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Mernda Rail design considerations – learning from Sunshine Station

My name is Kevin. I’m an Urban Designer working
with the Level Crossing Removal Authority on the Mernda Rail Extension Project. So we’re here at Sunshine looking at the positive
aspects of the station and bus interchange so we can apply them to the Mernda Project. Examples are important because they teach
us valuable lessons, what to do and what not to do. Some of the strong examples from Sunshine
Station includes the direct link from the bus stops to the station, so it’s safe and
convenient for public transport users. Other examples are the wide generous spaces
in the station that are safe and easy to move around. Bike facilities are convenient and well located
within the station. The station has good access with lifts and
stairs. There’s a strong environmental focus with
solar power and low energy lighting. Public artwork was created with the local
community to reflect the local identity. A lot of these positive elements were used
to inform and inspire the design of the Mernda Project. So building these stations will start the
growth of the town centre and the surrounding areas, including businesses, open space, retail,
houses. Plants need to be appropriate to the local
area and well maintained so they look good on day one all the way up to year 50. Station design should reflect the character
of the local area. Here at Sunshine they’ve used a strong yellow
colour, and local plants in the artwork, to connect back to the local community. This is really important to us, to learn from
these examples and get a great outcome for Mernda and
the community.

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