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Modern office in the business center of Tallinn – Property overview

Hello from Reinvest24 we have come to see
our next property an office space in a modern building in the city center of Tallinn. The property is located in the most popular
and demanded area of the city. the port of Tallinn is just across the road
and the old town is only 5 minutes walking distance. The 280 sq.m. office space is located on the
6th floor. From one side you have nice view to the old
town and on the other side you have a terrace to take a break from the busy day at the office. The property comes with all the furniture
and 3 spots in the in-door car parking area. It is the fastest developing area in the city
center of Tallinn. More than 100 mln euros were invested into
development of this area and it’s infrastructure. The city of Tallinn invested over 40 mln EUR
into the new promenade that starts from just right here. The key factor for this property is it’s location
and it’s purchase price. There are many new developments in the area
that sell for more than 4000 EUR per sq.m. Even the average sq.m. price in the area is
above 2700 EUR. With a little luck and a lot of professionalism
we were able to secure the sq.m. price under 2000 EUR for this property. Our projections show that in the next 5 years
the prices should increase to around 4000 EUR per sq.m. in this area. It’s the level where the new developments
are being sold currently. We see this property as a safe investment
due to it’s location and high demand for offices in the area that will provide a great potential
for the capital growth in the upcoming years.



Mar 3, 2020, 12:02 pm Reply

Does this investment start earning income on the day of investment or on the day far in the future when the funding is completed? This makes a BIG difference.

Alberto Sieef

Mar 3, 2020, 9:54 am Reply

When will be new information about Majaka 54-10 property?

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