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MiniHeads Shopping Spree… Kinda | CuteCraft Minecraft SMP – Ep. 18

Oh after I have to win your love first Uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh Go in the water! Ohh that was good Hey guys and welcome back to another episode of cute craft, and I’m here with Elka she’s so cute Yeah, say hi Elka there ya go and Elka is still not big enough to ride we need to fix that so hold on one Second Elka I need to get some supplies need more meat. I have like one of each type let’s take these bones Time to go kill more animals oh, I think my dear grew up yay, let’s test them out take your saddle oh I have to win your love first Oh Uh oh Uh oh Go in the Water! OH That was good. Oh, you’re a tricky one you tried to kill me How dare you I am dear Queen can’t you see oh wait? No I look like dragon I am dear Queen can’t you see now you will respect my authority don’t you dare kill me see oh? She was just confused or he I don’t I don’t actually know they were just confused they thought I was a dragon Oh my god. Yes, are you gonna be super slow though. Yep super slow, but I mean it’ll do alright Let’s scout out some things to Kill you need meat and bones. Oh, it’s a little piggy. MURDER! Oh, I haven’t seen wolves yet. Well these wolves are cute how convenient Cuz I have a ton of bones. I can spare some oh my God. He’s tamed already that was easy. I got you Oh look at my little puppy. Oh my god I mean I didn’t come out here expecting to get a puppy But that’s just what happens sometimes you leave your house, and you come back with a puppy happens all the time, okay? Let’s teleport home first, and then I’ll go back get my dear. Oh my god You can you can stay up here with Rudolph. Just don’t kill Rudolph. Okay, actually Can you be trusted? Like if I let you walk around OH alright wolf pup doesn’t have a name yet candy wolf pup. This is your brother Okay, his name is Rudolph. Do not eat him. Do NOT eat him. Okay, actually. I won’t trust you Rudolph, don’t get too close to him. He may eat you. I’m not I’m not a hundred percent sure good boy I see you later. Okay. You be good boy And we’re off. Oh hello there cows. die die die die and while we’re here are there any four-leaf clovers yes Ghast tear? Red nether brick? Eh I don’t need that Oh what the heck is this? End rod? Oh whats this, A daylight Sensor? Yeah oh another one No, no no not what i meant no no no no oh I can land I can land the boat yay Can I go up? no Oh I just realized there is a Really pretty biome over here. Oh, there’s little fairies, but like different fairies are these not as evil Oh Oooooooh Oh god I hear the evil ones though one of these. Oh god here comes no No, no no no get away from me, mmm. Just need glass to get a jar. Oh, they’re so cute They don’t steal my things All right I just need to make a jar and then I can come back and get a bunch see one of those Water temple areas over there wondering if I could take you with my dragon armor and my dragons sword I’m gonna try. I have a feeling I’m not gonna make it very far. Oh god. There’s so many Guardians Yeah, this isn’t gonna work. I don’t think I’ve ever actually done a water temple looks like it won’t be today Somebody teach me how to do these. What do I need tell me what I need I want to be able to do them I give up. Tell me the comments below. How do you beat a water temple? I always try it. I never do it Let’s go home, and see if this is enough meat. Oh is this a does this work yay I thought I didn’t know if it had to be all the same type of meat it does not there are so many noises in My house now cuz I’m so many mobs. Yeah there. We go. Okay. We made four all right, Elka We made you some Dragon meal. Yeah go oh god. Why why you’re what is your hope going down so much when I do that I’m scared to do another one. Oh, no your health is kind of going up with it, okay? Go go still not flyable my goodness. You’re a lot of work. I gotta go get more meat now. Here’s a question Heres a question I haven’t asked yet if I kill a deer does it drop meat. Hey guys. It’s me dear Queen yasss I have a favor to ask not a huge favor. Just just you know a medium favor I need one of you that give me your lives I don’t think they’d drop me that was waste alright never mind never mind. No you guys saw nothing that did not happen Don’t tell the other dear mm-hmm Now here’s another question I have a ton of sapphires will they sell me meat so far. They’re selling nothing good. What what what what? Got all these stupid sapphires cuz I thought they’d be useful we sell there’s some of the stuff over and over again Oh, yeah, I have cows. I’m just gonna breed them and then kill them Need some wheat All right some we put all this wheat uh yeah, you guys want this week you want it Oh you all want this wheat. Don’t ya. All of it. Oh god. They’re all mating. There all mating. Oh they are all mating Oh, Oh, you’re so cute make me more.Aw I can’t man You can’t mate that often here you guys want the wheat isn’t doing anything. I’m wasting all my wheat. Oh my god Oh, hey, hey guys oh, no. No. Oh god it backed into a corner all right well We have a new black cow which means we can kill this we want to try and keep one of each color still you guys Didn’t see that. You didn’t see that bye Ugh only got four pieces of steak from that right back. It’s gone. Oh why have I never noticed this before my house is literally right here, and I’m trying to find cows and I see this and This should be interesting Good, I was worried that this episode was gonna. Be me trying to get a bunch of meat for my dragon once again We’ll go back to meet hunting after this. I want to do something exciting We also need a ton of diamonds to make Diamond armor for our dragon wait. I need my knight Oh, I’ve make vision goggles. I forgot I made them last episode oh Look it Oh, no. Oh and Even get me over here. Oh, yep. Oh, no help me. I don’t want to eat my steak Let’s make some bread oh Oh, oh my god. I this is a crystal cave this has been next to my house the entire series. Are you kidding me? That’s what I get for not really exploring my area and only trying to build and collect cute things. Oh my god We’re gonna find so guys so many emeralds We’re gonna get to go on a shopping spree dragon meat will have to wait We just gotta safely get down there looks night vision goggles by the way forgot because it’s so dark in here All these things are spottings I’m not putting stuff down good to fight each other fight each other get him get him Tommy zombie GIMP, yeah Good zombie. It’s a blue and yellow crystal game alright. Let’s take some of these crystals We’re gonna buy all the figures all the figures I Don’t even know what to do with all this crystal, but now I’m taking some in case I need it emeralds Yes now I know where there’s a ton of gold if I ever need gold or Ten emerald so far think I got all the emeralds Adam with my emeralds. We got twenty nine emeralds alright I guess not shopping spree a mouth, but way more than we had any more Nope think I got it alright time to find a village and go shopping actually before we do Let’s take a bunch of stuff that they usually trade with us for let’s see if we get even more oh I have seven diamonds now and make some dragon armor any piece of it. Oh probably not oh I Can’t even make one piece Come on flying deer thing. We gonna go shop in I gotta go find a village the shop is buried Oh God
I will save you you better have mini heads what meeting head you got what I already have Spider-man and Boo and you have nothing to trade me. I don’t have enough to treeview Oh girl useless Okay, so I just flew around off-camera from my house Which is right here like up and around came back then went this way found a meza Which I’m gonna be exploring next episode I just marked it and moved on and there was a village there came all the way back around here went down this way Came around stopped at maybe four or five villages and Here. I am now in this village I was trying to find somebody who had you know a good mini head to sell me and they all had the same ones either vision or this some and I’ve finally given up, and I’m just gonna buy the zombie cuz I’ve had a rough day of killing cows for my dragon Oh, which by the way while I was flying around look at all the cuz I killed 56 hopefully this will be enough to make my Dragon thing, but anyway good, sir, I would like to trade you these for this Thank you Thank you. Good. Sir. Goodbye alright. Now. I’m home. Let’s cook up this steak. Let’s put our new mini heads away Go to Pier kyoool. I can’t believe really have four mini heads this whole series so far It’s so hard to get get our bones and make more dragon meal see these things cook more my microwave mistake Oh Cook steak – can I just put them all in now can’t but I’m sitting in here cooking steak for my dragon This is my life now here. We’re so much easier microwave steak microwave steak Disgusting but microwave steak alright, I think that’s good enough every time I think that it usually is a direwolf For my dragon got you some more dragon meal make you big and strong you shoo shoo shoo big enough to ride yet are you? Kidding me you’re not big enough to ride oh I’m making more. It’s all the bones. I have go. Here’s three more what now I still can’t ride you oh And now I’m at a bone so that’s a little harder to obtain Right here here eat all this steak get your health up. Move you further back. I give up Okay, you’re gonna have to stay like that. Bye. You’re too much work I guess I’ll do my outro Here with my new puppy and my brood off that always likes to be up there for some reason. Oh, yeah guys I think that’s gonna be it for this episode of cute craft, sorry I thought I’d be able to finally ride my dragon this episode We’re perylene OTT But I mean at least I got a puppy and we got a new mini heads And we got a lot of a lot a lot of a lot of me We found a crystal cave I mean it was good. It was all-around good We progressed, but yeah, I finally found a meza So I think next episode we’re gonna go explore that I hear there’s a special horse. That’s over there That’s really cool that I want and then after that I still need a Hippogriff and I need an owl so I can be Harry Potter and I need to go to the Twilight forest, there’s just so much still to do oh yeah And finally fly my dragon at some point during that but as always guys if you made it this far in the video make sure To leave a like before you go subscribe if you’re new to the channel I put out new videos every single day and as always I See you guys soon

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