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Mobile Tablesaw Cart | Woodworking shop project

First came the i-wood now comes the i-wood X with a 297 gigahertz microjig maker of the gripper work safer work smarter Hey, this week’s video is also sponsored by video blocks I bought this new table saw to use exclusively in my weekend woodworker course It’s a great saw at an affordable price but It didn’t come with a stand and since one of the goals of the course is to show you how you can make cool stuff In a limited space I made this Rolling cart that tucks neatly away in the corner of a garage it has locking Casters to keep it in place and two drawers to store table saw accessories and keep them easily at hand finally I designed a cart so that the table of the saw is the same height as My basic mobile workbench that way this can convert into an outfeed table I have free plans for this project down in the description but you’ll probably need to modify them to fit your needs and of course the size of your Table saw and of course you could just use this basic design for any power tools one of the best things about Shop Projects is it’s a good opportunity for me to go through my lumber bin and get rid of some excess of lumber that I probably won’t use for nicer projects I’ve got some scraps of plywood and a whole bunch of pieces of Solid pine that I think I have enough for this project We’ll see. I’ll start by cutting out all the frame pieces to their final sizes. To do that I’ve set up an extension fence on my miter saw and then I’ll set up a stop block for each of the lengths [Groovy Music] *Metallic Click* [Groovy Music] I’ll assemble all these face frames using pocket screws *Whirring Drill* [More Groovy Music] *wooden clicks and clacks* *metallic clunking* [Back to the Funky Music] *whirring drill* *sped up drill whirring* This board goes on the front face frame to separate the two drawers. I’m gonna use these two Spacers to space it apart equally on both sides and save these spacers. You’ll need those for the side runners To assemble the frame I’ll glue it and screw it together from the outside Okay, there’s one way to frame out a basic cabinet now. I’ll cut the plywood panels for the insides I’ll put a little bit of glue on these and screw them into place These are the lower drawer runners, I’ll attach them to this sides. The important part with these is that they’re even with this front frame so that the drawers will slide without bumping over it. I think it’ll be a lot easier to attach it if I flip this on its side. I need to install these upper runners for the top drawer to keep it from tipping when it slides out. I’ve cut a couple of spacers to help me keep those parallel, too. The way I like to make drawers is to measure the openings and then subtract an eighth of an inch. That leaves me with a sixteenth of an inch on each side to let the drawers slide in and out easy. If you want to make that a little bit bigger a little bit smaller you can depending on whether you like a tighter fit or a little bit looser drawer. I Can do a quick test fit on those pieces the top drawer looks fine, but looks like this bottom one, I’m gonna have to trim down a little bit. It’s a little snug going in and out so I’ll trim just a little off of this side. And I’ll test it again. That looks pretty good. So when the door comes out it won’t tip down too much. And now I can cut all four sides to their exact lengths. I like to make drawers by cutting rabbets on the ends of the front and back pieces. It makes assembly a lot easier and keeps everything nice and square. I’ll use a stack of dado blades to do that. And without adjusting the height of my blades I’ve moved by fencing so I can make a rabbet along one edge of all eight of the sides. I’m gonna glue this thin plywood bottom on at the same time this will also help square it up. I cut out these false fronts. These will stop the drawers from going too far back. Okay with that drawer in place I’ll just clamp this piece on to the face frame. I’ve drawn some lines to help me get this centered and straight. I’ll screw that in place from the back To get the drawers to slide in and out easily first I sand down the runners to 320-grit making them really smooth. Then I’ll apply a layer of paste wax, and I’ll do the same to the bottom of the drawers. Now the top and the bottom pieces are the same size. I’ll just screw them into place. While I’ve got this upside down, I’ll go ahead and install the locking casters Even with all the careful measurements I took, I’m uh three-quarter of an inch too short on this. I’m not exactly sure how I did that But I think it’s an easy fix. All I need to do is put some riser blocks under these feet. Hey guys, I want to thank videoblocks for helping to make this week’s video Possible are you ready for something a little bit different? I think you’re gonna enjoy this check it out Video blocks is a member only site and at one stop shop for stock video footage This is cool because you don’t have to pay for every clip you want to use unlimited downloads it’s an awesome and affordable way to bring studio quality footage into your videos and There’s over three million royalty-free clips, so you can always find what you need October is almost here And that means my favorite holiday of the year is right around the corner Halloween I thought it would be fun to showcase video blocks by making a short horror movie using nothing But stock footage if you want to try out video blocks free for seven days and get free access to their massive video library just go to video blocks. com slash YouTube Or better yet click on the link down in the description to get started. This was a lot of fun and now I present Jessica’s nightmare Well I hope you enjoyed this table saw cart project I’m not gonna apply any finish to this cart I don’t think shop projects really need any but hey if you want to make yours extra fancy Go for it or hey if you want to brighten up your shop I fully approve of painting it any color that makes you happy make it your own Guys if you’re looking for a simple straightforward mere mortals approach to getting started in woodworking Check out the weekend woodworker com be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you’ll be notified as soon as the course launches Download my list of affordable tools. I recommend and as a thank you I’ll send you a link to a top secret special video I made talking about these tools including what I like and don’t like about this saw See I haven’t been taking a lot of vacations lately Seriously, you’re gonna. Love this course. Thanks for watching everybody

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