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Modern Lakeside Home for Sale Chiang Mai (243,361 USD) – Presented By Luna!!!!*

Hello, everyone! It’s Luna from Perfect Homes and today I’m delighted to show you this beautiful house in Moo Ban, Doi Kham Hillside 2 which is in Nam Phrae. I’m going to be showing you the living area first. As you can see, the living area is quite spacious. It comes with this gorgeous couch, also very, very comfortable. All the furnitures, TV, decorations, it is really, really unique. And the total space of this house is 250 sq. m. and 114 sq. wah. with two bedrooms and three bathrooms. Now, over here is the dining area. It looks very cozy. Very nice. Also, the wall and everything. And the most beautiful thing about this house also is that you have this gorgeous view right outside. You can have dinner and then look at the view outside or just go and sit there and have a cup of coffee. Now let’s go check out the kitchen. The kitchen is separated from the dining area. Once you walk in, you have this gorgeous kitchen, the sink, the microwave, the gas stove, induction fan, and also refrigerator. Now let’s go check out the bathroom. The bathroom, once you walk in, you have this beautiful sink, mirror, toilet, and the shower area. Now let’s go check out the bedroom. This is the first bedroom. Once you walk in, wow, very cozy, very, very nice. You have this beautiful view of the lake outside. It’s really, really lovely. Also, this side is the view of the garden. I love it. And now I’m standing at the master bedroom. Once you walk in, you have this gorgeous, gorgeous bed. All the decorations are very, very nice and modern style. You also have this couch, TV, furniture, and you have a balcony where you can walk outside. And here is the walk-in closet of the master bedroom. Very, very nice. Very spacious. And right next to the walk-in closet is this beautiful bathroom. It comes with the bathtub. Looks really nice and relaxing. I love it. And here’s another part of the house where you can come and relax outside, look at the view with the nice little breeze. And here is the balcony area where you’re overlooking the lake, and you can have a cup of coffee, and chitchat with loved ones. I’m standing at the terrace where you can have more furnitures, if you wish. You can come here in the evening and then enjoy time with your family and friends. Also, this house has central heating which is really good. So it’s very, very convenient. And this is the studio room. You can always turn it into other rooms, if you wish. But this is really, really lovely. You can work here or you can come and study here. Also comes with a bathroom. Wow! The bathroom here is really, really cute, especially the sink. Very creative. And then the toilet and the mirror. And we’re done for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you have any questions or if you’re interested about this house, please leave us a comment or click at the link below. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share this video. I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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