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Mobile-Shop | Capacity Cart

hi I’m Angela mazzella with the mobile
shop company and i’m here to introduce you to the capacity cart over the past
10 years of being in business we’ve developed a number of different cards
from our HT engineering cart the PM cart and the SD express cart we now have one
for the industrial side this is known as the capacity cart let’s go through some
of the features of our great capacity card as with any of our carts the
capacity part comes with our award-winning tool bag it’ll have
basically everything that you need in an industrial environment you have
fantastic ladder hooks here so you can carry from a 22 a six-foot ladder on
your cart you have a profitable drawers all customizable and complete and you
can configure them however you see fit a vise comes standard on our capacity cart
the reason why this is called the capacity card is because it can carry
over 2,500 pounds on it comes with great lockable tires very high grade the part
is really easy to move on the back side you can see any kind of storage that
you’ll have larger larger items you have a trash receptacle on it and what’s
great about this is underneath the cart also has an area to carry large items
you can carry your arc flash suits in it you can carry helmets any of your larger
items sawzalls any big equipment that you’re going to need to carry this is
the capacity part

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