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Meet Remco – Apartment owner and Booking.com Partner

I chose Booking.com because I’m already
for many, many years on Booking.com myself [as a traveller]. It’s been a great experience to be part
of this community. And when I put it on Booking.com, I think
it took me 15 minutes, and it was done already. Being a host here in Amsterdam is really awesome. It’s really busy in Amsterdam so I’m always
fully booked. And I love to travel myself a lot, and when
I’m gone the house is empty, so it’s nice that other people can use the house. I get some extra money, and it gives me the
opportunity to also travel more. This gives an extra impulse in your life. And the big plus, yeah I have the feeling
that all the decisions that I make about my own apartment, that it’s my decisions. And of course Booking is helping me with sometimes
“think of this or think of that”, but I have strongly the feeling that it’s my
apartment and that I decide over my apartment. And it’s so easy using the Pulse App to
stay in contact with your guests. I send the messages always in English, but
I discovered that when I do it in English and it’s sent to Chinese [guests], it’s
immediately translated in Chinese. It makes me interact with my guests all the
time Overall I’m very happy with Booking.com
for giving me the opportunity to rent out my house. I’m very happy that the whole world is at
my feet, and the whole world is at my guests’ feet.

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Philippe Bos

Mar 3, 2017, 4:56 pm Reply

Je fais la même chose à Paris, merci Booking.com 🙂

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