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Menorca: Chalet en primera línea en Macaret

Hello, I’m Jose Carrasco, and today I’m on the north
of the island, I’m actually in Macaret this is the mouth of the natural port of Addaia Macaret is a small coastal urbanisation, which as you can
see enjoys superb views over the Menorcan coastline and I am here as always to show
you an outstanding property for sale and this week it is this unique property it is front-line with a house of 350 square metres built
area which you are looking at on your screen which stands on this exclusive plot of 2,000 square metres it really is a large plot for a front-line house usually you find villas and constructions on plots
between 500m� and 700m� up to 1,000m� but in this case the house has 2,000 square
metres and enjoys this marvellous and privileged view the house is a recently-built construction I don’t have the property information with me,
but built between 10 and 15 years ago the property information will confirm this for us and it is a typical Balearic construction the structure is in a perfect condition and all that is needed is a coat
of paint and a few small repairs the majority, including all the carpentry, is in good condition later we’ll take a look at the interior and you will see
that it is a very interesting house on the inside the house inside has a contemporary design, but
outside it maintains the classic Balearic look and of course the great value of this
house is its location and its position which as you can make out, it really is unique it is a fantastic place to enjoy the sea a few minutes ago I saw a diver, some
small boats, and a sail boat, and rowers today it’s a little cloudy and the landscape is not lit as usual but it’s a wonderful place from where to enjoy its unique natural beauty it’s a place where there are no hotels, no groups
of villas, and where there are few tourists in the distance we can see a small sailing boat enjoying the calm sea which we have here today and as I said, it’s a very special property let’s go and look at the inside to see
what the house has to offer us this is one of the entrances to the house,
I think there are 4 in total the house is very well connected to the outside and now we are inside, what surprises us is this large glazed sitting room from where there are incredible views of the wonderful outside scenery it’s a pity that today it is not at its best,
it has been closed-up and the exterior furniture is stored inside we haven’t set-up the outside terrace but you are still blown away by the possibilities of this amazing house as you can see, there is a lovely metal fireplace this room has a great ceiling height with exposed wooden beams there is lots of recessed lighting in all parts of the house and here there is a sliding door to separate it from the kitchen again we can see that it has recessed lighting in the ceiling it is not an overly-large kitchen, but it is sufficient and it is fully equipped it has everything that is needed let’s go and take a look at other areas of the house from here in the sitting room, you can enjoy the magnificent
exterior views all year round – it’s a delight we find sliding doors like this one and that one,
and here’s another access point to the outside we’ll take a look at some of the bedrooms the house is built on three levels here we have a bedroom with a terrace and incredible views a couple of small boats are just passing by this is a fishing boat and there are divers, we can see the orange
buoy showing that they are scuba diving you can see this terrace which connects with the terrace
from the main sitting room and there are fitted wardrobes and designer bathrooms very modern and a real contrast to the classic style
of the house which is Mediterranean with wooden carpentry here there is a spacious shower and the WC area with a sliding glass door let’s take a look at more bedrooms it has, as I said at the start, 350 square
metres with 6 bedrooms, 5 of them doubles as you can see, there are different levels there are staff quarters and a total of four bathrooms here there is a storage room with cupboards and here there is a full bathroom with a shower and a bathtub it’s also has a modern design as you can see this is the toilet and bidet there are two bedrooms here there is access to the outside, another door leading to the outside here we have a bedroom, a double bedroom all the bedrooms have fitted wardrobes and from here again there are magnificent views of the magical coast of Menorca it is unique and the pearl of the Baleares as
those who have seen my videos will know here in the bedroom, hold on we can see
better from here, it is very spacious with a really good ceiling height there are custom-built fitted wardrobes and this terrace which gives us this fantastic view across all of this area of the mouth of this natural port it’s a real privilege to have such views from your bedroom let’s continue our tour to the lower part of the house they have made the best use of the two natural
levels of the land to position the house it perfectly fits into the terrain and we have here on the other side of the house a
storage room with cupboards, a large type of dressing room and here we have two more bedrooms very similar to the ones we saw on the upper floor and here there is another large bedroom and because there is another floor above this has less height it also has wardrobes and again incredible views over all of the area it’s really wonderful here you can see a small flaw in the paintwork,
but this is really simple to put right as you know, buildings on the north coast of the
island are always affected more by the weather and finally we’ll take a look at this
area where there are the staff quarters it’s here, I’ve forgotten to switch on a light, there is a bedroom it is much smaller as it is the staff quarters with a bathroom with a shower and wardrobes anyhow it is a magnificent house in a very privileged position it’s a very unique house with these incredible views as always, I�m at your disposal and I’ll leave our telephone number +34 971 35 15 30 and our e-mail address [email protected] a big thank you until the next video

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