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Mom and Daughter’s Relationship in Jeopardy over Rent?

– Amna. (applause) So what do you have to say about your mom making accusations that you’re completely taking advantage of her? – Well, in the condition that house was in when I started renting it, – [Vivica] And what condition was that? – Poor condition. – Really? – The city was after her, actually, because there was no grass
on the lawn, it was all dirt. The pool was empty, it was
a pond from the last renters had thrown turtles and goldfish in there. And she was only able to repair that due to the fact that I paid her rent and that’s how she
fixed up that house, so. – Okay, so your mom fixed up the house and then you moved in? – No, with the rent that I paid her, that’s the only way she’s been able to maintain that home. Because prior to that,
it was going downhill. She was gonna sell the house. At the time, I actually
talked her into not selling it and allowing me to rent it
and make it a better property, which I have done. – How much–
– In renovations, correct? – Yes, thank you. – Many. – How much did you spend?
– Over $60,000 I’ve spent on that house.
– [Vivica] Wow. – [Rosie] How much, I’m sorry? – Out of my pocket.
– [Vivica] 60,000. – [Rosie] Wow. – But Amna, are you and your
mom in the rehab business together that you run out of this house? – [Amna] Absolutely.
– ‘Cause in the tape piece it said that your mom went
into business with you. – Absolutely not, no I
started that business myself. I actually borrowed the $1,000 with LegalZoom from my aunt, which I paid her back in full with my income that I
made from that property. – So we have no agreement to share any profits from this business? – Absolutely not. – Is there a lease agreement in terms of what you should be paying per month for the rental of the house? – With the lease between her and I, we’ve been doing it via
email to keep record of it. That’s the only– – So there’s no formal lease agreement.
– There’s no formal lease. That’s what I’m here to try and get. – [Vivica] Oh, okay. – So we hear, we know that your mom believes you’re not paying
market rates rental for this, what we believe to be a
mansion in Glendale, right? – I’m paying pretty close
to what it’s worth, yeah, and I’ve done all the renovations myself to make it in that condition. – Are you paying on time? – I am paying on time. – And is this a thriving
business now for you? – It does well. – So it’s a residential for people? – It’s not a residential,
it’s sober living. – I also have been–
– [Mary] Which means what? – Which means people who
are sober live there. They rent and I monitor them. – How much do you charge a
person to stay there a night? I wanna come stay there. – The most anybody pays
there a month is $1,000. The majority of my money comes
from my outpatient program, which she has no rights to. – So Mom, why do you
want the rent to go up? Sounds like it’s a very reasonable thing that she’s doing.
– Exactly, but now you’re hearing what happened
is that, first of all, I have never gotten
commercial rent, let alone fair market
– It’s not a commercial property.
– value rent. And she’s turned now a profitable, like you asked–
– She did, yes, she did good with the house. – She did and she turned it into a living facility, which makes three times the amount that a sober living
in my Glendale house, now. And I’m saying–
– Because she was smart. – Exactly, she’s very
smart and she’s helped a lot of people, but it’s time to say, “Hey, Mom, you’ve helped me. Without this house, I
could’ve done nothing.” – Okay, I get that, but also, wait, hold up y’all, hold up now. Let’s hear the whole story. Because Mom, did you
inherit a lot of money that you ran through that now you’re– – She inherited that house. – [Vivica] She inherited the house? – I did not inherit anything, actually because I got the house
before my mother died. Because all of my siblings got portions and I did get the house as a transfer from my mother to myself. And I understand she’s
put a lot of money in it, but I also let it be rented for far less than you would rent it. For the first two years, $1,000
which the rent over there is 3 to 4,000 a month. I’ve done everything and anything to help her with the business because I did think we were partners. Because when I said we
opened this business, as long as–
– Oh you thought you guys opened it up as partners? – [Dinah] As long as we’re profitable–
– Amna, is that true? – I said this to her.
– It’s not the fact. – As long as we–
– Alright, were you aware that your mother thought
it was a partnership, the business that you started? – Not at all, I mean
if that was the case– – [Vivica] Is this your
first time hearing this? – I didn’t say partnership. I said to her, “As long
as this is profitable for both of us, we’ll keep on going.” – [Amna] Which it has been. – And that’s why sometimes when you do go in business with family, there needs to be a written agreement. – That’s totally my fault.
– Because, you know? I’m just gonna keep this real with you, sometimes when you start making money, all of a sudden family and them shows up and all of a sudden it’s we making money. – Exactly. (applause)

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k Kahin

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Yo that mother is hating on her own daughters success. $6000 a month sounds reasonable considering that's her own child.

The daughter should buy her own place so she don't have to get blackmailed by her own mum.

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