBC Exchange Residence

Today, specifically, is a really special
day because it’s move-in day. It’s really the beginning of the creation of a community. So we’re here to to welcome students from the time they arrive in
their cars with their parents or solo. Some come on buses, as we saw, and
they’re dragging their bags behind them. But as soon as they arrive on on our
site we we embrace them, effectively. We have our res advisors and our volunteers welcoming them, helping them with their bags to the room —checking them in, making them feel like they’re part of a community. Exchange residence has 651 beds, a number of one-bedroom, two-bedroom three-bedroom and four-bedroom configurations
and large, regular-size studios. And there’s 71 of the Nano units. I chose the Exchange residence because
it’s just really close to everything I really liked how was by the bus loop and
I really liked how the nano suite itself has a kitchen and a shower and it
doesn’t take up a lot of space. This is the bed/desk combo. You have the desk and then it transforms into a bed. You just flip it like that. So we’re really doing that as a trial. We’re trialling out those 71 units. If it’s successful, from feedback from students, we will continue to develop more of
those as we as we continue to develop our our growth plan here for more
housing on campus. Knowing that we were we were co-mingling a huge amount of bus
traffic and and a residential community into one space, it was really important
to make sure we separated those. Not just from a noise perspective, that’s
the obvious one, but diesel fumes— these are diesel buses that are down below. And buses of that size could actually cause vibration. So those were three
things that we really looked at and the design team was challenged to making
sure that there was a separation of those two. It’s a community and it’s an
environment that not only students would want to live in I think many people
would would see as being attractive.

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