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oh hey you welcome back to my channel and welcome to my house tour come on in alright you guys so this is it this is my house tour moved in last Thursday some of you guys country wanted to see what the house look like in a comments I would show you so here’s the house tour all the furniture that’s here pretty much was already here it was fully furnished which the cool thing about mehron apartments when you rent them they’re usually fully furnished there are a few like pieces I want to get from Ikea other than that I don’t really plan on buying so many other things or decorating further because I think the house already pretty decorated and but kind of like getting more things as we go but anyways we’re talking a lot let’s get into the tour he’s got no college when should we have a bedroom a living room and bathroom when we first walked in there is this little hallway in this hall we have a few things we have this telephone which actually is not a telephone it’s the buzzer when people ring downstairs I’ll press the button then it unlock and they’ll be able to come in we have this thing here I don’t really know what it is or what it does but it seems to tell the temperature outside or maybe even inside the house thirty point seven degrees Celsius very hot you’ve been having a heatwave and we have our keys like even repos keep this thing that compared the trained person kind of Americanization Bob ignore it’s way better than the Main Street and the cars and the constant ambulances I’d say still pretty good we have this thing inducing here attaboy deal with therefore and consider the light from the gas over here we have like YouTube play button because they want people to see it as if they walk into the door yeah we’re going to put another painting or picture there but I don’t really know what to put yet so moving on we’re going to go into the bedroom now the bedroom is over here and it’s a little dark right now because we have the shade down in order to keep it cool in the summer this is how you put up and down the shades in Italy you guys and these are what the Italian shades look like Verdi’s these brown things anyways you have this lip color and your shades go up my old house I had an automatic one but honestly the automatic one was so slow I kind of prefer this one alright so this is pretty much the bedroom what you see behind me is a huge wardrobe I always amazing and was already here it is has four sections and so obviously and we go have one and I have three definitely the fairest way to be the main one that I use is this one and I like it because it has shelves so like on the top shelf we have all of our on towels and stuff the second shelf is clearly my wick shelf who got my wigs and hair supplies stuff in here and then I’ve got my shelf full of purses that I use and my signature like Taylor felt hat arm down here we’ve got like the jeans oh yeah and this um pillow set Enrico and his mom gave me for Christmas here I got my jeans and my swimsuit oh my gosh you guys look at that breeze look at that nice breeze I didn’t even know that breeze existed in Milan until I came to this house it’s amazing and then underneath the shell so you’ve got drawers so I’ve got a drawers for like underwear shirt shorts and then like a suitcase and other shoes that I don’t really wear much so often we’ve got so much space like compartment one then there’s compartment two which really doesn’t have much stuff in it because yeah it’s just got like some sheets that I could have folded better honestly and some of my shoes and some of like my jackets that I’m honestly not even wearing that much right now because it’s so hot heatwave every single day third and last compartment is this one which kind of has my dresses but also my Blazers and dresses for work and my pants for work can like interest job interviews and stuff and then I’ve got more of my shoes and those are my three compartments then we’ve got this mirror here that was the whiz to house I’m actually going to buy any one from Ikea because this is kind of blurry and I don’t know I’m not really in love with it um yeah I tried cleaning it and it’s still pretty foggy so probably going to buy a new one a piano we’ve got like hooks to put coats and stuff on up there kind of a little storage area it has our suitcases and we also got a Christmas tree up there so cool we’re going to be able to celebrate Christmas there’s the bed it’s actually memory foam which is really nice to it like you can’t see it here but it is over there is my like nightstand with stuff inside and then a little light and over there is Enrico’s of my stand and of course we have the fan even though it’s not really necessary at night because we get so much wind arm we’re on the fifth floor and so we get a lot like little video again look at it again that is air that is weird what I think I’m going to do is right here next to where the mirror is I want to buy a desk and not even a deck just a table and underneath they put some IKEA drawers and like a little school and that’s where I’m going to do my makeup and keep all of my makeup stuff because I have a lot and I don’t have anywhere to put it right now right now it’s just in a box in the bathroom all my makeup stuff so I want to get that but I think that’s pretty much it I mean I wouldn’t add anything to the room I think it’s the perfect size it’s not clamped or stuffy and so yeah I just want to add like a little table to do my makeup on and that’s it moving on to the next room of the house I’m going to show you and in the bathroom it was one of the things I saw want to be add for this house and maybe say I need to have this house first I’ll just give you guys a little bit of an overview you come in and look at the shower you guys I am going to love this shower I love this shower actually and we’ve got this huge shower that actually works because in my old apartment like the shower had plumbing issues from the moment I got there and you can we’ve got the toilet that even have the two options so you can use less water when you flush after you pee so that’s cool on the day all of my like cleaning stuff because you can ask enrico I am obsessed with cleaning this bathroom and keeping this bathroom clean we’ve got some towels there’s there for people to you know like their hands after um washing them a hamper some other storage things like that’s my makeup that’s my hair stuff more makeup and hair stuff this is why I needed that because I would like to put like top more towels here um more of my makeup mirrors to do my makeup because clearly this huge mirror here wasn’t good enough this sink we’re thinking we’re going to repaint this because this stuff here won’t go away and this is wood so what our problem is going to repaint that black because after I don’t know we are the people living here they mess it up toothbrushes toothpaste all my face washes and recoat shaving stuff it’s all there and so yes we’ve got this rug that’s super absorbent for when we take what showers and stuff and yeah I think the bathroom is really quite cool I love it and one of my favorite rooms in the house okay this is the living room slash kitchen first let’s look at the kitchen section [Music] [Music] we’ve got this stove that was obviously all right here underneath the stove we’ve got our washing machine which is a Whirlpool washing machine was already here we got through drawers where we keep like Forks and stuff and cabinets where we keep like plates and spices and stuff honestly Enrico knows this part better than me I haven’t really used the kitchen and refilled with all the cooking there is also a dishwasher but we’ve yet to use it and Rico doesn’t really believe in dishwashers except for only two people that’s the thing about chemical engineers um it’s like yin yin yin energy the sink lifehacks thing right here if you buy one of those arms cartons that the fruits come in that have the holes in the bottom it actually is like a grape holder for the sponge and the dishwashing liquid um just the same just a thing you know here we’ve got the oven splash microwave it’s a microwave and is an oven and even also have like a function to um I’m getting two lights here I was just getting closer to the window that’s why it also has a vapour function then we’ve got you know all of our pots and pans up here and that’s that a table can you have dinner or breakfast or lunch or fur and Rigo to study on we’ve got fridge a big fridge am i old help I had like no furred space you can see that Enrico’s parents came recently and brought us all this food yay for Italian parents W Italian parents the couch which is white leather and again it was already here this is a pretty good condition also to keep it in good condition over here we’ve got some bookshelves which still actually have all of the repose books that need to be added we’d haven’t gotten those back yet from his old house and on the bookshelf of God let’s see a German book I’ve got my charger for my camera battery this is actually a stereo / radio so we use the off-court and we plug it into like my computer or something and it um makes everything pretty loud I don’t know it sounds like a stupid little thing but when you’re watching a movie on the computer it really comes in handy or if you just want to like put some music in the house you know then we’ve got like our books from school and stuff you can tell which ones are mine and which ones are Enrico I’ve got that candle from my house because I probably remember it I’ve got two of my boss Bella box is waiting to get the third but there is a picture of my grandma and she was young she gave it to me and it’s the only non digital picture that I have I just added it to me and Enrico’s bookshelf over here we’ve got a it looks like what it’s supposed to be a TV stand I’m probably going to buy an iMac soon finish there and music both as a computer and as a TV I don’t know I don’t see myself buying a TV I don’t watch TV I don’t even now I don’t feel like I need one so I’m probably not going to buy a TV but I did want to buy a bigger computer because my MacBook is 4 years old and it’s starting to have like battery problems and stuff and I think it’s because of all like the hardcore video making that I do on it is not exactly built for that so I want to get a IMAX computer like a desktop computer to do all my video making and stuff and just leave the MacBook for when I like to travel and do more like light things up there is just more storage area there we’ve got a clock and my tripod because I thought that I would need it in this video but I’m not even eating it you got some nice wood floors that I want to keep nice and then the last thing to show you guys is outside which is another like really cool part of the house and it’s the balcony [Applause] as you can see and retailers already using it he’s studying hi Enrico how you doing watch it what you’re studying Oh too many letters for me I’m glad that chapter of my life is over anyways back to the tour so we’ve got this table and actually most of the time we’ve been eating out here because you know it’s outside and there’s way more wind here than there is in the living room for example we’ve got the Swiffer a black cleaner that I use for the shower a broom you can you can see it you guys know what these things are yourself everything here was already here we also have these um like lawn chairs that when you sit in them because a really nice view and I mean there’s not really much to see right now but when despairs a sunrise or the sunset it’s really pretty and really nice to just you know relax out here I don’t know this place really asked more like a storage / relaxed place I mean over here we have the spin Dino’s I don’t even know how to call those things in English but like what they’re called but you put your clothes on them after you wash them and they dry because dryers aren’t really a thing in Italy um got this ladder which is useful this trolley thing is what we used to buy the groceries and bring them up to five flights of stairs mmm these are like garbage these are the boxes that we use to put our stuff in to get them here and these two garbage bins were already here and we use them to put the glass and the plastic and the other one and the paper right here because I’ve told you guys they’re really big on recycling here in Italy that’s pretty much it for right here and oh if you look that way if you look over there you can see all of Milan I mean I can’t see it because I’m short but somebody can see over there that’s enough the previous owners were apparently really into plants and planting and so we’ve got like for example of a really cool plant we’ve got a rose marginal plant we started saml all we’ve got everything here we don’t need to go to simply and they even like built this Ben sing so that we don’t have to see the neighbors and the neighbors don’t have to see us it’s just a really chill spot over here so I’m going to go back inside by Enrico bones to deal


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Aug 8, 2017, 12:24 pm Reply

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Aug 8, 2017, 8:52 pm Reply

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Sep 9, 2017, 5:31 am Reply

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Sep 9, 2017, 11:53 am Reply

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AVVISO IMPORTANTE: Il bidè serve per l'igiene intima, perché noi italiani dopo essere andati in Bagno ci laviamo!

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The soap bar is not good for the bidé. the pH is too high. you could end with a gardnerella infection. it must be a specific liquid soap with a pH of 3.5


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May 5, 2018, 9:40 pm Reply

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Cristina Sala

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Jul 7, 2018, 9:25 pm Reply

75%dei commenti sono italiani
25%of the comments are english

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