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McCarthy & Stone – Whyburn Court, Hucknall

Look how handy you are to all the shops, Hucknall, you’ve got the tram, you’ve got the bus, you can go into Bulwell cos they still drive. They haven’t penny pinched on anything in the garden and you can see the equipment is absolutely fantastic, you wouldn’t get better. Talking to one of the residents here and I said, well, as you enter it looks just like a hotel, it really does. When you wanted to entertain people, perhaps over five or six or seven and you’ve got the family coming and you think, where do we sit them? And we say well, we’ll just retire to the other lounge. I’m the House Manager here. I’m responsible mainly for the health and safety but also a part of my job is to be a good neighbour to the homeowners that live here. I think when you’re on your own, and have lived alone for a long while, it’s nice to have company. The people are very, very nice here, I cannot fault it, I cannot fault it. We’ve also got a close bond with the nursery that’s next door and the children frequently come over. We recently had a Halloween Party and we’ve got a Christmas party with a Santa visit planned for next week. We’ve got something going on to keep us interested as well, activities planned. She keeps on finding things to take up our time, and interests and getting us altogether again. If you don’t want to go to any of the events, you don’t have to, if you do they’re there for you. We’re very lucky here to have Jane as our House Manager, she’s always thinking about us, and as far as Whyburn Court is concerned she is the Cornerstone for us, but more than that, she is the icing on the cake. The apartment is ideal and the kitchen has been very well thought out. Its’ a very bijou kitchen but when you think about it, you have all the cabinet spaces you want and the equipment is first class. I would recommend this, but I would say to people you’re not just buying an apartment, you’re buying into a way of life. And I can honestly say it’s the best thing I ever did. I’d have no regrets whatsoever.

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