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Mother And Daughter’s Wild Tiny House Adventure

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to follow a new direction in life to build a tiny house downsize all of your belongings and move that home from one end of the country right the way to the other and that is exactly What this mother-daughter duo have done and today we’re here in Penticton to check it out Hi Sarina, how’s it going? Yeah, how are you? Great lovely to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Hi medicine lovely to meet you This is such a funky looking tiny house that you’ve got here. Thank you. And This is really quite some parking spot that you’ve managed to find for it as well. Yeah, we’re quite lucky. We got B and luck very nice scenery so we’re in an Ave Park right now how Difficult, was it for you to find a place to park the tiny house here? It was actually quite difficult because Before I built the tiny house the first thing is to find an actual place that would take a tiny house Right because you’re not a house that you’re not a trailer So anyway, it just happened to be at the right time where there was new owners and this used to be old Go-kart area and turned into an RV park and we were the first ones here. Yeah Yeah, we got a to size spot and overlooks the lake Yeah, awesome neighbors, too. Yeah, absolutely and you’re right being able to have the lake views is just the icing on the cake Isn’t it definitely definitely what was it that actually inspired you to build this tiny house two years ago when I came home from work, my daughter Madison was watching a show and she knows what I love interior design and things like that, and she Told me to come sit on the couch. And the rest is history. Yeah, I didn’t expect all this to come from it I just thought that She would enjoy it because of her interest in design and everything like that, but it turned out to she really liked it Yeah, we can design. Yeah your own place and take it with you if you want to move. Yes. I’m not really Interesting just waiting for it. So a big part of the adventure in starting into the tiny house living Was back about three years ago when I was taking care of my mom and unfortunately she passed away but before she passed away, we were talking about all the things that she wanted to do and that got me thinking life is so short to not do what we want and I think we go into life thinking that It may be too scary not knowing all the answers and not just dive into that so she was a big part in that and so building the tiny house was not just a tiny house thing that was into but it was the whole adventure and I’m really glad that I did that and Speaking of moving you actually designed this and win a pig and drove it all the way here to BC didn’t here Yeah, so on one of the shows on TV I saw this particular house and then kind of just tweaked it myself and got a builder out there and hired some contractors And yeah to move it to pull it out here what was the process of towing this house all the way from Winnipeg to BC like, um well initially I wanted to travel behind it and watch it like a little baby, but I thought no it’s too nerve-wracking and Maybe put bubble wrap around it. That didn’t work. So yeah, it was a good company We found a family owned company that travels from Winnipeg to BC on a weekly basis and it was it was good Yeah, there’s no other windows and it came in one piece. So exactly the windows broken Yeah, and now tell me about the design and the style of the tiny house Well my design of the house, I love like shabby chic. I love cabin I love Beach Lake You know and especially living right across from the lake Just I thought all the blues and something to pop and then it’s kind of like has a water and feel as well to mix The moderns with the B gene, but just I think it works. Yeah, it certainly does and what size is this tiny house? so it is 28 feet long about eight and a half feet wide and it’s about 380 square feet for the size of this tiny house. You certainly did not hold back on putting in windows did you know this was the reason why it shows like this design because living tiny I didn’t want to feel like Crowded or anything and then being in a house with lots of windows, you know I can sit on the couch and you can see you know Yeah, see this guy and things like that. You don’t feel like it’s 380 Yeah, but the downside is it does get hot lifter, of course yeah, and then I see you’ve capitalized on this fantastic parking spot by adding this huge deck to the tiny house and This is a really nice extension to it, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s really important like to have outside space living in a tiny house Especially like in this summertime because we gave up our dining room Although I have to say we didn’t use the dining room when we had a normal house It just adds a lot more space when you can like extend your home outside So yeah, we really like spending time out here when it’s nice out eat supper is out here have breakfast and stuff So it’s really nice and medicine you have recently moved out of the tiny house because you are starting a new family But this has kind of been a home base for you over the last couple of years hasn’t it? Exactly? Yeah, I spend a lot of time over the past few years traveling and things like that But it’s always been nice to have a place to come back to and and I don’t mind either Yeah, but now you have to make a home of your own Yeah Exactly, but she’ll come back. She always does Well, it’s wonderful that you’ve created this jewel loft design so that there’s always room for family when they want to come stay right exactly Yeah, for sure. Well the house looks really lovely from the exterior Especially this here just overlooking the lake the spot is so idyllic and I am very excited to check out the inside Can we take a look? Absolutely? Thank you This is just so nice it really has kept that very beach house feel hasn’t it? Yeah, I tried to keep the color scheme going throughout the house like a beach teal Technicolor isn’t a flow throat Very nice and then entering the home. We are immediately in your kitchen. Yeah, it’s a galley kitchen it Has good cupboard space and as I pull out garbage because I can’t imagine not having space for a garbage in such an year-olds face Very trick my apartment size fridge and this cabinet here actually was a free-standing cabinet that I saw immediately I’m like, okay I’m cutting off the legs and I’m going to brace it and put it on the wall and it worked it didn’t fall yet Very good. So how do you find the kitchens working for you? Now, it does work. I have everything that I need for it I could always use more cupboard space but it’s it’s functional. That’s good. It’s everything that I need And then what do we have behind us here? Uh, well so because my daughter took over my closet I just added an addition temporary closet that I made I just put a attention bar with curtains from my own closet and then when she takes out her clothes, I will Make it into I was thinking another additional Kitchen space more cabinets there and then for the three here we have your lounge. Yeah. So here is the living area Where we spend a lot of our time and our two lofts. My daughter’s Loft is here it’s a double loft and this is a queen-size and This actually this was my headboard for my bed Really? Yeah So I just actually the wood comes from a cabin in Ontario and I just cut it in half and use it as dividers I think that beachy worn-out beachy vibe It’s always especially nice when you can bring those feature elements from a previous home into a new space, isn’t it? Yeah Cuz it just feels like home when you can bring that in and miss chandelier came from my house as well in my dining room Well, that was kind of a classy girly touch and the circle feature window. There is quite special, isn’t it? Yeah, do you get a lot of comments about that window? It’s very pretty lots of light through there This is actually just stick on so it gives privacy and leaves off the light a little bit But I’m still looking for a good solution for I’m thinking about shutters custom made Eventually and it’s really nice how you’ve got the bond over there with the full-length mirror on it. Yeah I really enjoy that especially getting ready. You can see yourself getting ready and it just opens up the space more I enjoy it. And then with the lounge area here, you’ve got a comfortable-looking Sofer Television everything you need exactly. Yeah. I don’t think I need much more. I think my favorite spot would be the bathtub All right. Should we check that out then? Yeah, absolutely. I Can definitely see why the bathtub is one of your favorite features It’s always just so luxurious being able to have a bath in a tiny house, isn’t it? It is and especially when you have your neighbors who don’t have a full bathtub. They actually want to come here And have a true has a good son. Yes. Yeah Absolutely Fixes things and he’s like, can I have a bath for them? Like absolutely Oh, that’s yeah now that is definitely being neighborly, isn’t it? Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah And then this vanity here is so nicely done. What a wonderful feature. Yeah. Thank you It was actually my daughter’s dresser back in her hometown and I’m just happy enough to bring it here and convert it into a sink And it works and painted, of course the same colors Yeah the house game beachy and in this bathroom, I notice you’ve also got a full washing machine as well Mm-hmm. It’s a Washer/dryer combo the downside is it does little loads whatever it takes a few hours for a couple towels But it’s in here So it works and you’ve got a flushing toilet in here as well and I suppose that being popped up at an RV park That is one of the real advantages to it because you can just hook into all of that existing infrastructure and so much right? Yeah, exactly Yeah, it’s really nice to have these conveniences power sewer water. Yeah, it’s all supplied here It’s a great RV park certainly is nice and navy and then should we have a look at the sleeping lofts? Sure So medicine before you moved out this was your sleeping loft, right it was it was it’s kind of funny because now I can actually get up there right now with the pregnancy and all but I enjoyed my time up there when I Was that thing right the pitfalls of letters, right? Yeah, exactly Yeah, what can I take a pic up there? Anyway, go ahead. All right This is really nice so what was it like for you being up here I really liked it. I felt kind of like camping but in my house we are right across from the lake and so I got really nice views and this will still be a Really special place for you to be able to come home. Yeah, exactly So some nice guest space if anyone comes and shows a mat soon Yeah, and then your lofts arena is over the other side. Yeah. Do you want to take a look? Let’s take a look Hardy This is really sweet and Again, you’ve just styled it all so nicely up here. Well, thank you I tried to keep the beachy feel and the color is the teals and things like that They see is nice cuz I’m such high ceilings You need that extra cool and I just made the headboard out of some scrap wood that I had and some extra material and It works good. Very nice And so how are you finding life in the tiny house is working out for you that’s working out really well It’s a quite an accomplishment to be in a tiny Living space and doing it yourself. Wonderful. I completely agree and medicine What’s next for you life after the tiny house? Oh Another adventure. I guess not a tiny house adventure, but we’ll see you I guess Yeah, and so having this tiny house experience in your later teenage years Is this now a living option that you would one day consider for your family? I would consider it if she decided herself she would yeah I mean now knowing like things that we didn’t know already. Then I could kind of take and learn from that and build something Specifically to what I need and yeah I would consider it the experience of the tiny house has taught me basically looking for my mom’s example She’s just really great at just going with it, you know so a lot of people are afraid like nowadays of What might happen and I know a lot of people who want to move but they’re too scared or they worry about this But she was really good at just knowing what she wanted and going after it Yeah, it’s just taught me to just go for it You don’t need to know all the answers in order to pursue something and you don’t need to Succeed in something, you know You just just continue to try and the home here is beautifully done and it’s super cool that you’ve got a lot of DIY Elements to this build as well. Can you tell me what it actually costs to build? Initially for the shell I would say Approximately around fifty thousand and then added with the furniture and the floors and things like that. So I think the outcome would be around Sixty, I would say sixty sixty-five. That is a fantastic result And especially now you have your very own beautiful almost a lakeside home. Now. That’s priceless. That is absolutely priceless I agree with all of your hard work has definitely paid off in this home I love the way that you’ve really pulled off that beach house vibe. Thank you so much for sharing your home with me so much In Life, it’s so natural for each of us to have fears and reservations things that hold us back and stop us from doing the things that we really want in the world and what’s wonderful about Sarina and Madison story is that they saw something they wanted and just went for it And the result is this a beautiful home and a brand new province and a wonderful new start to life You


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