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Mieszkanie w CHINACH – jak wygląda, jak wynająć? | Flat in CHINA – how it looks like, how to rent?

Hi, Angelika Li here Today’s video is about flats in China Let’s get started If you’re new here, I’m Angelika I live in China, I talk about China Check out my channel I bet you will find something interesting for yourself Remember to subscribe if you like it It’s worth to do that Check out my Instagram too Let’s get started for real We’re going to talk about flats in China How do they look like? How to rent them? + few advices Things that probably surprise you about chinese flats So how do the flats look like? I live in a big city close to the the city center so in my neighbourhood are mostly skyscrapers 40 floors skyscrapers I live in one like that Most of the buildings in the city center look like that Mostly new buildings Old buildings are mostly blocks of flats they have few floors old, not really renovated What about outside the city? Poeple mostly live in detached houses but I don’t go out the city very often If I go to the countryside, I’ll make a video for you So today I’m gonna talk about my experience of living in the city One more thing about skyscrapers they mostly are in secured settlements in the settlements are bautiful gardens How does the flat in skyscraper look like? probably I’m going to disappoint you cause the flat looks like normal, western flat bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen – nothing special or surprising but there are few surprising things about chinese flats 1. I don’t have heating system in my flat For real Why? Let me explain it I live in Chengdu, Sichuan on the South of China On the South there’s no heating system cause in the winter it’s not that cold In Chengdu the temperature is always above 0 degress C so there’s no need for heating system As you can see on the map the North (blue) has heating system the South (purple) doesn’t Although temperature is above 0 degress C it’s still cold so you need to waer warm clothes but what else? instead of heating system I have AC I bet most of flats in the South have AC 2. paying for the electricity I hate this system I’ll explain you It’s not like in Poland that after some time you get the bill and you pay as much as you used but this is pre pay something like pay-as-you-go As much you charge up, the much you have if you use it up, they shut electricity down even all of the sudden You are doing something and all of the sudden you don’t have electricity It’s very annoying for me casue I hate situations like that and it happend to me few times In the previos apartment we had an app to control and charge electricity up But in this apartment I need to go to managment office to check and pay but what if they shut the electricity down in the middle of the night I can’t top it up, so it’s not the best solution The only way to check it is to go there or call them, the app would be better solution cause if the electricity is shut down, its your problem Where to top electircity up? Use card in top up places (as in the dorm) in the managment office, through app sometimes in certian chain stores 3. Sometims in the flats are squatting toilets You can see how it looks like but it’s not that common I bet great part of them have western style toilet 4. Drying clothes

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