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Mexico Apartment Tour – What $500 Can Rent You In Mexico city ? ??

This can be pretty shocking but … Mexico City is more expensive for Renters than in some mega city like Los Angelis and even New York City. Investopedia mentioned the data from Numbeo which stating that one bedroom apartment in the city center is about 563 US dollars. That’s just for one bedroom Not only that but housing price also double here in Mexico City as well. our friend , Laura who has been living in Mexico City for years write on her travel blog and says ‘Rent can be slightly more expensive than you might originally thought ‘ and you can expect to pay up to 530 Dollars a month, which doesn’t include any bills. Now… Some bloggers say it can cost only 375 dollars a month. And…. this is what we have found So basically this is the apartment we choose to live in which is more like gated community, and it’s honestly the most expensive apartment we stay since we travel together. It cost us 12,000 Mexican Peso which is about 585 US dollar a month Because we rent from Airbnb, this rental fee include all monthly bills. The area we stay close to everything we need from food, accommodation, bakery, and restaurant. We hope you enjoy our apartment tour and hope this is helpful for your upcoming trip.

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